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·        Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington,

·        4th Monday – March 27 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM



March Presentation: 

To be announced

Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting

February 27, 2006

By Lynne Medgaarden


Our new president, Don Groen, called the February meeting to order.  There were 61 members present and two guests, Bill Karis and his son, Wes, from River Falls, WI.  Don asked that members share ideas for programs, topics, etc. with him.  Also, if you receive any items in the mail that are related to the club, please share them with Don.


Don asked to be informed if you know of members who are ill or hospitalized.  Don announced that he has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer and is currently taking chemo. He will continue as President as long as he feels good.


Treasury/Meeting Minutes:  Leo Mielke reported a treasury balance of $3,200.  Leo asked members to pay their dues at the February meeting.  Dues are $15 per year.  Dues can also be mailed to Leo.


Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s report as printed in the previous newsletter were approved and seconded.


Show Chair Report:  Russell Scott announced that applications for the spring show at Har Mar Mall, April 8 and 9, 2006, were sent out with the February newsletter and will be sent again in the March newsletter.  Members need to be in good standing, dues paid, in order to participate in the April show. Mail or give your show applications to Russ. The cost is $20 for a table or space, $10 if you are showing but not selling.  Russ will arrange the show tables in the center of Har Mar Mall.  Flyers to advertise the show were available for members to pick up at the front table and will also be available at the March meeting.  To date 35 tables or spots have been reserved. 


Newsletter Editor:  If you aren't paid up with your dues for the year you won't get another newsletter.  Russ announced that he will be the editor of the newsletter for this year but after that he will step down as editor. If anyone is interested in taking over as editor contact Russell Scott.  He will send out a new member roster after the May membership cutoff date when all the dues have been paid.


Vice President Report:  Jim Ayers is finished as Vice President after the March meeting.  If anyone is interested in running for vice president please contact Don Groen.  Jim Ayers will give you a list of contact information and help you get started.  Don suggested that we form a program committee if no single individual is willing to take over as VP.



John Krantz was not present and Dick Allen brought some wood for sale.  

George Effrem had a new selection of books.

Bob Spagenberg had some diamond willow walking sticks for sale for $3-$5.

Jupe Houpe had 2x2 basswood canes, cutouts for ducks, and vices for sale.

Jim Ayers had a belt sander, works great, $50, and some incre-jig and adjustment blocks.

Esther Allen announced the following classes to be held at the Forest Lake Senior Center by the Lakes Area Woodcarvers (contact Esther at 651-464-2087 to register for these classes): 

 - Chip carving with Barry McKenzie, March 30.  Barry is a master chip carver from Lebanon, MO. The class will practice with ornaments and icicles.  Cost is $45.

 - Bird carving with Carol Andre Michaletz, March 25-26 and April 1-2.  Cost $135 plus supplies. Subject – Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  Call Carol at 651-464-9839 for more information.

  - Flat plane carving with Becky Lusk, April 8-9. Cost $75 plus materials.

  - Bark whimsy houses with Karen Henderson, April 22-23.  Cost $45 plus materials.


Upcoming Carving Shows


Viking Woodcarvers at Har Mar Mall, April 8-9, 2006, 10am-6pm Saturday, Noon to 5pm Sunday

Last Chance to get a table. Get your table TODAY!!!


Rochester Wood Carvers, Olmsted County Fairgrounds - 4H Building, March 25-26, 2006, 10:00am - 4:00pm each day

Menominee, WI, Best Western Conference Center, just south of Interstate 94 at exit 41, April 1, 2006


Program for February


Tom Flemming, a waterfowl carver from Andover, MN, demonstrated his technique for carving and placing eyes in waterfowl.  Tom carves mainly ducks. He has been carving for 20 years. He shows birds in competitions including world championships.


He feels the eyes are an extremely important part of the bird carving as they bring life to the carved piece.  He feels that birds have expressions in their eyes similar to humans.


