The Newsletter of the Minnesota Vikings Wood Carvers Association
Volume 33 Number 5

Minnesota Vikings Wood Carvers
7425 17th Avenue South
Richfield, Minnesota 55423-4624

Meeting Location - Meeting Time –
Knights of Columbus, 4th Monday of the Month
1114 West 79th Street, Meetings start at 7:00 PM
Bloomington, MN 55435

Presidents Notes

It seems that our spring carving sessions are over. The May meeting has been cancelled due to the conflict with the Memorial Day weekend and the membership voted to also cancel the June meeting in favor of holding a meeting in August. So, for those of you that trade away your carving tools for the lawn care tools during the summer, we’ll see you in August. For those of you that may have some vacation time to carve, join your fellow carvers at one of the weekly carving venues in your area or try out a new one. I hope to see others of you at some of the summer carving weekends events being conducted in the region.

The year has brought a lot of changes, starting with a newly new slate of officers, including your’s truly. We’ve also managed to re-introduce carving into our carving meeting while maintaining a blend of interesting and informative program speakers. I’d like to thank everyone who’s had a hand in scheduling and participating in these events. We look forward to more of the same next year. Additionally, we’ve added a ‘Welcome Table’ that seems to be well received. As officers, we know that communication and information flow is much better and you members seem to like it. Another first for this club in recent history was the Intarsia class taught by Swede Bengtson. We hope to have more classes beginning in the fall. Please let me or any of the other officers know if you’re willing to participate either as a teacher or as a student.

I’d also like to thank our vendors for supporting us for the year and also the members for their active participation in donating items to the club for resale to other members as a fund raiser.
Unfortunately, our carve-in sessions at the Burnsville Sr. Center have proved to be an unsuccessful experiment. So, either we do too much carving in our club meeting or people aren’t ready to carve during the evening in other locations or there are just other conflicts this time of the year. Maybe we’ll try the experiment again if you express some interest in it.

I would like to thank Charlie Eiler for facilitating a Relief Carving session at the April Carve-in event. Charlie will be conducting additional relief classes at Chanhassen this spring and hopefully some more later this year. For those of you that filled out the survey forms, we’ll use the results to help plan for the next fall to spring series of club meetings.

Finally, we thank those of you who have already made donations of your ideas, time and/or materials to the club. Also, as a reminder, for those of you who have not paid your dues for this current year, this is the last newsletter that you’ll be receiving. You can still pay your dues to Treasurer Leo Mielke. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again in August.

Good carving to you all,
Dennis ‘Denny’ Schuster

Calendar of Events

----- News Flash -----

I was finally successful in securing a booth at the Creative Activity Center for this year’s Minnesota State Fair. I have secured the same booth we had last year. The best time I could get is Sunday, September 2 from 9:00am to 9:00 pm. I am looking for volunteers to help man the booth during that time frame. I’m not asking for people to stay during the entire 12 hours, but at least 4 hours during the day.

We were successful in presenting to the public last year on the art of wood carving, though we had only a 6 hour time slot. We will do the same this year, demonstrating our carving skills and giving out information to the local clubs.

If you are interested in helping out and need more information, please contact me at: or 651-917-2125

This information was only available to the web newsletter and was not added to those who receive only the hard copy newsletter. If you know of anyone you think would be interested in participating in this event and you know they only receive the hard copy newsletter, please let them know.

Thank you


Russell Scott

May 28, 2007 Program Preview
Presenter: No presenter
Theme: Canceled due to the observance of Memorial Day

Dues were due on Feb 1. If you haven't paid, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you were unable to make it to a meeting please send them to Leo Mielke 10223 Johnson Circle Bloomington MN 55437 Phone: 952 831 6907 Make checks payable to "Viking Woodcarvers".

Jun 21-24        Davenport IA -- Int’l Woodcarvers Congress --
Jun 28-30        Wahpeton ND -- Carving Weekend -- Seminar -- NDSSC
Jul 4                Harmony MN -- Minowa Show/Sale -- Slim’s Woodshed
Jul 15-17        Waldorf Workshop – Seminar –North Iowa Woodcarvers Guild – Waldorf College – Forest City, IA
Jul 22-27         Doane Experience – Crete NB Mid-America Woodcarvers -- Doane Collete
Jul 28              Blackduck MN -- Woodcarving Show/Sale – Wayside Park

Carving Classes
Wood Working Events
May 9, Viking Open Carve-in – Burnsville Senior Center has been canceled due to lack of interest.

Vikings Wood Carvers
Officers & Contributing Members

Dennis Schuster

Vise President /
Program Chair
Neil Gillis

Swede Bengtson

Leo Mielke

Newsletter Editor
Michael Kabes

Coffee Chair
Leonard Kampa

Show Chair
Russell Scott

Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2007……by Swede Bengtson

REASON: Memorial Day Holiday is the 27th of May and that was the date for our May and the last meeting for the year.

The meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Schuster. There were 39 members attending. The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports were approved and seconded as published in the March 26, 2007 newsletter.

President Schuster reviewed the lack of success with our pilot Viking Open Carve-in at Burnsville Senior Center scheduled for April 11. Dennis is the only person attending. Just wonder if he paid his $2.00? Due to the lack of participation, the May 9, 2007 event is cancelled.

Motions were made by Hugh Salisbury canceling a June 25, 2007 meeting and schedule an August 27, 2007 meeting date due to the timing of our Fall Show, October 27 – 28, 2007. Motion carried.

Discussion was held relative to preferred alternate dates for our December meeting due to the Christmas Holidays. Your executive board will meet with the Knights of Columbus Manager and arrange the 2nd Monday of December. If not possible, arrange for the 3rd Monday of December. December meeting date will be announced at the August meeting.

Special recognition to Dick Allen, Leonard Kampa and possibly other members that I did not see accepting last month’s challenge. They assisted our vendors by carrying products downstairs to the meeting room. Thanks guys, job well done and appreciated. Hope we keep this challenge going when we meet in August.

Balance from last Meeting: $ 3938.64
Income: $ 1078.87
Expenditures: $ 972.16
End Balance: $ 4045.35

Monthly Program
April 23, 2007…… for Neil Gillis

April Program Review:
As you are well aware we did not have a program at the April meeting. Instead we had a good time talking with Charlie Eiler, working on projects, visiting with one another, and shopping and visiting with the vendors. What an important job they do bringing products for us to view and purchase at our meetings. Charlie was great, and so accommodating with answering everyone’s questions and demonstrating techniques. Charlie went above and beyond when he helped two of our members with projects they had brought in that they wanted Charlie to look at because they were unhappy with. Charlie walked them through what he would do in those situations. Charlie also brought in a number of patterns that he gave away to anyone interested in trying their hand at relief carving. I enjoyed the exchange of information between Charlie and members as they provided Charlie with an endless stream of what do I do in this situation and how do you do that. The evening was enlightening, enjoyable, and provided me with a new pattern to try this summer. Have a great summer, keep carving and let’s see those completed projects this fall.

Best wishes,
Your editor
Michael Kabes

May 28, 2007 Program
The club voted to cancel the May meeting due to the conflict with the observance of Memorial Day.

Did you know?


* Bill Smith, a long time carver, member and executive of various clubs and chairman of Viking Woodcarving Show has Alzheimer’s disease and is on the waiting list for the Minneapolis Veterans Home. Bill & Beth’s address is: 3212 West 88th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431
* George Effrem’s father (Kris) is back home now and doing much better. He is not back helping around the Carvers Store with George yet, but will be soon we hope.

Keep Bill, Kris and their families in your thoughts.
Best wishes,
Vikings Carvers

Viking Carving Classes
Lake Area Woodcarver Coordinator, Esther Allen: 651-464-2087

Please contact if you are interested in gathering information on upcoming events.

Magnum Opus
Show & Tell items from April 23, 2007

NAME                 CARVING               WOOD/MATERIAL        FINISH                     COMMENTS
Leonard Kampa       Risen Christ on Cross    Holly, Rosewood,                     Acrylic Clear                   
Granite Base
Orville Gehlen         Gouge Chip Plate 8”       Basswood                                  Deft
Erik Meade             Bottle Stopper                Basswood                                   MinWax
Clarence Moe         Fireman                           Butternut                                    Clear
David Rausch       “Walking With Jesus”      Bassw/ Butternut                       Poly & Wax                      
Displayed in His Church Foyer
Paul Thompson      Yell. Throated Warb.       Tupelo, Basswood                      Brass Acrylic
Lew Forsmark       Country Folks                  Basswood                                    Acrylic
Nancy Dardis         Fish Relief                       Butternut                                    Unfinished
Nancy Dardis         Loon Relief                      Basswood                                   Acrylic
Barb Gritche          Wolf                                  Basswood                                   Acrylic              
                 People’s Choice at Menomonee Show!
Neil Gillis               Stage & Horses Relief    Basswood                                   Diluted Stain & Varnish
Swede Bengtson     2 Intarsia West. Boots    Zebra, Sycamore, Butternut     Bartels Wipe-on Poly Gel

Special Interest
1. Club Classes


Carve-Fest 2007
August 11 & 12
Alexander Park / Ice Arena
Faribault, MN
* $15 mini-workshops
* Hourly Demos
* Carving Displays
* Vendors
Registration & Information

Special Interest (Cont.)

John Krantz, George Effrem, Jim Abicht and Bob Spagenberg displayed numerous products for membership to view and purchase. Displaying their products is a lot of heavy work but so important to our membership. It’s evident during our coffee break watching all the activity around the displays.

New Members / Guests
No new guests or members