Viking Wood Carvers Newsletter
April 2006

VIKING Woodcarvers 
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vol. 32 No. 4

Russell Scott
Newsletter Editor
1238 Edmund Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

* Don Groen

* Jim Ayers
* Myron Asper

* Lynne Medgaarden

* Leo Mielke

* Jim Ayers
* Myron Asper

* Leonard Kampa

* Russell Scott

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* Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington,
* 4th Monday – April 24 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM

April Presentation: Mask Carver Cynthia Schiller
Cynthia Schiller, who is a longtime mask carver. She started making masks from various materials and
settled into carving the masks. A few years ago she showed her masks and talked about her techniques,
but that was before she traveled to Bali to study the Balinese mask carvers and learn from some of the
carvers. She was impressed how the carvers make very good tools from scrap iron and carve mostly by
holding the masks with their feet and legs. We've had a previous presentation on Balinese mask carving
from Tom Dengler, who also studied in Bali. Cynthia will bring her own talents and unique insights into
this fascinating art. "Mask Carving."
Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting
March 27, 2006
By Lynne Medgaarden
President, Don Groen, was absent so Past President Jim Forrey stepped in to fill the presidential role.
There were 56 members present and four guests, Ron Stepka, a chip carver, Ryan (Barb Gritche's son),
Deanne Overlie, a wood burner, and Jim Sperry from Brooklyn Center.

Treasury/Meeting Minutes: Leo Mielke reported a treasury balance of $3,750. Leo asked members to pay
their dues soon. Dues are $15 per year. Dues can also be mailed to Leo at: Leo Mielke, 10223 Johnson
Circle, Bloomington , MN 55437. Phone number is: 952-831-6907. About half of the members had paid dues
as of the date of the meeting. According to the bylaws of the club, in order to participate in the April
Viking Show at Har Mar participants must be members in good standing. Dues need to be paid by May.

Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s report as printed in the previous newsletter were approved and seconded.

Vice President Report: Jim Ayes reported that the speaker for March cancelled and will be rescheduled.
Substituting for the speaker Jim showed a video of interviews with Viking Club members from 1991 when
Don Johnson was the president. Marv Meyer mentioned that the taping occurred during the 1991 World Series
and he wanted to be first so he could go home and watch the game.

Cynthia Schiller, a mask carver, will be the speaker for April. Her masks are in the tradition of South
America and Bali.

Jim Ayers and John Krantz plan to swap their resource lists for possible future speakers. John is filling
in for the Lakes Area Woodcarvers as the program planner.

Jim once again reminded the club that his time as Vice President is at an end and someone from the club
needs to step forward to take over his role. The vice president is responsible for arranging speakers for
meetings. This involves making phone calls to invite speakers and giving them directions. Jim has a list
of possible speakers and club members are always encouraged to provide names of potential guest speakers.
Speakers are given a small stipend for their presentations.

Show Chair Report: Russell Scott announced that he had received 45 applications for tables and spaces at
the spring show at Har Mar Mall, April 8 and 9, 2006. Members need to be in good standing, dues paid, in
order to participate in the April show. Mail or give your show applications to Russ. Russ asked for
volunteers to help set up, take down and demonstrate carving at the club table during the show. He
reminded show participants to park in the far east lot at Har Mar Mall. Set up for the show is at 4 pm
Friday. The show starts at 10 am Saturday, April 8. Clean up on Sunday after 5 pm.

Someone asked if there would be a knife sharpener at the show. There won't be. A suggestion was made
that we invite a sharpener to the next show in October.

Newsletter Editor: If you aren't paid up with your dues for the year you won't get another newsletter.
Russ announced that he will stop being the newsletter editor at the end of this year.

New Business:
Gen Jansen brought in a carvers supply and giftware catalog for Jennings Decoy which has moved to St. Cloud.

Marv Meyer currently has a display of his wildlife carvings, along with works by Don and Donna Johnson, at
the American Swedish Institute from March 15 – April 15.

Karen Randall mentioned that St. Paul Community Education is looking for a carving instructor for a
community education class. If interested contact Community Education, Community Programs Administration
Office, 1001 Johnson Parkway 55106, 651-793-5455, Fax 651-793-5464.

