Zoesch Family History

Three of the most prominent citizens to live in Butternut and Park Falls were the Zoesch brothers. Born in the little town of Crimmitschau, Germany, they were the sons of the successful Karl F. Zoesch. Because of the death of their father, Karl, only their mother, Henreitta (along with their own children), came along. It was believed that the purpose for the Zoesch brothers to leave Germany in 1884 was account of persecution due to their wealth status. Wisconsin provided the opportunity to continue their businesses freely.

Records were not available to show if Karl F. Zoesch was born in Crimmitschau. One of the results of the Nepolionic War in the early 1800's was the destruction of vital records. However, all Zoesch records found (some dating back to the late 1500s) show that the entire clan stayed in other towns within a 75-mile radius of Crimmitschau. Zwickau, for example, is located approximately 15 miles south of Crimmitschau and includes many of these records.

Karl Frederick Zoesch, better know in town as 'Fritz', came to the U.S. with five children of his own. He started out by owning and operating a farm, but later opened a mercantile store on Main and Michigan in Butternut in 1910. To spend more time at his business, Fritz rented out his farmland. The store stands today with his name carved on the front, along with "1910", the year he opened. Some of his children's stories are:
Clara Zoesch married Arthur Besse, the son of Henry Besse, Butternut's first town treasurer.
Paul Zoesch farmed on a large piece of land just northeast of Butternut. Paul's oldest son, Fredrick, is the oldest living Zoesch living in America upon this writing of 1998.
Otto Emil Frederick Zoesch owned a meat store on Main Street in Butternut. Otto's son, Frederick, was killed at the meat store in 1942. A side of beef fell on him and he hit his head on the concrete floor.

Gustav Bernhard Zoesch came to Butternut with his with his wife Emilie, and two sons, Bernhard Jr. and Charles. Both were born in Crimmitschau, Germany. Gustav farmed a piece of land northwest of Park Falls. Later he settled in Park Falls in 1893 and opened a hotel called 'The Zoesch House' on Second Avenue. In 1901 he built a mercantile store that became the first brick building in Park Falls. A Saloon in Park Falls also belonged to Gustav. Civic duties were also in Gustav's blood. He was elected Town of Lake Supervisor in 1894, Town of Lake Chairman in 1897. He was also one of the first Trustees of the City Council of Park Falls in 1901. However his time in Butternut then ended with a move to Oregon where he and Emilie tried their hands in fruit farming in 1905. This didn't prove profitable so he abandoned that venture and moved back to Germany. Some say that Emilie got home sick and decided to go for a long visit. Others say that they abandoned their daughter-in-law who became widowed, in 1903, with four children. World War broke out. Gustav and Emilie were stuck in Germany during the duration, which took their money. They entered into poverty. After the war, they came back to Butternut and stayed with his brother Fritz, and spent the last of his year there. His two son's stories are:
Bernhard Zoesch worked with his father in the mercantile store as well as his saloon. He then went to work for the "Park Falls Lumber and Paper Co." He met his untimely death in 1903 by a steam boiler accident. The Park Falls Herald details the gruesome event. Bernhard left his wife, Clara Danckwardt, and three young children with the fourth child on the way.
Charles Zoesch, like his father, also went into public service. He was elected treasurer of Park Falls from 1902 to 1905, and Town of Lake Supervisor 1907-1910. He was also a part of the Volunteer Fire Department in 1913. Charles bought the "Bunyan Soup Works" building in Park Falls for $2,000 and converted it into "Charlie's Soft Drink Parlor" in 1927. It was later changed to "Charlie's Tavern" after the end Prohibition in 1933. After the passing of Charlie's first wife, Anna, he married Ella Wirsing Ledger in 1936 and moved into the apartment above the tavern. After Charles' death in 1947, Ella continued to own and operate the tavern until her death in 1990.

To see Gustav Bernhard Zoesch buildings, ( Click here.)

Herman Otto Zoesch came to Butternut after a brief stay in Connecticut. He farmstead a piece of land one mile east of Butternut Lake. Herman also opened a couple of shops in Butternut. He started a general store on Main Street called "Herman Zoesch and Sons". Charles and Arthur were the "Sons" that worked the store. Upon this writing (1998) that store is now owned and operated by Herman's grandson-in-law George Wegner Jr. Herman also owned and operated the feed mill, also located on Main Street. Herman died of an early age and the stores were taken over by his sons. Some of his children's stories are:
Arthur Zoesch also opened the "Zoesch and Newell Lumber Company", and also started a silver fox ranch. Both businesses did not become profitable.
John Zoesch got an education in pharmacy and wanted his own place to own and practice, but had to settle as an assistant. With John's discontentment, along with his wife's dissatisfaction with Butternut, they moved to Missouri where John could open his own pharmacy.

