The Newsletter of the Minnesota Vikings Wood Carvers Association
Volume 33 Number 3

Minnesota Vikings Wood Carvers
7425 17th Avenue South
Richfield, Minnesota 55423-4624

Meeting Location - Meeting Time –
Knights of Columbus, 4th Monday of the Month
1114 West 79th Street, Meetings start at 7:00 PM
Bloomington, MN 55435

March Meeting: Marquetry - Will Bondhus
April Meeting: Open carve-in details to follow

Presidents Notes

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be with you at the last meeting.  I’d like to thank Neil for taking over in my absence and was pleased to hear that many of you were able to get some tools sharpened at the meeting.  I also thank our members; John Sailor, Dick Allen and Bob Pitts for bringing tools and demonstrating their use.  I apologize for missing naming others who assisted Neil with the program.  So, you know who you are and I thank you.  Thanks to Woodcraft for providing equipment and experience from Dick

In order to bring better value to our members, the club really needs your feedback.  And your response to the recent survey is very important.  So, as a little inducement to those of you who haven’t yet filled out the survey, we have a prize drawing at an upcoming spring meeting.  The prize is a folding handled diamond stone donated to us for this purpose.  There will be survey forms at the Welcome Table for those of you who do not have the January newsletter.  For those of you who have already submitted a survey, I thank you and you’ll also be eligible for the drawing.  Currently, I have less than 20% response and am hopeful for at least 80%.  Anyone submitting a survey can indicate that they have done so by updating the roster information sheets at the welcome table.

It also sounds like you like the new format of the newsletter.  One section that is new and controversial is that of the pattern.  We would like to provide this section in subsequent newsletters, but we’re concerned about copy write issues that may result from using a protected pattern without author approval.  Consequently, I’m asking our members to submit patterns to any of the officers that are:  1. an original design by the member, and 2. approved by the member for publishing in the newsletter.  Bob Pitts provided the original design in the February newsletter.  There will unfortunately be no pattern in the March newsletter, so your assistance is most needed in order to continue this feature.
Neil continues to line up programs for our enlightenment and enjoyment.  In March, Will Bondhus, world renown artist in marquetry and superb carver in his own right, will talk with us and demonstrate examples of his art in marquetry.  Will has been a frequent guest lecturer at London University, so this will be a very interesting event. 

Now, it’s time to get back to carving.  The April program will be an open carve-in, so be prepared to bring your tools and a (small) project to work on.  Sorry, no power carving at this event.  Unlike other carve-ins, we will likely not have member led carving demonstrations; however, stay tuned for further updates.  Also, mark your calendars for the open carve-in’s at the Burnsville Senior Center April 11 and May 9.   See the special interest section for details.
We appreciate any carving related item donations to the club for sale to members.  We’re looking for more carving kits to supplement our dwindling supply.  Please see me or any of the other officers for your ideas and contributions.  We have some donated basswood materials to be used in the assembly of kits.  We thank those of you who have already made donations of your ideas, time and/or materials. Please continue to help where you can.

Good carving to you all,
Dennis ‘Denny’ Schuster

Things to remember: Are there topics you would like to see at our meetings? Pass this information to a board member at the Mar. meeting. Please stop by the greeter’s table and check to make sure your personal information is current if you haven’t and pick up a name tag. Do you have any project/s that you are working on or have questions about? If so, bring it to the Mar. meeting to share with your fellow V.W.C. members? Arrive early so you can view member projects and products for sale.

Calendar of Events

March 26, 2007 Program Preview
Presenter: Will Bondhus
Theme: Marquetry

Dues were due on Feb 1. If you haven't paid, please do so at the March meeting.  If you are unable to be there please send them to Leo Mielke 10223 Johnson Circle Bloomington MN  55437 Phone: 952 831 6907 Make checks payable to "Viking Woodcarvers".

