The Newsletter of the Minnesota Vikings Wood Carvers Association
Volume 33 Number 4

Minnesota Vikings Wood Carvers
7425 17th Avenue South
Richfield, Minnesota 55423-4624

Meeting Location - Meeting Time –
Knights of Columbus, 4th Monday of the Month
1114 West 79th Street, Meetings start at 7:00 PM
Bloomington, MN 55435

April Meeting: Open carve-in with emphasis on relief caving. Relief carving with Charlie Eiler

May Meeting: TBD

Presidents Notes

We’ve survived another month of Minnesota weather and it finally looks like spring is here.  Hopefully, our attention hasn’t yet moved away from carving in favor of other activities and tasks associated with warmer weather.  To that end, we’ve planned four (4) club sponsored carving events during April and May.  More details are within the newsletter.  With the ‘snow birds’ coming back from their winter sojourns, we should be seeing some additional old friends at our next meetings.

We were fortunate to hear Will Bondhus speak about carving in general and marquetry in particular at our March meeting.  Will has been instrumental in the local carving scene for many years and enjoys well deserved international recognition.  His work, whether carved or in marquetry is simply spectacular.  I wish to thank Neil for organizing and managing the program.  Will was a delight and it’s unfortunate that many of you missed seeing and hearing him.  I guess our wish list should be updated to include a ‘videographer’ so that sessions such as these can be captured.

I’d also like to thank those that filled out the survey form for their input and hope that everyone will have a chance to do so at the next meeting.  With that input, we’ll begin to formulate plans for upcoming events and activities.  I look forward to sharing the results with the membership this spring. 

Neil continues to line up programs for our enlightenment and enjoyment.  In April, our program will be an open carve-in, with emphasis on relief carving.  Everyone should bring a favorite carving project to the meeting, whether caricatures, birds, sticks, etc. and share their carving time with other members.  For those interested in relief carving, we’ll have a session facilitated by Charlie Eiler.  So, for those interested in relief, bring your projects, plans, tools, and/or questions to the session.  Charlie will answer questions about all aspects of your project and provide support, guidance and feedback to you in a group environment.  I think that Charlie may even bring along a few patterns for smaller projects that some of you may be interested in doing.  So, whether you’re into relief or not, come to carve and socialize. 

By the April meeting, we’ll have also held an open carve-in at the Burnsville Senior Center, which I’ll report on.  There’s also another one scheduled for May 9.  So, mark your calendars.  This will give you plenty of opportunities to work on your projects with other members available for advice and counsel.  I hope to see many of you there.
We’ll have another first at the April meeting, a drawing for a carved item to be displayed at the meeting.  We continue to look for any carving related item donations to the club and thank you in advance for them.  Please see any of the officers for your ideas and contributions.  We thank those of you who have already made donations of your ideas, time and/or materials. Please continue to help where you can.

Good carving to you all,
Dennis ‘Denny’ Schuster

Things to remember: Stop at the greeters table and take the time to fill out a survey. This is a great way to let the board members know what topics you would like to see at our meetings. Also, pick up a name tag and check to make sure your personal information is current if you are having any problems with receiving the newsletter. Bring a project to share. Arrive early so you can visit with fellow members, view member projects and shop for materials for that next project.

Calendar of Events

April 23, 2007 Program Preview
Presenter: No presenter
Theme: Open Carve-in

Dues were due on Feb 1. If you haven't paid, please do so at the March meeting.  If you are unable to be there please send them to Leo Mielke 10223 Johnson Circle Bloomington MN  55437 Phone: 952 831 6907 Make checks payable to "Viking Woodcarvers".

Apr 28         Central MN Woodcarving Display Show -- Whitney Sr. Center
Central Minnesota Woodcarving show is on April 28, not the 21st as stated.   We had to change to the Senior Expo Date.  Same time 9
till noon.  Gen
May 4-6     Winnipeg Woodcarving Workshop – St. John’s College (U of Manitoba)  --
Jun 21-24   Davenport IA -- Int’l Woodcarvers Congress --
Jun 28-30   Wahpeton ND -- Carving Weekend -- Seminar -- NDSSC
Jul              Harmony MN -- Minowa Show/Sale -- Slim’s Woodshed
Jul 15-17   Waldorf Workshop – Seminar –North Iowa Woodcarvers Guild – Waldorf  College – Forest City, IA
Jul 22-27   Doane Experience – Crete NB Mid-America Woodcarvers -- Doane Collete
Jul 28        Blackduck MN -- Woodcarving Show/Sale – Wayside Park

Carving Classes please tell us what you would like to see.

