Viking Wood Carvers Association
Newsletter April 2003

VIKING Chapter
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vol. 29 No. 3

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· Keith Fredrickson
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· Carol “Swede” Bengtson
· Merle Erickson

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APRIL 14, 2003 Presentation–
Chad McAnally –“Carving and Harp Making”
“Of all the instruments used in the long history of the various Celtic peoples, the harp held an unrivaled place of honor.” Chad also adds that his harps “..are hand made of solid wood, using techniques, design principles, stringing and timbers as similar as possible to the original instruments.”

Chad McAnally’s website is at:  and

2003 Membership Dues
Annual dues were payable on January 31.  If you have not paid your dues, expect a call from Lew Frosmark.  You do NOT want a call from Lew when he has just returned from vacation!!  Payment of your dues reduces the time needed to publish the roster and arrange for mailings.  Please help out.  Pay your dues NOW.  Please send your check for $15.00 to Lew Frosmark,

Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting
March 10, 2003
By Nancy Dardis

President Jim Forrey called the meeting to order with a squeal of the microphone.  The new Treasurer Lew Frosmark is currently on vacation.  Myrtle Brandvold gave an update for the Treasurer’s report.  The February 1 total was $4301.48. The February 28 total is $4637.58, due to receipt of funds for the April show.  The full Treasurer’s report is included elsewhere in this newsletter.

The minutes from the February meeting were approved as submitted by Jeff Lipka.

Membership Notes
There were 56 members in attendance at the March meeting.  New member, Bob Spangenberg, 2130 PINEHURST, ST PAUL, MN, 55116, reportedly a ‘man of few words’, also joined us.  Barbara Thotland and Ray DeLong, longtime members, returned for a visit.  Ray insists he is too busy renovating a six-bedroom house and playing in several bands.  Barbara is recovering from health problems and immediately started living up to her reputation as a ‘jolly troublemaker’.  Welcome to everyone!

--- Bad News ---

Thor J. Hanson passed away last month, age 80. Preceded in death by wife, Leona. Retired Unisys employee. As reported in the StarTribune,

Carver Recognition
Three of the Viking woodcarvers recently won local carving contests.
· Russ Scott won first place in the Santa Carving contest sponsored by Woodcraft in Bloomington.
· Bob Pitts and Nancy Dardis each won first place in local store carving competitions sponsored by Rockler.  Both Bob and Nancy are automatically entered in the Rockler 2003 National Competition.

Venders present were:
George Effrem - Woodcarvers Store and School
Nelson-Johnson - Nelson-Johnson Wood Products, Inc.
John Krantz - Krantz Wood Sales

Old Business

Newsletter - Russ Scott is now producing the newsletter.  If, however, one of your buddies complains about no newsletter – be sure to let Russ know.  If you paid your dues, you should be getting the newsletter.  We don’t want to miss anyone.

Program Committee – Jim Ayers gave us the ‘lesson for the evening’: Always reverify dates and times.  Unfortunately, Jim and tonight’s speaker missed a connection.  If you wanted to hear about ‘Photographing Your Work’ by Glenn Gordon and couldn’t make the March meeting, you’re in luck!  The presentation will be rescheduled as soon as possible.  Jim is also trying to arrange for Glenn to be at the April Show at Har Mar Mall.  There are several logistical issues they need to work through to provide a mini-studio at the show, but keep your fingers crossed.  Glenn may be able to provide professional photos of your work at a nominal fee.

Additional program suggestions were made:  Dr Walt MacKey (canes) and Tom Dengler (spoons).  If you have other instructors you would like Jim to contact for a Second-Monday-of-the-Month presentation to the Club, be sure to let Jim know at the next meeting.

April Show Committee
The Viking Spring Show is scheduled for April 5-6 at Har Mar Mall.  Swede reports, “We now have 78 table/spaces reserved, 14 chairs and 7 new members”(as of 5/25/03). Reservations closed by March 24th; contact Swede (952-884-4136) ASAP, if you want to take part. Help is also needed for setup, unloading, and tear down.  Even if you decide not to have a table at the show, your ‘strong back and weak mind’ is needed.  There is a job suitable for everyone: (Please Help)
· Friday, April 4, 5PM – Set up tables and chairs, attach skirting fabric to tables.
· Saturday, April 5, 7:30AM – Help your club-mates unload cars and move their items to the tables.  Rolling carts are provided.  Help is needed at both the East and West entrances.
· Sunday, April 6, about 5PM – Remove table skirting, fold and stack tables and chairs.