Len Kampa announced that Rockler’s Woodworking at 12995 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka, MN, 55305 (952) 542-0111,
will hold a Carving Carnival on May 6 and 7.
* Ivan Whillock will demonstrate carving from 9-10 and again from 11-12.
* Marv Kaisersett will demonstrate from 10-11 and again from 12-1.
* Chris and Mark Whillock will teach carving classes limited to 10 students on first-come, first-served
basis. Call to Rockler's to sign up.
* A Stubai tool rep will be available to give advice on how to use and sharpen Stubai tools.
* Rockler’s staff will demonstrate the Tormek sharpening system.
* There will be a truckload sale of basswood and other carving wood all weekend as well as specials on
books, tools, accessories.
* They will collect gently-used tools for Habitat for Humanity and sporting goods for troops overseas.
* There will be a carving contest with great prizes in every category.
* We are invited to bring info about the club to recruit new members. Contact Rockler's for tables and

On May 13 Mark Laub will be at the same Rockler’s store demonstrating furniture carving.

Russell Scott had a Delta band saw for sale, $50 at the March meeting. (It has been sold).

Walt Grittner won Best of Show at the Rochester Wood Carving Show in March. Congratulations.

Dick Allen announced that Erv Christianson, a carver from the Lakes Area Club died 2 weeks ago.

Also, Fran Kartow, died. He carved dragons.

* John Krantz brought wood for sale.
* George Effrem had a new selection of books.
* Bob Spagenberg had some diamond willow walking sticks for sale for $3-$5.
* Bernie Enright had a selection of used carving books for sale.

Program for February

We watched a video of Viking Club members that was filmed in 1991. The video featured:
* Walt Grittner, chip carving
* Marv Meyer, decoying carving and duck calls
* Will Bowen, caricature carving
* John Sailor, European-style carving
* Donna Johnson, wildlife carving
* Jerry Klopp, loon carving and relief carving
* Dick Peters, bird carving
* Ellen Foose, relief carving

If you would like to watch the video contact Jim Ayers.
Upcoming Class:
Beginning Figure Carving with Russ Scott         
Saturday, May 13, 10am - 5pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Class Size: 8
Carving Knife
This is an absolute beginning wood carving class where you will learn how to handle the carving knife
safely and efficiently. You will practice these new carving techniques on a cut out provided by Russ.
Our goal is to carve either an old world Santa or wizard. You will also learn detailing techniques that
will add life to your art. Russ will talk about the use of other carving tools, how to sharpen and handle
them. He will also talk about many options that you can use to continue on other projects that will help
propel you to the wonderful world of wood carving. $85.00 - Materials & Carving Knife Included.
To register call Woodcraft in Blooming at (952) 884-3634
Show Report
Report on Spring Show of Viking Woodcarvers, April 8-9, Har Mar Mall, St. Paul, Minnesota
from Russell Scott, show chairman

Another Viking carving show has come and gone. We had 30 carvers participating with 52 tables and spaces
reserved and 2 new club members for the show. Several club members came on Friday afternoon to help set
up the tables. Thank you. Gary Fleming brought the table covers and Viking mascots for the show. Thanks,

The weather was beautiful outside on both Saturday and Sunday, which made traffic a bit slow inside the
mall. Some carvers reported good sales while others reported no sales at all. Another show, the Home
Living Show, was taking place at the mall at the same time we were there. Some of this group reported to
me that their sales were up because we were there to attract a larger audience for them.

Only two club members showed up to man the club table, Swede Bengtson on Saturday, and Kathy Baldwin on
Sunday. Thank you to both. Many people stopped by to ask questions about classes or clubs. Thanks also to
those who did come out to help set up and clean up. Some of the carvers could have used some help in
loading up their materials on Sunday as well. We need to work on getting more volunteers to help our
fellow club members!

Lynne and I made six large signs, which we displayed on Snelling Avenue and County Road B. We got reports
from customers that they had seen these signs. We should make more for the fall show in October. It would
also be great if someone would volunteer to put up and take down the signs, as Lynne and I need to be at
the show for set up. Also, does anyone have contacts with a sign maker who might give us a good deal on
signs? We made signs for this show but it would be great to have professional signs.

We need to have a club discussion about the future of the Viking Woodcarving Shows. Is Har Mar Mall still
a good location? We are not attracting the audience we need to make the show viable to create interest in
our club, as well as for some of the carvers who are selling. Would it be better for club members if the
show were located closer to Bloomington where the club meets? Should we consider adding carving classes or
carving contests to attract more people? Should the show be only one day – Saturday – as Sunday is always
slow, especially during a Viking game on a Sunday afternoon in October?

