Sergeant Henry Gropp, Company H

Henry F. Gropp was born on 26 Sep 1834 in Wernigerode, Saxony, Prussia and was the son of Heinrich Gropp and Friederike Rhein. He had two older sisters, Whilemina and Augusta. After serving his mandatory three years in the Prussian Army, he immigrated to the US.

He arrived in New York on 4 April 1858 and went to Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin, with his cousin, William Gropp. After his Civil War Service with the 26th Wisc. Inf. Co. H, Henry married Christina Hein (31 Jan 1848 - 5 Nov 1889) who was a daughter of Jacob Hein and Clara Luetzen. Henry lived in Calumet Co. until about 1877, then moved to Wood County and staid there until about 1900. Park Falls in Price Co. was his final home, and lived there until his death on 26 Dec 1921.

His Children were: August Wilhelm, 22 Apr 1866; Jacob, 17 Dec 1867; Anna, 18 Oct 1869; William Peter, 11 Dec 1871; Mary, 20 Aug 1873; Henry M., 20 Apr 1875; Matthew Valentine, 14 Feb 1878, John Bernard, 21 Mar 1881; Charles Clinton, 21 Apr 1883; Joseph, 20 Mar 1885; Clara Christina, 7 Jun 1887. All children lived to adulthood.

Here in this 1915 picture, Henry, standing second from the left, is on hand to help out with the family threshing crew. Sons Joe, Matthew, and John (1,2,3 respectfully) along with neighbors and friends, pose for a break before finishing the job.

Information by: Cindy Curry

Picture from 100 Years on the Flambeau, History of Park Falls, Wisconsin