{First Generation}

1.	Michael Zoesch born 25-Feb-1748, Schweinsburg, Neukirchen, Germany, died 4-Jan-1835, 

		i	Christian Gottlieb Zoesch born 7-Dec-1775, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany.
		ii	Johann Gottfried Zoesch born 13-Jun-1779, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany.
	2.	iii	Christian Gottfried born 22-Jan-1781.
	3.	iv	Carl Friedrich born 17-Dec-1798.

{Second Generation}

	2.	Christian Gottfried Zoesch born 22-Jan-1781, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany, 
		married Johanna Sophia.  
		Christian died 26-Feb-1839, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany.

	4.	i	Johann August born 30-Apr-1822.

3.	Carl Friedrich Zoesch born 17-Dec-1798, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany.
	5.	i	Karl Ferdinand born 2-Jun-1820.

{Third Generation}

4.	Johann August Zoesch born 30-Apr-1822, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany, married 
	Johanna Caroline. Johann died 14-Oct-1878, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany.

	 	i	Christine Friedericke Zoesch born 19-Jan-1848, Neukirchen, Saxony, 
	6.	ii	Christian Friedrich born 21-Nov-1856.

5.	Karl Ferdinand Zoesch born 2-Jun-1820, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany, married Henreitta 
	Klotz, born 2-Jun-1828, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany, (daughter of Gottleib Klotz and 
	Freiderike Wolf) died 25-Jul-1910, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 28-Jul-1910, 
	Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wis.  Karl died 1847, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany.

	7.	i	Karl Friedrich A (Fritz) born 10-Nov-1847.
	8.	ii	Gustav Bernhard born 22-Jul-1849.
	9.	iii	Herman Otto born 20-Dec-1858.

{Fourth Generation}

6.	Christian Friedrich Zoesch born 21-Nov-1856, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany, occupation 
	Bricklayer, married 15-Jul-1888, in Langenreinsdorf, Germany, Marie Auguste Ertel, 
	born Thossfell, Germany.

	10.	i	Carl Paul born 9-Oct-1895.
	 	ii	Anna Elsa Zoesch.

7.	Karl Friedrich A (Fritz) Zoesch born 10-Nov-1847, Crimmitschau, Sachsen, Germany, 
	occupation Hotel Keeper, Landlord, married (1) 11-Apr-1867, in Germany, 
	Anna Pauline Hager, born 3-Dec-1850, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany, (daughter 
	of Henry Hager) died 2-Apr-1917, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 4-Apr-1917, 
	Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin, married (2) 26-Oct-1921, in Butternut, 
	Ashland, Wisconsin, Katherine Ehrlinger, born 1883, Austria, (daughter of Anton
	Ehrlinger and Elizabeth Heiler) occupation Housekeeper.  Karl died 19-Apr-1926, 
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 22-Apr-1926, Union Cemetery, Butternut, 
	Wisconsin.  Elise, Willie, and Anna died as children in Butternut, Wisconsin. Six
	children died in Germany. This would be fifteen children born to "Fritz" Zoesch.

				Children by Anna Pauline Hager:
	11.	i	Clara Anne born 17-Sep-1869.
	12.	ii	Antonia Pauline born 25-Dec-1870.
	13.	iii	Paul Fredrick born 6-Jan-1872.
	 	iv	Carl Ferdinand Zoesch born 1873, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany.
	 	v	Bertha Marie Zoesch born 1874, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany, 
			died Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany.
	 	vi	Max Otto Zoesch born 1876, Crimmitschau, Saxony,Germany, died 
			Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany.
	 	vii	Carl Otto Zoesch born 1877, Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany, died 
			Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany.
	14.	viii	Frieda Wilhemine Emma born 18-Jun-1878.
	15.	ix	Ida Franziska born 31-Mar-1883.
	 	x	Elsa Camilla Zoesch born 22-Sep-1885, Butternut, Ashland, 
			Wisconsin, 4-Jul-1886, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, died 
			12-Nov-1892, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union Cemetery, 
			Butternut, Wisconsin.
	16.	xi	Otto Emil Friedrich born 4-May-1888.
	 	xii	Willie H. Zoesch born 11-Sep-1890, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  
			12-Oct-1890, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, died 18-Jun-1891, 
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 20-Jun-1891, Union Cemetery, 
			Butternut, Wisconsin.
	 	xiii	Anna M. Zoesch born 11-Mar-1892, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, 
			died 17-May-1892, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union 
			Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.