How can we improve our marketing for the show? Does anyone have ideas for improving show participation
and attendance? Some of you may have a marketing background. Let’s have a discussion on this.

What do club members want from a woodcarving show in the future? How can we improve the show? Bring your
ideas to the next club meeting in April.
Blue Earth Woodcarving and Quilt Expo 2006
The Blue Earth Woodcarving Show and Quilt Expo will be on August 18, 19 and 20, 2006. The show is a display
and juried show, so get those entries ready. Also don’t forget the ‘Peoples Choice $250.00 Santa Purchase
Award.’ The carving must measure at least 8” including the base. No entry fee required for this category.
All entries can be mailed or carried in. Nationally known caricature carver and CCA member Gerald Sears
and his wife Barb will conduct this year’s seminar. Gerald is one of the best caricature-carving teachers
around. Barb will teach you how to paint your finished piece so you can go home with a very attractive
carving. Seminars will run all day Fri., Sat. and ½ Sunday. They have over 30 rough-outs to choose from.
Gerald added some realistic cowboy busts with a stained finish. Check out their web-site at Contact the Blue Earth Chamber at for more information
and sign up. You are invited to enter the competition, sign up for a display table, take a seminar or just
come and have fun. See you there.
Article submitted by Midge Schmitgen
Moving Sale:
Bernie Enright is moving in May and will not have room to keep his 30 years of collecting wood, tools,
etc… He has to get rid of 95% of his stuff. He has lots of basswood, some butternut, walnut, cedar and
mahogany at bargain prices. Also available: drift wood, tilt top stand up carving bench w/hold down,
3 H. P. Router (hardly used), bench sander, kubbestol (ready to carve), assorted hand tools, 3 lathe
chisels, clamps, piles, box full of duplicator modes ready to put in you duplicator, router table and
cabinet, glued up 1” and 2” thick basswood plaques, one 2”huge plaque, CHIP CHAT magazines and carving
books, base plates, wood plates, elect motors, lots of belts, brass door hinges, knobs, hyd. Door closers.
The moving sale is April 21st and 22nd. Address is 2251 E. Old Shakopee Rd., Bloomington (3 blocks south
of the Mall of America). If you would like to come before the sale anytime after March, call Bernie at
952-854-1266 for an appointment.
Pay Your Dues!!!!
If you have not paid your dues yet, please pay them as soon as possible.  They can be paid at the April
meeting or you can mail them directly to me at the following address
Leo Mielke
10223 Johnson Circle
Bloomington, MN   55437

The annual dues are $15 (make checks payable to Viking Woodcarvers).  If you do not pay your dues by the
end of May you will no longer receive the monthly newsletter.
Norm Busta Crappy Basswood Acrylics
Gen Jansen Twisted Santas Basswood Acrylics/wax
Ray Gritche Alp Horn Santa Basswood Acrylics
Karen Randall Noggins and Bowl Cherry Started from Nov 05 Demonstr.
Walt Grittner Chip Carving Box Basswood Polyurethane People’s Choice Award Rochest.
Charles Eiler Clematis and Vine Basswood Unfinished
Cindy Carter Curious George Basswood Acrylics
Duane Edwards Mechanic Basswood Acrylics
Marv Meyer Canvasback Hunting Decoy White Cedar Oil
Jim Bastyr Walleye Basswood Unfinished Started this carving in 1982
Charles Rathsack Mask from Mexico ? ?
Leonard Kampa Watch Dog Basswood Acrylics Pattern 9/10 1994 Chip Chats
Swede Bengtson Intarsia/Farm Scene Intarsia/Cardinal Mix Mix Unfinished Polyurethane Cedar, Walnut, Pine 125 yr old Barn Siding/Mahog
David Rausch Christmas Ornament Basswood Lacquer Glass Paint
Nancy Dardis Loon Basswood Acrylics
Duane Heng Nativity Relief Carving Basswood Acrylics Mineral spirits and oil
Bob Pitts Shotgun Wedding Basswood Acrylics
Jim Kueppers Cowboy Basswood Acrylics
Russell Scott Four Fantasy Figures Basswood Acrylics From Shaun Cipa Latest Book