Viking Wood Carvers Newsletter
October 2006

Russell Scott
Newsletter Editor
1238 Edmund Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

VIKING Woodcarvers
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vol. 32 No. 8

* Dennis Schuster


* Lynne Medgaarden

* Leo Mielke


* Leonard Kampa

* Russell Scott

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* Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington
* 4th Monday – October 23 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM

October Presentation: We will have a ‘Christmas Ornaments’ carve-in where several members will each be demonstrating a carving. The projects are intended to be small so that they can be (nearly) completed at the meeting and tools are minimal. Bring your knife, a small v-tool and a medium gouge to work on the project. Another carving event is also planned for the November meeting. I’d like to thank John Krantz for supplying the wood for our projects. Each carver will be provided one blank and additional blanks will be available for sale by the club.

President's Notes

I want to thank John Anderson for arranging to have Jorgge Sundqvist, a renowned traditional-style carver from northern Sweden. His presentation and demonstration on how to make a ‘shrink box’, i.e., a drinking cup, out of green wood was so interesting that nobody wanted to leave early. I would like a few volunteers to fill a nominating committee at the October meeting. The following officer positions: Vice-President (Program Chair), Editor, and Secretary are needed to be filled for the start of the new fiscal year in February. I’m streamlining the administration of the club to make the duties of these officers less onerous and welcome those with new ideas and enthusiasm to share. Currently, we still have several spoon kits and a chip carving kit for sale. If you’re interested in helping us provide a sharpening service, please contact me or any of the other officers.

Attention carvers: Please bring your work, completed or not, to ‘Show and Tell’. You may talk about the piece if you like or simply request help if you have a problem area with which you’re having difficulty. If anyone has a project that they would like to do at one of our carve-ins, please let us know.

The next two meetings are planned to be ‘carve-ins’, so be prepared to bring some of your tools and go to work.

Good carving to you all,
Dennis ‘Denny’ Schuster


Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting
September 25, 2006
By Lynne Medgaarden

President, Dennis Schuster called the meeting to order. There were 47 members present and one visitor, Frank Kelms. Once again members had donated carving kits for sale. Proceeds go to the club. Thank you for the donations.

Jim Forrey mentioned that he had seen Don Groen at a football game and reported that his cancer is in remission and he is feeling good. We hope he will join us at a future club meeting.

Treasury/Meeting Minutes: Leo Mielke reported a treasury balance of $2,926.37. We have 112 members in good standing (2 new members) and 26 non-current members. If you would like to order a Viking Woodcarvers name badge or a patch check with Leo.

Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s report as printed in the previous newsletter were approved and seconded.
Newsletter Editor Report: Russell Scott sent out more newsletters via email this month and saved the club money in printing and postage charges. Contact Russ if you had any problems receiving your newsletter. The by-laws state that if you don't pay your dues by March you won't receive a newsletter. Russ will finish as newsletter editor with the January issue. If you would like take over this position please contact Dennis or Russ.

Show Report by Russell Scott: The Fall Viking Carving Show is scheduled for October 28-29. Applications for the show were available at the meeting and were mailed with the newsletter. The cost for a table is $22 this year. Get your application in to Russ by October 1. We need volunteers for set up on Friday night (4:00 p.m.) before the show. We especially need help for the Sunday afternoon clean-up as everyone is tired by then so more help is really appreciated. We need volunteers for the club table also – talk to Russ.

Old Business:
Dennis is still looking for someone to offer sharpening services during club meetings. If you know of someone who would do this please contact Dennis.

We still need a Vice President/Program Chair – please volunteer. Dennis has a committee lined up to assist the chair with this effort.

Thank you to those who demonstrated at the August meeting: Bob Horvet – figure carving; Gerry Erickson – painting; Nancy Dardis – wood burning; Swede Bengtson – intarsia; John Mitchell – chip carving.

The carving demonstration at the Minnesota State Fair was a success. We had several people carving and talking with visitors. Thanks to all who participated. We will plan to do this again next year.

New Business:
At the next meeting, October 23, we will have an ornament carve-in so bring along a knife, v-tool, and chisel. Dennis is still looking for volunteers to lead this event.

The newsletter editor and secretary positions will be coming open in February. We need a nomination committee to come up with nominees for these two positions.

The December meeting is scheduled for December 25. We will vote on moving that meeting during the October meeting.