Other woodcarving groups were mentioned.

3rd Monday 6-9 PM Cannon River Carvers Chris Willock 507-332-9901 at Willock Studio (122 NE 1st Ave Faribault)
Tuesday 9-12 AM South St Paul Community Center
Tuesday 9-12 AM Richfield Community Center
Wednesday  9-12 AM Burnsville Senior Center
Wednesday 9-12 AM Creekside – Bloomington
Thursday 9-12 AM Plymouth Senior Center
Thursday 9-12 AM Minnetonka Senior Center
Thursday 9AM -3 PM Woodcraft – Bloomington

At all of these locations, bring your own tools and project.  Come ready to share good company.  NOTE:  Using equipment owned by these meeting locations is expressly ‘off-limits’, unless the owners grant permission.

Is there any interest in starting a Saturday or evening get-together in the metro area?  If so, bring them up at the April meeting and post them in the next newsletter.


*  Jim Ayers recommended the following web site for resource, as well as a FREE way to display your work online:  All you need to provide is a scanned picture of your masterpiece.  The submittal instructions are on the website.  Even if you don’t want to add your work to the site, use it for inspiration.
*  You are still welcome to bring in tools and other items to give away or sell to the club members.  It’s spring - time to clean out that basement and either return the unneeded tools to their rightful owners, or find them a new home.  Your spouse will love you for it.
*  The Viking patches and hats are still in the works.  We hope for a report from the committee next month.
*  Comment on the 25 Cent Kitty for those who did not bring in a carving for Show and Tell:  It was started back when ‘some of our carvings were saplings’.  It was meant as an effort to boost participation in Show and Tell, as well as add a regular, albeit small, sum to the Club coffers.  The total collected each month is $10 - $15.  In an unscientific poll, the group felt it was still a good way to promote Show and Tell and should continue.

Other Announcements

The Blue Earth Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the 19th Annual Wood Carvers and Quilt Expo on Friday, Aug 16 (4PM-9PM), Saturday, Aug 17 (10AM-6PM) and Sunday, Aug 18 (Noon-4PM), 2002 in Unity Hall at Blue Earth Area High School in Blue Earth, Minnesota.  Huge displays of juried and non-juried woodcarvings and beautiful quilts.  Admission: $3.00.  Seminars for carving classes (must pre-register and pre-pay) Blue Earth Area Schools - Blue Earth, MN.
St Joseph Catholic Church, located at Seminole and Butler in West St Paul, has just taken delivery of two of six woodcarvings representing Saint Joseph in the new and old testaments.  You are invited to stop in any time to see these magnificent works installed at the front of the main church.  Although the building is always open, the lighting during the day is preferable.  The carvings were commissioned from a group of Canadian carvers.

The business meeting was adjourned and “Show and Tell” presentations were made. See listing later in this issue. Coffee Break followed.

From the Carvers' Companion - Woodcarver Online Magazine
Loren Woodard, editor of Notes
From the Net

March, 1997 Issue
Jo Craemer (

Duane MacEwen wrote:
I have been asked to do a carving of a Canadian 'Blue Jay' and .... I don't know what to charge!
After all these years, it still is hard for me to price my work, but I'll give you some of the guidelines I've used for myself.
    1. You have to be careful not to price your carvings too high at first. If you get lucky and sell a few pieces at an inflated price, then discover that you can't maintain that price, you are going to have some very unhappy "prior customers". You'll lose your credibility.
    2. You deserve to get a fair price for your work. Charge the same price that others of your ability are charging. You won't create any enemies or embarrass yourself. If you've priced your work a little low, and your work is selling well, then tell all your previous customers that they got a great deal. You can always raise your price later.
    3. Putting a price on your work is a psychological art in itself. There are so many factors to consider. Is your work GOOD? If you are the newest Michelangelo on the block, then don't be afraid to charge accordingly. You'll never sell anything the purchaser despises. But when you're charging a large amount for "art", some customers will want a "validation" for their purchase. Validation means reassurance that they are making a good purchase. Sometimes, a high price will reassure a potential buyer. Some seem to think, "If it costs THAT much then it MUST be good." Sometimes a professional presentation, such as a nice brochure with your biography and credentials, is reassuring. If you've taught a class, judged a show, written some articles, won some ribbons, or whatever...have that information discretely available to the buyer.
Material from Woodcarver Online Magazine is copyright protected and is reprinted with permission. Visit for more information.

