Viking Wood Carvers Newsletter
November 2006

Russell Scott
Newsletter Editor
1238 Edmund Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

VIKING Woodcarvers
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vol. 32 No. 9

* Dennis Schuster


* Lynne Medgaarden

* Leo Mielke


* Leonard Kampa

* Russell Scott

Viking Web Site -
* Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington
* 4th Monday – November 27 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM

November Presentation: We will have a ‘Things Minnesota’ ornament carve-in where several members will each be demonstrating a carving. The projects are intended to be small so that they can be (nearly) completed at the meeting and tools are minimal. Bring your knife, a small v-tool and a medium gouge to work on the project. I’d like to thank John Kranz for supplying the wood for our projects and also those of you who helped in making the blanks for that event. You know who you are and we all, especially me, appreciate your valiant efforts. Each carver will be provided one blank and additional blanks will be available for sale by the club.

President's Notes

The little feedback that I have received following the October carve-in was positive. It seems that many of you enjoyed the ‘return to carving’ format. I’d like to thank Lee Olson, Walt Grittner, Leo Mielke and Bob Pitts for leading a successful October carving event. If other members would also like to contribute time, ideas, etc., please contact any of the officers. A ‘Things Minnesota’ ornament carve-in is planned for November.
Be advised that there will NOT be a Viking meeting in December, since the meeting falls on Christmas day. However, in order to keep our minds on carving, I’m pleased to announce that there will be an open carve-in during the evening of December 11 (the second Monday) at the Burnsville Senior Center at Diamondhead Education Center, 296 West Burnsville Parkway, Burnsville. The carve-in will begin at 7:00 and run for 2 hours. Bring your carving tools and join me. Coffee will be available. This will be a great time to finish those ornaments that aren’t yet quite finished. The center has its own entrance on the East side of the Education Center building; lower level, near that of the Burnsville Community Center. Traveling South on 35W, take the Burnsville Parkway exit. At the light, turn right (going East). You’ll see the Education Center on your left in 3-4 blocks. The first street past the center is Pillsbury. Turn left and you’ll see the parking lot on your left. If you reach the light at Nicollett Ave, you’ve gone one block too far. The number of the center is 952-707-4120. I hope to see you there.
Hopefully, each of you by now will have considered helping the club in an officer position. The planned streamlining of the administrative requirements will make these positions less onerous and certainly much more interesting than in the past. Please help where you can. Currently, we have spoon and chip carving kits for sale, along with Christmas ornaments from the October meeting.
One individual has contacted me about providing a sharpening service, but does not have the ability to bring his sharpening equipment to the meeting. If anyone else has portable equipment and is willing to bring it, please contact any of the officers. I’ll make an announcement at the meeting.

Good carving to you all,

Dennis ‘Denny’ Schuster

Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting
October 23, 2006
By Lynne Medgaarden

President Dennis Shuster called the meeting to order. There were 46 members present and two visitors, Ken Johnson, who recently moved to Minnesota from Michigan, and Ryan Gritche, son of Barb Gritche.

Member News:
Otto Mon passed away a couple of months ago. His wife left some photos from past club activities for members to take. Lloyd Volsdahl moved to Walker Methodist Health Center, 3733 Bryant Avenue South in Minneapolis. Don Groen is doing really well in his recovery from cancer.

Treasury/Meeting Minutes: Leo Mielke reported a treasury balance of $2,892.28. We have 114 members in good standing and 25 non-current members. If you would like to order a Viking Woodcarvers name badge or a patch check with Leo. Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s report as printed in the previous newsletter were approved and seconded.

Sale Items for the Club:
Members have donated spoon blanks, chip carving blanks, ornaments, bench hooks, and hearing protection for sale. Proceeds go to club.

Newsletter Editor Report: Russell Scott reported that several additional people have signed up to receive the newsletter via email thus saving the club printing and postage costs. If you had any problems in receiving your newsletter contact Russ. Russ will finish his tenure as newsletter editor with the January issue. If you would like take over this position please contact Dennis or Russ.
Russ plans to continue as the webmaster for the club website.
Show Report by Russell Scott: The Fall Viking Carving Show was scheduled for October 28-29. Volunteers were sought for set up and take down and for demonstration at the club table.

Old Business:
Dennis is looking for people who would be willing to teach a carving class for the club. Contact Dennis is you are interested. He is also looking for a person willing to sharpen knives at carving meetings.

New Business:
Next meeting program, November 27, a carve-in of Minnesota related items - bring a knife, v-tool, and chisel.
The December meeting was scheduled for December 25. We voted to cancel the December meeting.
Dennis is looking for volunteers for a nominating committee for new club officers in the positions of vice president, secretary and newsletter editor.
Should we have an auction to benefit the club similar to the one held by Lakes Area Carvers every October? People were mainly in favor. Someone suggested that people could donate nicer items and donate 50% of proceeds and keep 50%. Another person recommended that if you donate a blank please include the pattern. We will discuss an auction further at a future meeting.
Dennis is looking for suggestions for free advertising for classes held by the club. Someone suggested putting leaflets at hardware and woodworking stores.