8.	Gustav Bernhard Zoesch born 22-Jul-1849, Crimmitschau,
	Sachsen, Germany, occupation Owned a tavern, married Emilie
	Mueller, born 21-Feb-1850, Nurenberg, Germany, died 24-Sep-1929,
	Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: 27-Sep-1929, Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  Gustav died 26-Feb-1930,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 28-Feb-1930, Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  Bernhard, a colorful character
	of Park Falls early history, came to Park Falls in 1893, but
	previous to that had been a farmer northwest of Butternut.
	Moving to town, he built a boarding house, named The Zoesch
	House, which was later known as The Eagle Hotel, across form The
	Herald office. Bernhard served as one of Park Falls village
	trustees from 1901 to 1903. Bernhard ran The Zoesch House for
	about 12 years, with his son Charles, until he sold out to Jake
	Wardensky who later sold to John Esterl. In the Emilie: Emilie's
	name was recorded as Emelia Miller according to the death records.

	17.	i	Bernhard Carl born 13-May-1873.
	18.	ii	Charles August born 12-Jun-1875.

9.	Herman Otto Zoesch born 20-Dec-1858, Crimmitschau, Sachsen, Germany, 
	occupation Post Master of Butternut, married 20-Jul-1882, in Crimmitschau, 
	Sachsen, Germany, Emilie Pauline Rother, born 2-Jun-1861, Crimmitschau, Sachsen, 
	Germany, (daughter of Carl Rother and Auguste Bamler) died 21-Feb-1945, Park 
	Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: 25-Feb-1945, Nola Cemetary, Park Falls, Wisconsin.  
	Herman died 14-Nov-1907, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 17-Nov-1907, Nola
	Cemetary, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

	19.	i	Charles Herman born 26-Jul-1883.
	20.	ii	Arthur Gustav born 25-Apr-1886.
	21.	iii	John Ferdinand born 24-Oct-1887.
	22.	iv	Martha Pauline Louise born 21-Oct-1890.
	23.	v	Emil August born 29-Nov-1891.
	24.	vi	Amanda Johanna Antonie born 17-Mar-1896.

{Fifth Generation}

10.	Carl Paul Zoesch born 9-Oct-1895, Neukirchen, Saxony, Germany, occupation Locksmith.

		i	Walter Paul Zoesch born 7-Aug-1920, Rudelswalde, Germany, died 
			Germany WWII.
		ii	Gerhardt Griedrich born 26-Jul-1937.

11.	Clara Anne Zoesch born 17-Sep-1869, Crimmitschau, Sachsen,
	Germany, occupation Land lady, married 19-Oct-1891, in
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Arthur David Gustav Besse, born
	4-Dec-1866, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (son of Henry Besse and
	Johanna Scheffler) occupation Propr. Butternut House, died
	17-Mar-1892, buried: San Antonio, Texas.  Clara died 1-Jul-1957,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 4-Jul-1957, Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.

		i	Arthur Gustav David born 19-Jul-1892.

12.	Antonia Pauline Zoesch born 25-Dec-1870, Crimmitshau,
	Saxony, Germany, married 12-May-1889, in Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, Ferdinand William Abraham, born 29-Jun-1861,
	Friedrichshorst, Posen, Prussia, (son of Carl Abraham and
	Wilhemina Gramenz) died 13-Oct-1948, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, buried: 16-Oct-1948, Nola Cemetery, Park Falls,
	Wisconsin.  Antonia died 3-Jan-1954, buried: 6-Jan-1954,
	Butternut Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wis.

		i	William born 7-Aug-1902.