Mar 24-25 Rochester Carving Show -- 4-H Bldg at the Fairgrounds –
April 14     Menomonie, WI Carvers Show Contact 715-235-9039; e-mail or
Apr 13-15  Red River Valley Show/Sale/Classes -- Doublewood Inn -- Fargo, ND
Apr 14-15  Waterloo Show/Sale/Competition --
Apr 21       Central MN Woodcarving Display Show -- Whitney Sr. Center
May 4-6    Winnipeg Woodcarving Workshop – St. John’s College (U of Manitoba) --
Jun 21-24  Davenport IA -- Int’l Woodcarvers Congress --
Jun 28-30  Wahpeton ND -- Carving Weekend -- Seminar -- NDSSC
Jul             Harmony MN -- Minowa Show/Sale -- Slim’s Woodshed
Jul 15-17   Waldorf Workshop – Seminar –North Iowa Woodcarvers Guild – Waldorf College – Forest City, IA
Jul 22-27   Doane Experience – Crete NB Mid-America Woodcarvers -- Doane Collete
Jul 28        Blackduck MN -- Woodcarving Show/Sale – Wayside Park

Carving Classes
April 7, Intarsia by Swede Bengtson -- WoodCraft

Wood Working Events
April 11, Viking Open Carve-in – Burnsville Senior Center
May 9, Viking Open Carve-in – Burnsville Senior Center

Vikings Wood Carvers
Officers & Contributing Members

Dennis Schuster

Vise President /
Program Chair
Neil Gillis

Swede Bengtson

Leo Mielke

Newsletter Editor
Michael Kabes

Coffee Chair
Leonard Kampa

Show Chair
Russell Scott

Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2007……by Swede Bengtson

SPECIAL NOTE: We will continue to have the WELCOME TABLE staffed with current officers as you enter the meeting room. We encourage everyone to stop at the table as they enter the meeting room, sign in and place 25cents in the box. We will continue to purify our membership roster with correct spelling of name, current mailing address, telephone number and if available, email address. Annual membership dues were due on February 1 so if you have not paid, see Treasurer, Leo Mielke. Are you wearing your name tag? Maybe you don’t have one, better see Treasurer, Leo Mielke. Otherwise, look forward to having a sticky one pasted to your outer garments at every meeting. And, don’t forget to purchase various woodcarving items of which proceeds go to the Viking Club. We look forward to seeing you at the welcome table each meeting!

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Neil Gillis. There were 47 members present plus new members, Tom Pressler, and Vic Schauer and visitor Marlene Brister. The Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports were approved and seconded as printed in the January, 2007 newsletter. As of this meeting, there are 123 paid memberships.


Vice President Neil Gillis suggested that members who require mailed newsletters rather than e-mail pay an increased membership fee. Response from the floor was that people who do not have computers and/or expertise of computers should not be penalized. Subject was dropped from discussion.

Balance from last Meeting: $ 3,132.44
Income: $ 771.60
Expenditures: $ 160.96
End Balance: $ 3,743.08

Monthly Program
February 26, 2007 …… by Neil Gillis
Presenter: Various
Theme: Sharpening
Presentation: The theme for February was "tool sharpening". Following is a list of systems demonstrated.
* Woodcraft sent a "Tormek Sharpener" along with demonstrator Dick Simonsen. Thanks to Timothy Roseth, the “Woodcraft Store Manager,” for making Dick and the Tormek available to us.
* Dick Allen from the Lake Area Woodcarvers (of Forest Lake, MN) demonstrated the “Burke Sharpening System”.
* John Sailor from Viking Carvers demonstrated a home made version of the "Dampf Tool Grinder". This tool grinder was made by John Mitchell, another Viking. Plans are available for this. Contact me if you are interested in constructing one of these.
* Bob Pitts, also a Viking Carver, demonstrated "Diamond Hone" sharpening.
* I got involved trying to demonstrate some common, less expensive techniques for sharpening knives and small tools using oil-stones, small diamond hones, sand paper, Aluminum Oxide and sharpening compound on a home made strop-board.
* George Effrem displayed books on sharpening along with various articles usable in a sharpening process.

