Viking Wood Carvers Newsletter
September 2006

Russell Scott
Newsletter Editor
1238 Edmund Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

VIKING Woodcarvers
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vol. 32 No. 7

* Dennis Schuster

* Jim Ayers
* Myron Asper

* Lynne Medgaarden

* Leo Mielke

* Jim Ayers
* Myron Asper

* Leonard Kampa

* Russell Scott

Viking Web Site -
* Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington
* 4th Monday – September 25 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM

September Presentation: We are pleased to have Jogge Sundqvist, Sweden’s premier woodcarver, share his expertise about traditional
Scandinavian carving with us.  Please invite your friends, including members of other carving clubs in the area.  This is an exciting opportunity,
with the presentation planned to begin at 7:45.

President's Notes

    We had a very successful program last month. My special thanks to John Mitchell (Chip Carving), Nancy Dardis (Woodburning), Bob Horveth (Figures), Bob Royer (Spoons), Swede Bengstrom (Intarsia), Charle Eilers (Relief) and Gerry Erickson (Painting) for providing the demonstrations.  I’m still looking for volunteers for the following officer positions:  Vice-President (Program Chair), Editor, and Secretary.  We’re streamlining the administration of the club and welcome those with new ideas and enthusiasm to share.  A new service of providing certain carving kits was also introduced last month.  We’ll always be looking for carvers who are willing to share their project designs and make up a few kits for resale by the club.  If interested, just let me know and I’ll make sure that you get the wood you need.  Again, we’ll thank John Krantz for donating wood that will be used for this purpose.  Currently, we have several spoon kits and a chip carving kit for sale.  If you’re interested in helping us provide a sharpening service, please contact me or any of the other officers.
    Attention carvers:  We would like our members and guests to bring in their work, whether completed or not.  We’ll use the ‘Show and Tell’ time for those people who would like to speak about their work.  We’ll all use the time for those individuals who are having a carving problem with their piece to identify the problem to the group in order to get specific help from a more experienced carver.  We’ll also provide a ‘Buy and Sell’ table for those carvers who have some tools or jigs that they would like to sell at the meeting.   
    Thanks to John Anderson, this month’s program will feature a presentation by the world renowned Swedish carver, Jogge Sundqvist.  The next two meetings are planned to be ‘carve-ins’, so be prepared to bring some of your tools and go to work.  More details will follow.

Good carving to you all,
Dennis ‘Denny’ Schuster


Minutes of Viking Woodcarvers for August 28, 2006
By Lynne Medgaarden, Secretary

The May meeting was called to order by President Dennis Schuster.  There were 46 members present. This is the first meeting of the second
half of the fiscal year.  Dennis laid out some personal objectives for the club: 1. Increase membership, 2. Offer new services (Kits for sale –
donated by members (proceeds go to club), Sharpening services at club meetings – looking for a system that can be brought in to each meeting
before and after and during break, Classes – will ask member to offer classes with favorable tuition.), 3. Streamline newsletters

    We need to add value to being a member.  We will improve the format and value of the newsletter.  We may have carve-ins.  We want to improve the fiscal forecast of the club.  Dennis wants to make the business meetings more efficient and spend more time on creative aspects of the club.  Please give Dennis any suggestions that you may have to achieve these goals.


§                  John Krantz had a fine selection of wood and is looking forward to the Viking Show in Har Mar in October.

§                  Jupe Houman had vices for sale.

§                  Russ Scott had cotton wood bark for sale.

§                  Bob Spangenberg had some diamond willow sticks.

§                  Luther Kliche is moving to an apartment and will be selling a Jet 12” planer, Jet dust collector, woodturning lathe with tools (table top model).


Esther Allen discussed classes offered by the Lake Area Woodcarvers. Contact Esther at 651-464-2087 for dates and price:

§                  Wood burning with Nancy Dardis

§                  Intarsia with Lonnie Gay

§                  Whimsy Bark Houses with Karen Henderson

Gen Jansen discussed Snow Daze Carve In sponsored by the Central Minnesota Woodcarvers Association of St. Cloud at Green Lake Bible
Camp in Spicer, Minnesota, January 5, 6, and 7.  Cost for the entire weekend except materials is $131.00 – classes are filling up fast.  Questions – contact Gen at 320-252-3966.

Duane Heng – Would like to offer some classes at his workshop in Woodbury.  These are big name carvers and this would be a wonderful
opportunity to learn from them right here in the Twin Cities.  The two carvers he would like to bring in are:

§             Pat Moore from Fargo wWill teach a 3 day class (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in May on carving a Mallard duck.  Cost of the class would be $165.00.  They need 10 students to offer this class. He would need a deposit of $50.00 by February 1 to hold your spot. 

    John Engler would teach at the end of July and will offer multiple choices of relief carvings.  Cost for his class would be $130.00.  Duane is also
going to share this information with other woodcarving clubs in the area so if you are interested contact him early to get a spot.  You may reach
Duane at

Treasurers report by Leo Mielke

The club has changed banks.  We are now using the   Bloomington Richfield Credit Union which is basically free.
Members in good standing – 110

Non-current members – 26
Balance before last meeting - $3,712.50
Receipts this period - $140.50
Expenditures this period - $277.46

Current balance - $3,575.54

Members who are delinquent with their dues will no longer receive the newsletter.  Membership roster was included in the August newsletter. 
Check your address on the list available at the front table of each meeting to make sure we have your current address. 

