Viking Wood Carvers Newsletter
January 2007

Russell Scott
Newsletter Editor
1238 Edmund Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

VIKING Woodcarvers
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vol. 33 No. 1

* Dennis Schuster

* Neil Gillis

* Lynne Medgaarden

* Leo Mielke

* Chad Molberg
* Swede Bengtson

* Leonard Kampa

* Russell Scott

Viking Web Site -
* Meeting Location – Knights of Columbus, 1114 W 79th St., Bloomington
* 4th Monday –
January 22 – Meeting Time – 7:00 PM

January Presentation: Swede Bengtson will be presenting an Intarsia program at our meeting.  Intarsia is the art of using a scroll saw to make picture pieces and a carving knife to give the pieces form.  As many of you have already seen Swede’s wonderful work at ‘Show and Tell’, we’ll now have a chance to see him in action and find out how he does it. If any of you have an Intarsia piece, please bring it to ‘Show and Tell’ so that we can all enjoy them.

February Presentation: ‘Sharpening Carving Tools’. There will be several sharpening stations that will provide demonstrations of various sharpening systems, i.e., techniques and tools. 

President's Notes

I hope that everyone reading this note has had a happy holiday and will enjoy a healthy new year.  I look forward to doing a lot of new carvings and wish each of you success in your carving ventures.  I’d like to thank Clarence Moe (Trees), Norm Busta (Owl), and Bob Pitts (Ornaments) during our November ‘Things Minnesota’ carve-in.  By the sound of it, everyone was having a good time.  Please look forward to more carving programs in future meetings. 

As you know, I’ve gradually introducing new changes into the club in order to make it more interesting to more members.  You’ll continue to see more changes in January.  I think that you’ll like them, but you’ll have to come to the meeting to see what they are.  I look forward to seeing you there and to get your feedback.  Also, to better serve the club, I’m asking each of you to take a couple of minutes to fill out a poll.  If I get it done in time, it’ll be in the newsletter.  If not, it’ll be available at the meeting.  Your input is not only welcome, but is now being actively solicited.  So, thanks in advance for your candor and support. 

One of the newest changes is the addition of two new board members.  I welcome Neil Gillis, VP and Program Chair, and Michael Kabes, Newsletter Editor.  Michael is taking over for Russ Scott who has been doing a yeoman job over the past three years or so.  Russ, who is doing his last (he hopes) newsletter in January, will continue as the Show Chairperson.  Please join me in thanking Russ for his generous service as editor.  Lynne Medgaarden’s position as Secretary is the one remaining board position to be filled after the January meeting.  Thank you Lynne for your generosity in filling this position as you have done so admirably.  Any volunteers to replace Lynne should contact me directly. 

I’m also very pleased to report that Leo Mielke has agreed to continue filling the Treasurer position for the New Year beginning in February and has prepared a balanced budget for the new fiscal year that requires only a little cooperation and assistance from you members.  Leo brings continuity from the prior board. 

Part of our budget plan is the continued sale of carving related items (blanks, tools, etc.) that have been donated to the club for sale to members.  In that regard, I thank those individuals who have helped me with making the kits that have been so successful and also those that have donated other items for sale.  I now ask you members for new ideas, contributions, and assistance is making up additional kits and providing other donations.  Please help where you can.

Meeting Minutes of Viking Woodcarver’s Meeting
November 27, 2006
By Lynne Medgaarden

The meeting was called to order by President Dennis Schuster. There were 52 members present and five visitors: Victor Sauer, Harley Pierson, Jake Schuster, Jim and Marie Biallas. Dennis informed the visitors that there are several carving groups throughout the Twin Cities that meet during the week and provide open carving.

Don Groen returned for the November meeting after a long absence. Welcome back.

Dennis reminded everyone that there would be no meeting in December as was voted on at the October meeting. The next meeting is Monday, January 22.

Russell Scott will send out newsletters in January and will include announcements and applications for the spring Viking Show scheduled for March 10-11 at Har Mar Mall in St. Paul.

Dennis reminded the group that the box that circulates at each meeting is for you to add a quarter if you did not bring in a show and tell item.


* Jim Ayers had some dyes and latex water paints
* Swede Bengtson had a ¾ hp, 80 inches Craftsman band saw for sale
* Russell Scott had some cottonwood bark and instructional carving videos
* Charlie Eilers had some pewter bird feet for $5.00 per pair
* George Effrem had some books and a new Foredom kit. George also announced that his store would host a party for woodcarvers on December 11.
* Nelson-Johnson Carving Supplies can be reached at (612) 644-4567 cell and (612) 529-2978 home. Address is 3910 Bryant Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55412. Call before coming.