(SHOW AND TELL) – March, 2003

NAME           CARVING         WOOD        FINISH              COMMENTS
Duane Edwards         Little Guys                       Basswood               AcrylicsPolyurethane
Dennis Mathiason   Indian/Trapper                 Butternut               Shoe Wax, Tung              Stain
                                    Cowboy                               Butternut               Acrylics, Tung                Bleach
Ken Waldhauser     Relief – Deer                     Basswood               Acrylics
                                    Relief – Deer                    Walnut                    Polyurethane
                                    Moose                                 Butternut               Acrylics
Hugh Salisbury       Relief – Bugling Elk       Basswood                Polyurethane                  Shading w/ Hot Tool
Barbara Thotland   Snake Cane                        Unknown Stick      Polyurethane,Stain       Wood Burned, Stick found in Park
Jim Kueppers          Nativity Set                         Basswood                Acrylics
Leo Mielke               Fiddler                                 Basswood                Acrylics, Wax               Dave Stetson Ruff Out
Darwin Krueger     Acanthus Candle Scones Basswood                 None                                Work in Process
Len Kampa               Howling Coyote                  Basswood                Acrylics                          Butternut Base
Bill Sauer                Bison Bust                          Basswood                AcrylicsPolyurethane
Lee Olson                 Bison Bust                         Basswood                Acrylics, Wax                Dale Martin Class
                                    Cowboy                                Basswood                Acrylics                          Phil Bishop Ruff-Out
Duane Heng             Clown                                   Basswood                Acrylics, Oil                  Clarence Moe Rough-Out
Nancy Dardis           Turtle                                  Butternut                Wax
                                    Mallard                               Basswood                 Unfinished
Ray Gritche             Grumpy Old Men               Basswood                 Acrylics
Russell Scott           Fairy                                     Basswood                Acrylics, Stain
Clarence Moe          Skating Santa
                                   Santa in Toy Sack

Click <Here> to view carvings

Ed Note:
It’s was good to see such a good turn-out at the Show and Tell table last month. The wide variety of talent in our club still amazes me. I also believe that this talent should be shared with others.


Woodcarvers Store and School
3056 Excelsior Blvd., Minneapolis, MN  55416-0127 (612) 927-7491 (

Jim Abicht, Fine woodworking
Specializing in bases for carving projects  (651) 451-7217

Ivan Whillock Studio
122 NE 1st Avenue, Faribault, MN 55021  (507) 334-8306 (

 Krantz Wood Sales - Carving & Specialty Woods
 16748 Stanford St., Forest Lake, MN  55025  (651) 464-5632 (Evenings)

David Lindroth, Custom Cut Woods for Woodcarvers & Artists
8150 – 137th St. W.  Apple Valley, Mn  55124  (952) 432-7066

Nelson-Johnson Wood Products, Inc.
3910 Bryant Ave No., Mpls., MN  55412    (612) 529-2978 - cell phone (612) 644-4567

Chris Thompson, Carver and Instructor, (651) 457-4130

Gen Jansen, Carver and Instructor, (320) 252-3966

Bob Masse “Ruff-Cuts”
4930 Whitcomb Dr, Madison, WI  53711  (608) 271-2883

Brad Oren Sculpture Supply
Complete source for stone, wood, clay, abrasives & tools.

Rockler Stores:
Maplewood, MN  (651) 773-5285; Minneapolis, MN  (612) 822-3338;
Burnsville, MN  (952) 892-7999;  Minnetonka, MN (952) 542-0111

Woodcraft Supply
9741 Lyndale Ave S, Bloomington, MN  (952) 884-3634

Gregg McCabe, Stubai tool distributor
425 Madison St NE, Minneapolis, MN (612) 379-9342

Editor's note:  On March 22 we visited the Minnesota Woodcarvers Show at Brookdale Center. They had a great show with some wonderful carvings, good location with lots of light. We also had the opportunity to visit the Rochester Wood Carver's Show at the Olmstead County Fairgrounds on March 23. We came away with some ideas for our club to consider. At their shows, they don't charge for tables but ask each carver to donate a carving, which they then hold a raffle for ($1 per chance). They had to register the raffle with the state but that didn't cost anything and was a simple thing to do. They then used the money from the raffle to pay for the show (about $300 for the use of the building). They had a catered meal at the show site on Saturday evening for about $10 per person. They also had a potluck lunch on Sunday. The club provided donuts and coffee on both days. Each carver had a carved name tag which distinguished them as club members. They carved these nametags during one of their meetings.