Several members from the Viking Club gave demonstrations at the Minnesota State Fair on Wednesday, August 30, in the Creative Activities Building.  The State Fair provided free tickets for admission to demonstrators.  This was set up to encourage interest in woodcarving.  This may
become an ongoing opportunity for clubs in the area to demonstrate.

      Dennis expressed concern about the treasury balance.  We seem to be spending more on newsletter production and mailing than is brought in by current dues. We break even on shows.  Would like to see the club have a reserve and use that money for something interesting to most or all members.  We would like to find more efficient ways to use dollars.   

Newsletter Editor Report – Russ Scott

The newsletter copy and postage costs are higher than dues.  Russ encourages members to receive the newsletter via email. Russ will bring the newsletter down to 4 pages with no photos to lower cost.  If you have items for the newsletter send them to Russ. 

      Dennis would like to change the format of the newsletter to add value for members. 

Show Chairman Report – Russ Scott

The next Viking Show will be October 28-29 at Har Mar Mall.  Cost of the tables has gone up to $22.00 each.  Russ will include a form for the October show registration in the next newsletter.  Russ would like to receive your application by October 1.  He will not take phone reservations for tables this year.   

New Business

Dennis suggested that we go to a bi-monthly newsletter to lower costs. Someone suggested that we send out postcards to remind members about
club meetings and then members can pick up their newsletter at the meeting.  Some were opposed to bi-monthly newsletters at the newsletter is an excellent source of communication and cohesiveness for the club. Some opposed post cards. The point was made that some members no longer
come to meetings because they can’t come down the basement stairs.  The newsletter is very important to them.  Members valued the monthly
notice provided by the newsletter.

      Should we raise the cost of dues to $20.00?  We will discuss at next meeting.  
    The cost for using the KC Hall is a yearly donation of $500.00.  A motion was made and seconded to pay this donation again this year.  Should the club search for a new, cheaper location that is more handicap accessible?

We still need a volunteer to be the program chair (Vice President).  Dennis has had 2 volunteers who will support the program chair.  If we don’t
get a program chair Dennis will continue to ask members to make the monthly presentations and we will not have outside guest speakers. 

We need a new newsletter editor by February.  Russ Scott’s term will end then and he does not wish to run for reelection.  We will also need a new secretary.  Lynne Medgaarden’s term will end in February and she does not wish to run for reelection. 

      Dennis had several carving kits for sale that were donated by members of the club. 

Correction to Member Roster

Barbara Thotland, 6048 West Broadway, New Hope, MN 55428 (763-504-2695). Email:

Gen Jansen, 733 N 29th Ave., St. Cloud, MN 56303-3104

Luther Kliche, 8310 University Avenue NE, Apt. 128, Fridley, MN 55432


Woodcarvers Store and School

3056 Excelsior Blvd.
, Minneapolis, MN  55416-0127

(612) 927-7491 (

 Jim Abicht, Fine woodworking
Specializing in bases for carving projects 
(651) 451-7217

Ivan Whillock Studio
122 NE 1st Avenue
, Faribault, MN 55021
(507) 334-8306

Krantz Wood Sales -
Carving & Specialty Woods
16748 Stanford St.
, Forest Lake, MN
55025  (651) 464-5632 (Evenings)

David Lindroth, Custom Cut Woods for Woodcarvers

8150 – 137th St. W.  Apple Valley, MN 55124 

(952) 432-7066

Nelson-Johnson Wood Products, Inc.
3910 Bryant Ave No., Minneapolis, MN  55412    

(612) 529-2978
- cell phone (612) 644-4567

Gen Jansen, Carver and Instructor,
(320) 252-3966

Rockler’s Stores:

, MN
  (651) 773-5285;
, MN
  (612) 822-3338;
, MN
  (952) 892-7999;
, MN
(952) 542-0111

Woodcraft Supply

9741 Lyndale Ave S
, Bloomington, MN
(952) 884-3634

Gregg McCabe, Stubai tool distributor

425 Madison St NE
, Minneapolis, MN

(612) 379-9342

Garry N. Kolb - Woodcarving Supplies

2528 24 Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901

(507) 289-9138

Copperhead Road Logging and Lumber

Joe Jewett – 54852 Great River Rd. Palisade, MN 56469 (218) 845-2832


           VIKING MAGNUM OPUS (SHOW AND TELL) – August, 2006






Russell Scott


Santa Bark


Cottw Bark



From a Gerald Sears Class

Leo Mielke





Hugh Salisbury

RLF House Wrens




Barb Gritche

Old St. Nicolas




Gen Jansen

Hollow Whimsy House

Cottw Bark



Jim Kuepper

Walking Sticks




Barbara Thotland





Chuck Reisinger

Decoys / Crappie, Sunfish




Paul Thompson

Four Harley Refsal Figures




Charles Eiler

Shell for Fire Place Mantles



Carved at age 11

Duane Edward





Cindy Carter

Walking Stick w/ Crystal

Diam Willow



Einar Ekstedt

Golfers/Golfing Gourd




Orin Peterson








October 28 and 29, 2006
Har Mar Mall at Snelling and County Road B, Roseville, Minnesota

Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (7:30 Doors Open)

Sunday, Noon to 5:00 pm (9:30 Doors Open)