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Vol. 32 No. 5

* Dennis Schuster

* Jim Ayers
* Myron Asper

* Lynne Medgaarden

* Leo Mielke

* Jim Ayers
* Myron Asper

* Leonard Kampa

* Russell Scott
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* Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington
* 4th Monday – May 22 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM

May Presentation: Tom Severson will present on "Norwegian Woodcarving."
Tom began his woodcarving hobby by taking a Rochester Community Education class sponsored by the Rochester Woodcarvers. After learning the basics through that class, he has explored a variety of carving styles with most of his efforts being in chip carved gifts. Some of you already know Tom as the Rochester Woodcarvers “web guy” and the “photo guy” supporting many of the club activities. Being interested in the crafts and skills of his Scandinavian ancestors, Tom began visiting the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, IA where he learned of the Norwegian Folk-Art Study tours lead by museum staff local folk art museums, plenty of sightseeing and eight days of woodcarving class. Mary, always interested in trying new things, also enrolled in the woodcarving class just to see what it was all about. Together, they had a great time seeing Norway and carving.

Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting
April 24, 2006
By Lynne Medgaarden

President, Don Groen has resigned as President due to health issues. Jim Forrey stepped in to fill the presidential role for the April meeting. There were 38 members present and no guests. It was an extremely busy night at the KC Hall as a bowling banquet and bingo were both being held upstairs. Parking was difficult.

Treasury/Meeting Minutes: Leo Mielke reported a treasury balance of $3,985. Leo reported that we did make some money on the spring carving show. He also reported that we have 160 names on the membership roster, 105 were paid up by the April meeting, 22 were 2 years delinquent with dues, 31 were 1 year delinquent. He received some non-sufficient funds checks from people who paid dues or show registration.

The club needs someone to audit the accounting books. This should be done yearly. Jim Abicht audited the books last time. If anyone would like to volunteer for that job please contact Leo. Jim Abicht has been ill and unable to attend meetings. Give him a call if you like at home.

Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s report as printed in the previous newsletter were approved and seconded.

Newsletter Editor Report: Contact Russ if you have any problems with your newsletter.

Show Report by Russell Scott: The show went fairly well. We had 54 tables and spaces reserved. Some people sold carvings, some didn't. The turnout was lower due to the beautiful April weather. Russ thanked everyone for helping set up and take down, especially Dennis Schuster and his son, Tony, who came and worked on Sunday during take down. Take down was hampered by the fact that people had to search for the table cart. We should look into making sure that cart is available for the Fall Show. Russ reminded participants that if you have a table at the show you should stay to help take down the tables and also help others load their stuff if they need help.

The Fall Viking Carving Show is scheduled for October 28-29. Russ has moved the Spring Show for next year up to an earlier date: March 10-11, 2007.

We discussed the possibility of moving the show to a location closer to Bloomington. Some members reported the carving shows have been held at Southtown Mall and the Armory in past years.

Har Mar Mall is going to charge more for rental. We discussed raising the price of table and space rental from the current $20 to $22. We decided to raise the price to $22.

For the Fall Show it was suggested that we contact Channel 9 News and see if we can be featured on M.A. Rosco's morning show. We could feature one or two carvers. It was suggested that we could focus on Viking carvings such as those carved by Lynn Johnston or Iver Anderson.

Old Business

President: Jim Forrey called for nominations for President since Done Groen has resigned. Swede Bengtson nominated Dennis Schuster. The nomination was seconded. Dennis agreed to be nominated. All present at the meeting voted unanimously to elect Dennis Schuster as President.

Vice President Report: Jim Ayers will finish as Vice President after the next meeting. He encouraged people to volunteer for the Vice President position. The Vice President contacts presenters for meetings. Jim has a long list of past speakers and members also provide suggestions. He also indicated that being Vice President is a great way to meet people. Speakers are given a $50 stipend (double if they have to travel a long distance) for giving presentations at our meetings.

June meeting: We discussed meeting in June then voted not to meet.

August meeting: We discussed meeting in August then voted to meet in August. We will meet on August 28.


* George Effrem had a new selection of books and tools.
* Bob Spagenberg had some diamond willow walking sticks for sale for $3-$5.
* Bernie Enright had a selection of carving tools and wood for sale as he is moving.
* Russell Scott had a selection of cottonwood bark for sale.
* Jupe Houman had cut outs for shorebirds, ducks and some vices for sale.
* Swede Bengtson has some steel shelving and cabinets for sale – give him a call.