13.	Paul Fredrick Zoesch born 6-Jan-1872, Crimmitshau, Sachsen,
	Germany, occupation Logger-1900, Farmer-1910, married (1)
	3-Dec-1894, in Ashland, Ashland, Wisconsin, Alvina Rosalia
	Yankee, born 29-Jun-1870, Lynn, Clark, Wisconsin, (daughter of
	August Carl Yankee and Johanna Augustana Wilhelmina Sternitzke)
	died 14-Dec-1910, Agenda, Wisconsin, buried: 18-Dec-1910, Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin, married (2) 21-Oct-1912, in
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Emma Christine Goebel, born
	3-Jun-1881, Neidersheld Hessen-Nassau, Germany, (daughter of
	Richard Goebel and Christine Maage) died 2-Dec-1962, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 5-Dec-1962, Union Cemetery,
	Butternut, Wisconsin.  Paul died 13-Nov-1959, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 16-Nov-1959, Union Cemetery,
	Butternut, Wisconsin.  Paul worked as a hotel clerk in 1896. He
	was a logger in 1900 and a farmer in 1910 according to the
	census records.

				Children by Alvina Rosalia Yankee:
		i	Nora Elsa Henriette born 20-Apr-1897.
		ii	Beulah Anna Viola born 13-May-1900.
		iii	Paulina Wilhelmine Fredericke born 3-Aug-1902.
		iv	Fredrick Emil August born 24-Jun-1904.
		v	Arvella Antonia Anna Zoesch born 22-Dec-1906, Agenda,
			Ashland, Wisconsin,  17-Feb-1907, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
			married 12-Dec-1939, in Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Fred
			Losby, born 16-Nov-1906, (son of Carl Norman Losby and
			Margaret). Fred and Arvella lived in Lake McDermot, Wisconsin.
			They had no children. They ran Losby's White Birch Resort.
		vi	Meta Emma born 6-Jun-1909.

				Children by Emma Christine Goebel:
		vii	Enith Clara Caroline born 30-Aug-1913.

14.	Frieda Wilhemine Emma Zoesch born 18-Jun-1878, Crimmitshau,
	Sachen, Germany, married 14-Sep-1899, in Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, Emil Carl Yankee, born 19-Nov-1876, Lynn, Clark,
	Wisconsin, (son of August Carl Yankee and Johanna Augustana
	Wilhelmina Sternitzke) occupation Merchant/Bookkeeper, died
	15-Oct-1970, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, buried: Forest Home
	Cemetery, Rhinelander, Wisco.  Frieda died 17-Mar-1968,
	Rhinelander, Oneida, Wisconsin, buried: Forest Home Cemetery,
	Rhinelander, Wisco.

		i	Florella Zella Lucinda born 22-Aug-1900.
		ii	Earl Arthur born 26-Sep-1901.
		iii	Zella Cordelia Thelma born 19-Dec-1902.
		iv	Walter Harry Otto born 25-Jan-1905.
		v	Elsie Matilda Marie born 30-Dec-1906.
		vi	Beulah Yankee born Stillborn.
		vii	Evelyn Martha Wilhelmina born 17-Jun-1909.

15.	Ida Franziska Zoesch born 31-Mar-1883, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin,  23-Sep-1883, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	occupation Waiter, married 17-Sep-1905, in Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, Charlie Walter Vashaw, born 28-Mar-1883, Detroit,
	Michagan, (son of John Vashaw and Mathilda) occupation
	Proprietor, Butternut Sal, died 4-Mar-1941, buried: 7-Mar-1941,
	Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.  Ida died 17-Jul-1957,
	buried: Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

		i	Vernon Valentine born 28-Jan-1907.
		ii	Vera Ann M. born 9-Mar-1909.

16.	Otto Emil Friedrich Zoesch born 4-May-1888, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin,  26-Aug-1888, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	occupation Merchant w/Paul F. Zoesch, married 9-Nov-1911, in
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Marguerrite L. Fredrichs, born
	30-Aug-1887, Appleton, Wisconsin, died 1970, buried: Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  Otto died 11-May-1940,
	Marshfield, Wisconsin, buried: 15-May-1940, Nola Cemetery, Park
	Falls, Wisconsin.

		i	Otto Frederic born 28-Aug-1912.
		ii	Anna May born 8-Aug-1919.
		iii	Katherine M. born 8-Aug-1923.
		iv	Otto Carl born 11-Apr-1930.