Esther Allen announced classes scheduled for the Lakes Area Woodcarvers:
* Becky Lusk will teach a flat plane carving class April 28-29
* Cliff Letty will teach a class on carving mythical figures in the spring.
* Charlie Jahn will teach an Acanthus carving class starting Monday, February 12, 8 weeks, 9 am

Old Business

Lee Olson mentioned that the Metro Woodcarvers had a good turnout for their November classes but would be looking for a new location for next year as there was a conflict in scheduling with the Mary Young Senior Center.

Dennis Schuster is still looking for people to conduct carving classes for the Viking Club.

Art Anderson wants people to teach woodcarving to a group of boy scouts to earn their merit badge on January 20. Call Art at 651-451-0765 if you are interested.

New Business

Neil Gills was placed in nomination for the position of Vice President. Neil has not been a club member for over one year which is a requirement for election to office as stated in the club by-laws. A motion was made, seconded and approved to bypass the one year requirement for Neil. A vote was taken and Neil will now by the club Vice President. Chad Molberg and Swede Bengtson will serve as program committee with Neil.

Michael Kabes was placed in nomination for the position of Newsletter Editor. Michael has not been a club member for over one year which is a requirement for election to office as stated in the club by-laws. A motion was made, seconded and approved to bypass the one year requirement for Michael. A vote was taken and Michael will now by the club Newsletter Editor.

A new secretary is still needed.

Dennis announced that there would be a open-carve in at the Burnsville Senior Center on the 2nd Monday of each month from 7-9 pm. Coffee is served come and join the group.


The club received a letter from Diane Costa, daughter of Irene and Lloyd Volsdal who have been long time members of the club. Her parents have moved into Walker Methodist Health Center and would really appreciate hearing from members. Send a card or letter or old photos if you have them. They miss their carving friends and would really appreciate hearing from you. If you would like to send them a note their address is:

Irene and Lloyd Volsdal
3737 Bryant Avenue So.
Minneapolis, MN 55409


The club had an ornament carve-in in October and a carve-in of Minnesota items in November. If you are enjoying the carve-in please give Dennis some feed-back. Also, give Dennis suggestions for future speakers. Thank you to Bob Pitts, Norm Busta and Clarence Moe for leading the November carve-in with some wonderful instruction and items to carve.

Treasurer’s and Secretary’s Reports

The club had $2,947.36. The treasurer’s and secretary’s reports were approved and seconded as printed in the October newsletter.

Upcoming Carving Shows
March 10-11 Viking Woodcarving Show at Har Mar, St. Paul
March 17-18 Metro Woodcarving Show at Brooklyn Center
March 24-25 Rochester Woodcarving Show
April 14 Menominee, Wisconsin, Woodcarving Show

REMEMBER that the annual dues are due on Feb 1 so the January meeting would be a good time to pay them.  They are $15.  A check would be the best way to pay but cash is always accepted.  If you are unable to attend the meeting you could send them to me by mail:
Leo Mielke
10223 Johnson Circle
Bloomington, MN   55437
952 831 6907
Thanks to those members who have already paid.

NAME                    CARVING                               WOOD                FINISH               COMMENTS

Mel Michalik         Cane                                          Diam Willow       Polyurethane
Myrt Brandvold     Two Crosses                                                          General Fini
Lew Forsmark        Turkey                                      Basswood            Acrylics               Burned Feathers
Norm Busta            Mini Owls                                
Bass-Butter         Orange Oil          For November Activity
                                Mini Pintail                               Basswood                                         In Progress
Len Kampa            Two Sets Flat Plane Nativity    Bass-Butter         Lt Bwn Wax
Duane Edwards     Golf Ball                                    Acrylics
Jim Keupper           Santa                                         Basswood             Acrylic
Jupe Houman         Santa on Skies and Snowshoe 
                                Cane                                           Diam Willow
John Sailor              Kellermeister                            Basswood             Water Stain
Bob Hotvet             Angel                                          Basswood              Linseed Oil
Bob Pitts                 Cross                                          Butternut
Frank Kemp           Shirley Temple Doll                   Basswood
Jim Forrey              Two Turkeys                              Basswood                                          One in Tramp Art
Erik Mead              Carving Knife                                                           Minwax Golden Oak and Carnauba Wax
Swede Bengtson     Intarsia – Nativity Scene          Various

Bark Carving Class by Tony Erickson

Bark carving expert Tony Erickson will teach his fabulous art. He will provide a piece of cottonwood bark to practice on.
Date: Sunday May 20th 2007
Place: Ivan Whillock Studio, 122 NE First Av., Faribault, MN 55021 (507) 334-8306 - (800) 882-9379
Cost: $75 Full day, $45 Half day
Contact: or the Whillock studio