Tom purchases most of the eyes he uses on his birds but you could also carve them. Eyes come as a solid or blended unit. Some companies have eyes made specifically for different species of birds. Picking out the correct eye is very important.  He purchases eyes mainly from Tohickon out of Pennsylvania (phone: 610-294-9483).


Tom drills a hole through the head with a drill press – that gives him a good placement for the eye which will be equal on both sides of the head.  He carves out and sands out the eye sockets.  Putting the eye in the bird is one of the last steps when finishing the bird to avoid scratching the eye.


Next he uses a 2-part epoxy to set the eyes in the sockets.  The epoxy is a clay product.  He mixes part A and part B to get the final product.  He fills the eye socket with the epoxy then uses a water-dampened finger to shape and move the eye around.  He uses dental tools to shape the eye area. He uses bamboo sticks to scrap and clean the epoxy afterward. The bamboo is soft enough not to scratch the eye. He uses a soft rubber-tipped tool to set the eye. Calipers are import to get the proper spacing.


The epoxy hardens overnight and he sands the next day. He gets his epoxy from a taxidermy supply company or he also uses a product called’ Quickwood’.  However, with epoxy he has 1.5-2 hours to set the eyes. Using water with the epoxy extends that time. 


Tom carves mainly in Tupelo using chisels and hand tools. He paints with acrylics using brushes and airbrushing. Tom participated in competitions for many years.  The prize money in some competitions is around $2500.  He participates in competitions mainly for the friendships he has formed through the years.


In competitions the birds have to float and self-right. His birds are hallowed out and then weights are added where needed. Hunting decoys have to float in realistic conditions.  Tom works mainly from photos of birds.  He uses study bills to practice eye placement. George Effrem sells study bills. 


Thanks Tom for an excellent discussion on eye placement.



Annual dues! of $15 were due at the February meeting.  If you did not make payment on time, PLEASE bring cash or a check to take care of it at the March meeting.  If you intend to participate in the Har Mar Show your dues must be paid prior to the show (in April).  If you will not be attending the March meeting you may send me a check at: Leo Mielke, 10223 Johnson Circle, Bloomington , MN 55437. Phone number is: 952-831-6907.

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Jim Kueppers

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Horse Wood Burning

Snowy Owl Miniature






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Toilet Paper Holder

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With sundial and compass

Len Kampa

Big Red Santa



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Ekern Pattern

Russell Scott


Capt. Fisk






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Ken Anderson





Jim Bastyr

Rainbow Trout



…and 20 years of cigar smoke!


Chip Carving Class with BARRY McKENZIE – Thursday, March 30, 2006 -Forest Lake Senior Center. 

Barry will cover the full basic fundamentals to remove chips from the wood surface. The class will practice with ornaments and icicles. The cost for the full day is $45 and includes everything.  Barry has pre-sharpened knives for loan or sale. Beginners and experienced carvers welcome.  Anyone interested can contact Esther Allen (651)-464-2087 or John Krantz (651) 464-5632.


Bernie Enright is moving in May and will not have room to keep his 30 years of collecting wood, tools, etc… He has to get rid of 95% of his stuff. He has lots of basswood, some butternut, walnut, cedar and mahogany at bargain prices. Also available: Large pile of good cottonwood bark and drift wood, tilt top stand up carving bench w/hold down, 3 H. P. Router (hardly used), bench sander, kubble stool (ready to carve), assorted hand tools, 3 lathe chisels, clamps, piles, box full of duplicator modes ready to put in you duplicator, router table and cabinet, glued up 1” and 2” thick basswood plaques, one 2”huge plaque, CHIP CHAT magazines and carving books, base plates, wood plates, elect motors, lots of belts, brass door hinges, knobs, hyd. Door closers. The moving sale is April 21st and 22nd. Address is 2251 E. Old Shakopee Rd., Bloomington (3 blocks south of the Mall of America). If you would like to come before the sale anytime after March, call Bernie at 952-854-1266 for an appointment.


This is your last chance to get a table for the VWCA Spring Show!! Mail in your check and application today!!!