Lake Area Woodcarvers – Contact Esther Allen to register for these classes.
* Nancy Dardis, October 21, wood burning
* Karen Henderson, November 11-12, bark house or leaf bowl
* Lonnie Gay, December 8-10, intarsia
* Bob Ristau presented the September program for the Lake Area Woodcarvers on making Shaker boxes.

* George Effrem had a selection of books and tools related to the speaker.
* Bob Spagenberg had some diamond willow walking sticks for sale for $3-$5.
* Russell Scott had a selection of cottonwood bark for sale
* Jim Forrey had a collection of Chip Chats dating back to 1971 for give away.
* John Krantz had a fine selection of wood
* Charlie Eiler had some miscellaneous items for sale.

Program for September

Jorgge Sundqvist, from Umea, Sweden, gave a presentation on Swedish carving and shrink box making. Jorgge is traveling in the U.S. lecturing and demonstrating. He is a second generation wood carver. He has been teaching carving at craft education schools in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Belgium, since 1986. Jorgge gave a PowerPoint presentation showing some of his work and some ancient pieces of woodcarving.

Jorgge teaches in the old traditional style. These traditions are still surviving in his area of Sweden. His father wrote a book in 1970 on how to do certain crafts in order to preserve the techniques. He mentioned that Swedes are modest and don't brag about their skills but rather say things like, "I am not un-crafty." This is a statement with a double negative that makes a positive. Some of the techniques he teaches date back to 900.

He teaches techniques for carving that stress the importance of using the whole body, ergonomically to be efficient and effective. He can get more power behind his carving with his ergonomic movements. Jorge cut a round cylinder of green wood – aspen. He cleaned it out with a knife and spoon gouge. Next he cut a line around the inside of the bottom and then cleaned out a groove. He marked and cut a round piece of wood from a piece that he had planed earlier. He tapped that piece into the groove. When the green wood dries it shrinks into place and creates a tight, waterproof seal. He mentioned that you could poor boiled milk into the vessel and the casein in the milk would work like glue to give an even tighter seal.

His box could also be dried in the microwave to speed the process. It dries from the inside out. Be very careful not to burn the wood. Include a glass of water in the microwave if you are using that method. The shrink boxes that Jorgge brought were painted bright colors – red and blue – and some had words or phrases painted or carved in the sides. Jorgge was going on to the Volkschool in Grand Marais to teach Swedish carving.


Upcoming Wood Carving Classes
Duane Heng has a very nice woodcarving shop at his home in Woodbury (I’ve been there for a class and it is really, really nice). He is open to present upcoming woodcarving classes in 2007.

* Pat Moore from Fargo, North Dakota will come out in May, 2007 to teach the ‘Miniature Mallard Duck’. This will be a three day, Friday – Sunday class. Pat is asking for $165.00 per student for the class, the cut-out will be provided. Water colors are taught to paint the carving. A minimum of 10 students are require to hold this class.

* John Engler form Oklahoma will teach a relief wood carving class in the end of July, 2007. This will also be a three day class, Friday – Sunday. The cost is $130.00 and 10 student minimum is required.

Duane is requiring an early commitment by February, 2007 and $50.00 down.

Russell Scott has created wood carving videos for sale. They are demonstrations of carving different projects with the camera over his shoulder as if you’re sitting next to him. The videos are:
Absolute Beginning Wood Carving, Next Step Wood Carving (Corn Cob on a Base), Intermediate Wood Carving (Old World Santa)
Bark Carving Basics (Wood Spirit and Nome Home). For information, go to







Erik Meade

Sven – Norwegian Fisherman



In Progress

Hugh Salisbury




Walnut Base – Manzaita Root

Lew Forsmark

Chef Tooth Pick Holder

Hill Billy






John Sailor

The Dancer




Charlie Eiler

Pheasant Feet





Welded Threaded Rod, Putty

And Mahogany

Clarence Moe


Carousel Horse and Santa






Russell Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Cowboy



Mr. Gerald Sears, Mrs. Mine

Duane Edwards





Nancy Dardis

Big Horn Sheep Cane Holder




Swede Bengtson





Paul Thompson

Purple Finch




Jeff Lippka

Fur Trapper Head on Cane





October 28 and 29, 2006
Har Mar Mall at Snelling and County Road B, Roseville, Minnesota
Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (7:30 Doors Open)
Sunday, Noon to 5:00 pm (9:30 Doors Open)

This is your LAST CHANCE to participate in the VWCA Fall Show 2006 at the Har Mar Mall October 28, 29. Send in your application and payment ASAP.

I will need people to help me set up tables in the mall Friday October 27 at 3:30. Anyone who can help would be appreciated.