Wood Working Events
May 9, Viking Open Carve-in – Burnsville Senior Center

Vikings Wood Carvers
Officers & Contributing Members

Dennis Schuster

Vise President /
Program Chair
Neil Gillis

Swede Bengtson

Leo Mielke

Newsletter Editor
Michael Kabes

Coffee Chair
Leonard Kampa

Show Chair
Russell Scott

Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2007……by Swede Bengtson

SPECIAL NOTE: We will continue to have the WELCOME TABLE staffed with current officers as you enter the meeting room. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop at the table as YOU enter the meeting room, sign in and place 25cents in the box. We are continuing to purify our membership roster with correct spelling of name, current mailing address, telephone number and if available, email address. Annual membership dues were due on February 1 so if you have not paid, see Treasurer, Leo Mielke. Are you wearing your name tag? Maybe you don’t have one, better see Treasurer, Leo Mielke. Otherwise, look forward to having a sticky one pasted to your outer garments at every meeting. And, don’t forget to purchase various woodcarving items of which proceeds go to the Viking Club. We look forward to seeing you at the welcome table each meeting!

Have you completed the Woodcarving Interest Survey? Chances are you haven’t. We have only received 20 completed surveys. Please pick up a survey at the welcome table and complete before you leave the next meeting. Your executive committee cannot do their job until you provide them with your input.

The meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Schuster. There were 52 members plus guests Marlene Brister and Bob Olson attending. Thanks to Bob Pitts and the Chanhassen Carving group for bringing these guests. Maybe we should follow their example…Each member bring a guest at least once a year. The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports were approved and seconded as published in the February 27, 2007 newsletter.

Program Chairman Neil Gillis gave special recognition to Dick Allen, Dick Sorenson, Bob Pitts, and John Sailor for their voluntary contribution to the woodcarving sharpening demonstrations at our February 27, 2007 meeting. Thanks guys, job well done and appreciated.

Walt Grittner, Russ Scott and Barb Gritche will be displaying their artistry at the Menomonee, WI show on April 14, 2007. It is our understanding that Barb will present a short seminar. Good move Barb!

Special thanks from the Rochester Carving Show committee to Viking Woodcarver members Russ Scott, Lynne Medgaarden, Walt Grittner, George Gardner, Darwin & Vangie Krueger, and Ivan & Lois Amman for their participation in their show on March 24-25, 2007.

Balance from last Meeting: $ 3743.08
Income: $ 289.48
Expenditures: $ 94.92
End Balance: $ 3938.64

Monthly Program

March 26, 2007…… by Neil GILLIS

March Program Review:
The theme for March was "Marquetry". The guest speaker was Will Bondhus, the widely acclaimed carver, Marquetarian, author, editor, teacher and original founder of the Minnesota Woodcarvers Association (MWCA). Will served as the first president of the MWCA.

As advertised, Marquetry was Will’s primary focus for this meeting. Will’s talk initially emphasized the artistic aspect of Marquetry. Selection of the subject, layout of the pattern (including color identification) and selection of wood veneers that simulate the colors identified. Each of Will’s points was accompanied with illustrative samples.

Next, Will focused on the woodcraft aspects of Marquetry. Selection of the backer-board, transfer of the pattern to the backer-board, (both similar to the process Swede described for intarsia) cutting of the veneer with knife or saw so pieces fit snuggly together, gluing individual pieces together to form the whole and then gluing the whole onto the backer-board. Methods for finishing the project were also discussed.

The highlight of the evening was the samples of his work that Will brought along to illustrate his art.

April 23, 2007 Program

We will have an open carve-in with the emphasis on relief carving. So, bring your favorite project and carve with friends. For those who are interested there will be a session on relief carving put on by Charlie Eiler. So come prepared to carve, have fun and ask questions.

May 28, 2007 Meeting to be determined at this meeting due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Did you know?


* Bill Smith, a long time carver, member and executive of various clubs and chairman of Viking Woodcarving Show has Alzheimer’s disease and is on the waiting list for the Minneapolis Veterans Home. Bill & Beth’s address is: 3212 West 88th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431
* George Effrem’s father (Kris) is in Merridian Manor Care Center, Wayzata, after being attack and breaking his hip. The good news is that Kris is walking with a walker and will continue to stay at the Center until he is able to get around by himself.
Keep Bill, Kris and their families in your thoughts.
Best wishes,
Vikings Carvers

Viking Carving Classes

Burnsville Senior Center: Open Carve-in 6:00 – 9:00PM. $2 Donation to defray facility cost.
* Wednesday May 9
If we have a mini-class, there will also be a modest fee for materials and/or instructor.