17.	Bernhard Carl Zoesch born 13-May-1873, Crimmitshau, Sachen,
	Germany, occupation managed dry good store, married 20-Oct-1897,
	in Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Clara Maria Henrike
	Danckwardt, born 19-Nov-1879, Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan,
	Wisconsin, (daughter of Johannnes Danckwardt and Carolina
	Mahloch) died 16-Sep-1959, Fresno, Fresno, California, buried:
	19-Sep-1959, Sanger Cemetery, Fresno, California.  Bernhard died
	26-Oct-1903, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  Bernhard Carl Zoesch came to
	Park Falls as a young boy with his parents. He and his father
	mamaged a drey goods store, The New Brick Store, which latter
	became part of the old Rabenowich store across from the Paper
	Mill. Bernhard was accidently scalede to death while cleaning
	the boilers at the Paper Mill. His tragic death left his wife
	and four small children, the youngest would be born two months
	after his death. Ref: The Park Falls Herald  6/21/1901,

		i	Herman Emil Johann born 19-Mar-1898.
	  	ii	Freida Emilie (Mildred) Zoesch born 21-Oct-1899,
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, married (1) divorced, Iver
			Everson, married (2) Phil Steinhower.  Freida buried: Sanger,
			California.  It is believed that Emilie never had any children.
			However, she cared for, and helped raise Walter Zoesch's two
			younger sons after Walter's wife died at child birth.
		iii	Walter Gustav August born 6-Jan-1902.
		iv	Arnold Bernhard born 6-Jan-1904.

18.	Charles August Zoesch born 12-Jun-1875, Crimmitschau,
	Saxony, Germany, occupation Farmer/Tavernkeeper, married (1)
	28-Apr-1898, in Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, Anna Fredrica
	Schultz, born 28-Dec-1874, Germany, (daughter of Fritz Schultz
	and Friederikie Stenene) occupation House wife, died
	25-Sep-1935, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: 28-Sep-1935,
	Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin, married (2) 2-Jun-1936, in
	Bessemer, Michigan, Ella (Wirsing) Ledger, born 18-Feb-1898,
	Wisconsin, (daughter of Ferdinand Wirsing and Agatha Miller)
	occupation Tavern Owner, died 4-Dec-1990, Park Falls, Price,
	Wisconsin, buried: Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin. 
	Charles died 6-Jan-1946, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried:
	9-Jan-1946, Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.  Charles was a
	resident of Park Falls for more than 61 years. He came to the
	United States as a young boy accompanied by his parents. His
	ocupations had been scaler, farmer, hotel and tavern operator.
	In 1927, Charles paid $2000 for a tavern on the corner of
	Highway 182 and 2nd Ave. in Park Falls. Ella: Charles and Ella
	lived in the apartment above the tavern. After her husband's
	death, Ella continue to opperate the tavern. On 5/31/1986, Ella
	celebrated 50 years of service. Ella was killed by the hands of
	a young woman in her tavern. Her death records indicate her
	maiden name is Wirsing.

				Children by Anna Fredrica Schultz:
		i	Elsie Zoesch born 13-May-1899, Butternut, Ashland,
			Wisconsin, occupation House Wife, married 38-Aug-1933, in
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, George Ulrich, occupation Eng in
			Logging Co./Tavern, died Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried:
			Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.  Elsie died 27-Apr-1980,
			Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: Nola Cemetery, Park Falls,
		ii	Arthur August born 26-Jun-1900.
		iii	Martha Ida born 15-Mar-1902.
		iv	Bernhard Charles Zoesch born 28-Oct-1903, Park Falls, Price, 
			Wisconsin, married Agnes, born 9-May-1907, Wisconsin,died 
			Oct-1985, Wisconsin. Bernhard died Sep-1981, Wisconsin.
		v	Dora Zoesch born 24-Aug-1905, Park Falls, Wisconsin, died 3-Jan-1906, 
			Park Falls, Wisconsin, buried: Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.
		vi	Laura Louise born 29-Jan-1908.
		vii	Baby Girl Zoesch born 9-Mar-1910, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, died 
			9-Mar-1910, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: Stillborn.
		viii	Irene O. Zoesch born 27-Oct-1912, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, 
			married 26-Jan-1942, in Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, Joseph 
			Schweiger, born 1894, Wisconsin.
		ix	Arnold Fredrick Zoesch born 31-Oct-1916, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, 
			died 10-Jan-1919, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: 14-Jan-1919, 
			Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

19.	Charles Herman Zoesch born 26-Jul-1883, Rookville,
	Connecticut,  7-Dec-1890, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	occupation Merchant, General Store, married 12-Jun-1907, in
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Rose Therese Klein, born
	7-Jan-1887, Chicago, Illinois, (daughter of Nicolas Klein and
	Mary Martin) died 24-May-1981, Rhinelander, Oneida, Wisconsin,
	buried: Nola Cemetary, Park Falls, Wisconsin.  Charles died
	5-Apr-1978, Rhinelander, Oneida, Wisconsin, buried: 8-Apr-1978,
	Nola Cemetary, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

		i	Delbert Herman born 24-Sep-1908.
		ii	Ruth H. born 2-Nov-1910.