October Program:
Christmas ornament carving. Thank you to those who demonstrated at the October meeting: Leo Mielke – Santa ornament, Lee Olson – red moose ornament, Bob Pitts – snowflakes, trees, moose ornaments, Walt Grittner – chip carved ornament.

Classes at Lakes Area Carving Club:
(call Esther Allen at 651-464-2087 about these classes)
December 8, 9, 10 – Intarsia with Lonnie Gay and Joe Z.
Next Spring – Becky Lusk will teach a class on carving an ale bowl
Feb or March – Cliff Letty will teach a class on carving mythical creatures

* George Effrem had a selection of books and tools.
* Marv Meyer had some carving books for sale.
* Jupe Houman had vices and cut outs for sale.
* John Krantz had a fine selection of wood.
* Bob Pitts had some knives for sale.
* Lew Forsmark had a collection of Chip Chats to give away.

For Sale: Luther Kliche has a 12 inch Jet Planer for sale. $225. Like new, have only cut 15 board feet on it. Available immediately as Luther is moving. Call Luther at 763-571-1540

Fall Show Report

“Artistry in Wood – Fall 2006” was another success. Saturday morning hosted a large crowd of spectators interested in the wood carvings nicely displayed. Carvers reported that Saturday was good for sales. But Sunday was slow, possibly the warm and sunny day kept people outside with last of the summer activities and yard work. The show opened and closed without any mishaps and carvers say that they are looking forward to the next show.
I want to thank people who helped setup and clean up which makes directing the show much easier. I want to especially thank Gary Flemming for bringing in and taking out the Viking carvings and plastic table coverings, and also Tom Issacson who spent time at the Viking table talking to the spectators.
The next show will be March 10 -11 2007 and you should expect to see the application in the January newsletter.


Woodcarvers Store and School
3056 Excelsior Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55416-0127
(612) 927-7491 (

Jim Abicht, Fine woodworking
Specializing in bases for carving projects
(651) 451-7217

Ivan Whillock Studio
122 NE 1st Avenue, Faribault, MN 55021
(507) 334-8306 (

Krantz Wood Sales - Carving & Specialty Woods
16748 Stanford St., Forest Lake, MN 55025 (651) 464-5632 (Evenings)

David Lindroth, Custom Cut Woods for Woodcarvers
8150 – 137th St. W. Apple Valley, MN 55124
(952) 432-7066

Nelson-Johnson Wood Products, Inc.
3910 Bryant Ave No., Minneapolis, MN 55412
(612) 529-2978 - cell phone (612) 644-4567

Gen Jansen, Carver and Instructor,
(320) 252-3966

Rockler’s Stores:
Maplewood, MN (651) 773-5285;
Minneapolis, MN (612) 822-3338;
Burnsville, MN (952) 892-7999;
Minnetonka, MN (952) 542-0111

Woodcraft Supply
9741 Lyndale Ave S, Bloomington, MN
(952) 884-3634

Gregg McCabe, Stubai tool distributor
425 Madison St NE, Minneapolis, MN
(612) 379-9342

Garry N. Kolb - Woodcarving Supplies
2528 24 Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 289-9138

Copperhead Road Logging and Lumber
Joe Jewett – 54852 Great River Rd. Palisade, MN 56469 (218) 845-2832


NAME                   CARVING                             WOOD          FINISH                COMMENTS
Jeff Lippka            Human Head                          Basswood      Unfinished            Not finished, in progress
Duane Edwards     Wood burning of Blue Jay     Basswood      Acrylics                Nancy Dardis Class
Cindy Carter         Hecute – Relief                      Basswood       Unfinished           In progress
Jupe Houman        Halloween Jack-O-Lantern   Basswood       Acrylics
George Effrem      Chip Carved Plate                  Beachwood     Stain                    An old plate from Ukrane
Archie Trott          Walking Stick                         Aspen              Polyurethane
Lee Olson              Sheaf of Wheat                     
Poplar              Unfinished            For an Easter Stare Symbol
       "                      Cowboy                                   Basswood         Acrylics               (looks like Terry Brad.) Waldorf class– Loren Hanson
       "                      Nisse w/Tree                          Basswood         Acrylics
John Sailor            St. Francis Relief                    Basswood         Brie-Wax
Gary Fleming        Beer Meister                          Basswood         Min-Wax And Deft
Hugh Salisbury     Sunfish                                     Bass/Buttern   Acry/Polyur
Neil Gillis              Ricing                                      Basswood         Oil/Polyur
Michael Kabes     Corbels & N. P. Shell Black  Walnut               Unfinished          For a fire place mantel
Frank Kemp         Fox                                           Pine                   Acrylics               Named – ‘Spot’ Al Edwins Droopy Hat Santa Basswood Acrylics
Barb Gritche        Low Relief                                Basswood         Acrylics
Russ Scott            Nut Cracker                            
White Birch          ?                      Purchased at garage sale                  
                              European Bust                         
Butternut             ?                       Garage Sale, from Dale Martin
Leo Mielke          Egg Head Santa Ornament      Basswood          Acrylics              Cyndi Joslyn Pattern