Lake Area Woodcarver Coordinator, Esther Allen: 651-464-2087
Announced the following classes:
April 20-22, 2007….. Intarsia …. Lonnie Gay & Joe Z
April 28-29, 2007….. Flat Plane Carving …. Becky Lusk
May 4-6, 2007 …. Carve a Gnome …. Cliff Letty

Magnum Opus
Show & Tell items from Mar. 27, 2007

NAME              CARVING                     WOOD/MATERIAL   FINISH                          COMMENTS

Russell Scott        
Civil War Fraternizers          Basswood                            Acrylics & Burnt Linseed Oil
Marv Meyer         Loon                                       Butternut  
Turkey Call                           Osage Orange & 20,000 Year old Mammoth Ivory         
                                                                                                                            All Turkey’s Came Alive with Marv’s Call Demonstration!

Erik Meade           Scholar with Book                 Basswood                           Acrylics& Paste Wax            Harley Refsal Pattern / Class  
Larry Olson           German Made Toy Santa     Pine                                    Acrylic Paint                         Quite Unique!
Bob Pitts                Box in Box                             Butternut                            Poly
Jim Forrey             Conestoga wagon                   Hispanic Carved               Unknown                                Purchased in Mexico
Gene Hedegaard  Image of “Crankshaft”          Dyed Veneers                    Poly
Nancy Dardis       Grazing Deer Woodburning    Maple Bark Slab              Unfinished
John Sailor            Civil War Soldiers                  Basswood                          Water Base Stain & Wax
Harvey Johnson    Hawaiian Orchids                  Ash                                     Water Paint & Clear Sealer
Myrt Brandvold    Crosses                                  Bark Slabs                          Oil                                          Do You See What I See?
Swede Bengtson   Bark Carving                         Cottonwood Bark                                                              “Good Medicine” Indian Bark Carving
                                                                                                                                                                          by Doug Hicks
Purchased at Estate Sale
                                                                                                                                                                         Cleaned up with Bees Wax & Orange Oil

Special Interest

1. Club Classes

Class info: Lake Area Woodcarver Coordinator, Esther Allen …. 651-464-2087 announced the following classes:
April 20-22, 2007….. Intarsia …. Lonnie Gay & Joe Z.
April 28-29, 2007….. Flat Plane Carving …. Becky Lusk
May 4-6, 2007 …. Carve a Gnome with Cliff …. Cliff Letty

2.  Carve-In/Classes at Burnsville Sr. Center:

The second evening reserved is scheduled for Wednesday May 9, 6:00-9:00 PM.  Our intention is to hold this as either an open carve-in and/or a small mini-class for those who might be interested.  To defray cost of the facility, members will be asked to donate $2 for the open carve-in and $5 plus materials for participating in a specific mini class. There will be no business meeting at these sessions.

3. Carving Show Report

The Viking Woodcarver’s 2007 Spring Show Report

The Viking Woodcarver’s spring show was very successful this year. Most of the Viking woodcarvers, who showed, as well as woodcarver spectators, gave me positive remarks about having the spring show one month earlier than previous years.

The show went very well. As usual, I had many members come out to help set up Friday night, and many were there to help break down the tables and clean up on Sunday. I don’t have a full list of people to thank in this report, because there were so many. But I want to thank Gary Fleming who arrived to help set up with the large Viking caricature carvings for display along with the boxes of blue table coverings. Gary also came on Sunday to help break down.

I want to thank those who came out to sit at the club table and talk with the visitors. The list of those to thank for this is: Dennis Schuster, Swede Bengtson, Todd Moucha, Bob Pitts and Tom Isaacson.

The pictures of the show will be sent to Chip Chats shortly, it’s always nice to have good press for the club.

I will start campaigning for applications for the fall show in August. The fall show is October 27-28, 2007, and next year’s spring show is March 1-2, 2008. I hope to see more participants in these upcoming shows.


Carve-Fest 2007
August 11 & 12
Alexander Park / Ice Arena
Faribault, MN
* $15 mini-workshops
* Hourly Demos
* Carving Displays
* Vendors
Registration & Information

Dick Allen, George Effrem, and Jim Abicht displayed numerous products for membership to view and purchase. Displaying their products is a lot of heavy work but so important to our membership. It’s so evident during our coffee break watching all the activity around your displays. We need a couple volunteers to assist carrying their products downstairs to the meeting room. Just show up early!

New Members / Guests

Linda McDonell - New member
(Note signed up at the Har-Mar show)

Marlene Brister - Guest
Bob Olson - Guest