20.	Arthur Gustav Zoesch born 25-Apr-1886, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin,  7-Dec-1890, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	occupation Merchant, General Store, married 15-Jun-1915, in
	Ashland, Butternut, Wisconsin, Elise Kirsten, born Jan 31, died
	Oct-1959.  Arthur died 14-Nov-1933, Park Falls, Price,
	Wisconsin, buried: 17-Nov-1933, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Arthur
	was wounded in WWII in the Battle of the Bulge.

		i	Emilie Fredricke Zoesch born 1-Oct-1916, Butternut,
			Ashland, Wisconsin, married 26-Dec-1937, Raymond Donald
			Chisholm, born 25-Mar-1913, Catabuba, Wisconsin.  Emilie died
			15-Dec-1993, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union
			Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.
		ii	William Arthur born 3-Nov-1922.

21.	John Ferdinand Zoesch born 24-Oct-1887, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin,  7-Dec-1890, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	occupation Drugest, Drug Store, married 1908, in Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, Rue Belle Hill, born 18-Jun-1886, Jamesport,
	Missouri, died 15-Feb-1948.  John died 3-Jul-1955, Kansas City,
	Missouri, buried: Jamesport, Missouri.

		i	Evelyn Margaret Zoesch born 16-Jan-1910, Ashland,
			Butternut, Wisconsin, occupation Housewife, married 18-Sep-1937,
			Glenn Iddings, occupation Insurance Appriser, buried: Dec-1972,
			Kansas City, Missouri.  Evelyn died 12-Aug-1991, Bakersfield,
			California.  Glenn and Evelyn had no children.
		ii	John Richard born 12-Jun-1911.
		iii	Robert D. H. born 20-Nov-1916.
		iv	William Zoesch born 1921, died 1921.

22.	Martha Pauline Louise Zoesch born 21-Oct-1890, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin,  7-Dec-1890, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	married 7-Jun-1916, in Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Thomas
	Francis O'Connell, born 1889, (son of Michael C. O'Connell and
	Mary Syth) occupation School Principal, died 1944, Park Falls,
	Price, Wisconsin, buried: Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin. 
	Martha died 11-Mar-1976, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried:
	Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

	i	Thomas Charles O'Connell born 7-Mar-1917, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  1-Apr-1917, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin.
	ii	James R. O'Connell born 14-Feb-1921, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin.

23.	Emil August Zoesch born 29-Nov-1891, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin,  3-Jan-1892, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,occupation Pharmacist, 
	married 21-Jul-1914, in Prentice, Price,
	Wisconsin, Emma Christina Nelson, born 14-Feb-1892, Prentice,
	Price, Wisconsin, (daughter of Nels Nelson and Mary) died
	20-Jun-1979, Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, buried:
	23-Jun-1979, Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Emil died
	Apr-1980, Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, buried: Wildwood
	Cemetery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

		i	Florence May born 11-May-1916.
		ii	Emil Albert born 23-Feb-1920.
		iii	Margorie Rose born 3-Dec-1925

24.	Amanda Johanna Antonie Zoesch born 17-Mar-1896, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin,  19-Apr-1896, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	married 27-Aug-1923, in Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Chris F.
	Gerlach, born 1889, Wisconsin, (son of George Gerlach and
	Matilda) occupation Buttermaker, died 1960, Park Falls, Price,
	Wisconsin, buried: Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.  Amanda
	died 30-Jul-1990, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: Nola
	Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

		i	Carl Fredrick Gerlach born 4-Oct-1925, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, 
			8-Nov-1925, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin.
		ii	John Chris Gerlach born 8-Nov-1930, Butternut, Ashland,
			Wisconsin, married 3-Sep-1960, in Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin,
			Patricia Ann (Isham) Haller, born 28-Apr-1932, Eau Claire, Eau
			Claire, Wisconsin, (daughter of Albert Isham and Mary Suski)
			occupation Nurses Aide.