This program was kind of an experiment. If you have any comments (pro or con) on this program please send them to me via e-mail (

March 26, Program event: Marquetry by Will Bondhus

Willard “Will” Bondhus is a world-renown marquetarian, wood carver, author, editor, teacher and original founder and first president of the Minnesota Woodcarvers Association (MWCA). Will will share his thoughts on carving and marquetry, as well as showing us samples of his art. Please look forward to an enlightening and entertaining evening.

Did you know?


* George Effrem’s father (Kris) is in Merridian Manor Care Center, Wayzata, after being attack by hoodlums and breaking his hip. The good news is that Kris is walking with a walker and will continue to stay at the Center for another month.

Viking Carving Classes
Intarsia by Swede Bengtson Location: WoodCraft Sat. April 7, 9:00 to 5:00. Cost $50.00, plus $15.00 materials fee.
Register at Viking meeting, NOT at WoodCraft.

Burnsville Senior Center: Open Carve-in 6:00 – 9:00PM. $2 Donation to defray facility cost.
* Wednesday April 11
* Wednesday May 9
If we have a mini-class, there will also be a modest fee for materials and/or instructor.

Magnum Opus
Show & Tell items from Feb. 26, 2007

NAME              CARVING                     WOOD/MATERIAL   FINISH

Russ Scott             Student of the Month            Basswood                           Acrylic/Linseed Oil
                               Civil War Soldier Bust          Basswood                           Acrylic/Linseed Oil
Lee Olson             Down a Quart                         Basswood                           Acrylic/MinWax Oil
Bob Pitts               Angel                                       Butternut                            Bartley Gel Varnish
Norm Busta          Jesus                                       Southern White Pine          Linseed Oil/Wax
Jim Kueppers       Duck                                       Basswood                            Acrylics
Don Groen            Clown                                      Basswood                            Acrylic Sealer & Paint
Charles Eiler         Min. Fish                                Basswood                           Wire, Acrylic Paint Wood Putty
Jupe Houman        Mini Mallard                         Butternut                             Acrylic Lacquer
                               Pereot Ear Rings                   Basswood                           Acrylic
Duane Heng          Fish Carving                          Basswood                            Wax
                               Vase                                       Spalted Maple                    Wax
Erik Meade           Hunter & Dog                       Basswood                             Pecan MinWax
Tom Coleman        Angel                                      Pine                                     Acrylic Sealer
Leo Mielke           Bust                                         Basswood                           Water Base Varnish        Marv Kaiserstat
Swede Bengtson    Intarsia, Girl                          Misc. Wood                         Wipe-on Gel Varnish

Special Interest

1. Club Classes
We have made arrangements with Woodcraft to hold our first class (Intarsia by Swede) on Saturday April 7.  The maximum class size is six (6) and Vikings have three (3) guaranteed seats at special pricing.  If the three public seats are NOT filled by the Monday before class, we’ll be able to fill them from our standby list.
* Special Viking Member Price:  $50.00, plus $15 materials fee (This is about half of the public class)
* Viking members sign-up at the Welcome Table. Payment is due at the February meeting.
* We have three (3) guaranteed seats, which we must fill. The class is guaranteed to be held.
* DO NOT sign-up at Woodcraft unless you want to pay their public class price. We’ll handle your registration there.
* 10% discount (except power tools) for student purchases in-store during class day.
* Additional classes can be quickly scheduled for additional members, if necessary.
* Contact Swede or Denny if you have any questions.

2.  Carve-In/Classes at Burnsville Sr. Center:
We have two evenings reserved, Wednesday April 11, and Wednesday May 9, 6:00-9:00 PM.  Our intention is to hold these as open carve-ins and/or offer a small mini-class for those who might be interested.  To defray cost of the facility, members will be asked to donate $2 for the open carve-in and $5 plus materials for participating in a specific mini class. There will be no business meeting at these sessions.

Special Interest (Cont.)

Carve-Fest 2007
August 11 & 12
Alexander Park / Ice Arena
Faribault, MN
* $15 mini-workshops
* Hourly Demos
* Carving Displays
* Vendors
Registration & Information

New Members / Guests

Thomas Pressler– New member
Vic Schauer– New member
Marlene Brister - Guest