Program for April

Cecelia Schiller, a mask carver, gave a presentation on Balinese masks. Cecilia has been carving since the early 1990's in the European relief carving style. She spent 3 months in Bali with her two daughters, 8 and 11, learning how to carve masks. She is a performer so she went to Bali to study mask making with people who are also performers.

Many people in Bali carve – she reported seeing carvings everywhere. They use masks for many different ceremonies and parades.

Her teacher could carve masks quickly. He made 26 masks in 10 days for an order. The masks are painted with traditional pigments – deer and pig bones are burned and ground. Then they are separated out by color – darker bone matter for blacks, lighter for whites. They also use ground stone for different colors. The bone and stone is mixed with glue, rawhide and water. Paint is applied in layers – 70-80 layers. The paint must be completely dry before you can apply the next coat. But the layers are thin and can dry in about 15 minutes on a sunny day. The masks are finished with an acrylic glaze.

The inside of the mask is not painted or finished which helps if people sweat while wearing them in performances or parades.

Masks are carved in green wood. The wood is fine grain, light weight and easy to carve. They use axes and crude chisels and knives (break easily as they are not well tempered) to carve the masks. She learned how to carve the masks using only 5 different tools. They hold the wood with their feet to give them free use of their hands. Cecelia learned how to do this as well.

It took her a week to carve the first mask. The masks are sanded using glass paper (3 different grits) to make them very smooth.

When she cut herself the teacher rubbed her blood into the mask reporting that it gave the mask power.

Cecelia uses her masks for performances at libraries, the Walker Arts Center, and in puppet shows for Heart of the Beast. She performs folk tales using the masks.

Traditionally female masks have the mouth closed while male masks have a moveable mouth. Some of the Balinese mask use mother-of-pearl for the teeth.

Cecelia reported that her teacher and some of the other carvers have a laid back attitude where mistakes in carving are "no problem."

When she makes custom masks she makes a plaster cast of the person's face and then a plaster positive to get the correct positioning for features and breathing holes.
Blue Earth Woodcarving and Quilt Expo 2006
The Blue Earth Woodcarving Show and Quilt Expo will be on August 18, 19 and 20, 2006. The show is a display and juried show, so get those entries ready. Also don’t forget the ‘Peoples Choice $250.00 Santa Purchase Award.’ The carving must measure at least 8” including the base. No entry fee required for this category. All entries can be mailed or carried in. Nationally known caricature carver and CCA member Gerald Sears and his wife Barb will conduct this year’s seminar. Gerald is one of the best caricature-carving teachers around. Barb will teach you how to paint your finished piece so you can go home with a very attractive carving. Seminars will run all day Fri., Sat. and ½ Sunday. They have over 30 rough-outs to choose from. Gerald added some realistic cowboy
busts with a stained finish. Check out their web-site at Contact the Blue Earth Chamber at for more information and sign up. You are invited to enter the competition, sign up for a display table, take a seminar or just come and have fun. See you there.
Article submitted by Midge Schmitgen
If you have not paid your dues, please send them to me or pay them at the May meeting. For those that do not pay by the end of May, this will be your last newsletter.
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Gen Jansen, Carver and Instructor,
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NAME                             CARVING                                   WOOD                             FINISH                         COMMENTS 
Nancy Dardis                  Wood Burning                              Basswood                         Water Color Wax
David Rausch                 ‘Feed My Sheep' Relief               Basswood                          Polyurethane
Leo Bock                         Procession Cross                         Walnut                               Oil
Chuck Reisinger              Wood Duck                                 Basswood                          Acrylics
Duane Edwards               Deer Wood Burning                    Basswood                          Unfinished
Walt Grittner                   Chip Carved Plate                       Basswood                          Polyurethane               50th Anniversary Plate
Russell Scott                   Civil War Soldier                         Basswood                          Acrylics
Al Sheppard                    Doc                                               Basswood                          Acrylics/Poly
Swede Bengtson              Intarsia                                        Mix                                     Polyurethane
Jupe Houman                   Shore Bird                                  Basswood                          Acrylics                         150 yr old square nail for bill
Lew Forsmark                 Shelf Elf                                       Basswood                          Acrylics
Lew Forsmark                 Tompte with Lantern                   Basswood                           Acrylics
Bill Pederson                    Ecuador                                       ?                                         ?                                    Received from an Estate
Jim Kueppers                   Relief                                          Basswood                           Acrylics/Poly
Len Kampa                      Bunny Washing Face                  Mahogany                           Acrylics                          Pattern from ‘Carving Critters’
Jim Forrey                        Mexican Mask                            ?                                         Unfinished