Danckwardt Family History

{First Generation}

1.	Peter Danckwardt.

	2.	i	Peter H. born 15-Jul-1805.

{Second Generation}

2.	Peter H. Danckwardt born 15-Jul-1805, Mecklenberg, Germany,
	occupation Farmer, married Anna Maire Elizabeth Kusse, born
	15-Aug-1811, Hofitoffanue, Germany, (daughter of John Victor
	Heinrick Kusse) died 9-Apr-1896, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	buried: 11-Apr-1896, Union Cemetary, Butternut, Wisconsin. 
	Peter died 5-Mar-1880, of double pneumonia, buried: St. Lucas
	Cemetary- Sheboygan Falls Wis.  Peter came to the US on July 24
	1864, and became a citizen on Oct 19 1870.

	3.	i	Johannnes born 18-May-1854.
	4.	ii	Anna.

{Third Generation}

3.	Johannnes Danckwardt born 18-May-1854, Mecklienberg, Germany,
	occupation Farmer, married 2-Mar-1879, in Sheboygan Falls,
	Wisconsin, Carolina Mahloch, born 7-Nov-1861, Town Rhine,
	Sheboygan, Wisconsin, (daughter of Carl Mahloch and Anna Maria
	Schenk) occupation Housewife, died 12-Mar-1947, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 16-Mar-1947, Union Cemetery,
	Butternut, Wisconsin.  Johannnes died 30-Jul-1922, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 2-Aug-1922, Union Cemetery,
	Butternut, Wisconsin.

	5.	i	Clara Maria Henrike born 19-Nov-1879.
	6.	ii	Emma Johanna born 21-Nov-1882.
		iii	Otto Herman Gustav Danckwardt born 24-Oct-1886,
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  25-Dec-1886, Butternut, Ashland,
			Wisconsin, died 25-Feb-1893, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
			buried: 26-Feb-1893, Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.
	7.	iv	George Reinhardt Johann born 7-Nov-1888.
		v	Herman Carl Friedrich Danckwardt born 19-Sep-1891,
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  8-Nov-1891, Butternut, Ashland,
			Wisconsin, died 19-Mar-1893, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
			buried: 20-Mar-1893, Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.
	8.	vi	Wilhelm Herman Gustav born 31-May-1893.
		vii	John Danckwardt born 17-Dec-1897, Butternut, Ashland,
			Wisconsin,  17-Dec-1897, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, died
			27-Dec-1897, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union
			Cemetary, Butternut, Wisconsin.
		viii	Gottfred Danckwardt born 17-Dec-1897, Butternut,
			Ashland, Wisconsin,  17-Dec-1897, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
			died 20-Dec-1897, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union
			Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.

4.	Anna Danckwardt married John Schroeder.

	  	9.	i	Augueta.

{Fourth Generation}

5.	Clara Maria Henrike Danckwardt born 19-Nov-1879, Sheboygan
	Falls, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, married 20-Oct-1897, in Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, Bernhard Carl Zoesch, born 13-May-1873,
	Crimmitshau, Sachen, Germany, (son of Gustav Bernhard Zoesch and
	Emilie Mueller) occupation managed dry good store, died
	26-Oct-1903, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, buried: Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  Clara died 16-Sep-1959, Fresno,
	Fresno, California, buried: 19-Sep-1959, Sanger Cemetery,
	Fresno, California.  Bernhard: Bernhard Carl Zoesch came to Park
	Falls as a young boy with his parents. He and his father mamaged
	a drey goods store, The New Brick Store, which latter became
	part of the old Rabenowich store across from the Paper Mill.
	Bernhard was accidently scalede to death while cleaning the
	boilers at the Paper Mill. His tragic death left his wife and
	four small children, the youngest would be born two months after
	his death. Ref: The Park Falls Herald  6/21/1901, 10/30/1903

	10.	i	Herman Emil Johann born 19-Mar-1898.
		ii	Freida Emilie (Mildred) Zoesch born 21-Oct-1899,
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, married (1) divorced, Iver
			Everson, married (2) Phil Steinhower.  Freida buried: Sanger,
			California.  It is believed that Emilie never had any children.
			However, she cared for, and helped raise Walter Zoesch's two
			younger sons after Walter's wife died at child birth.
	11.	iii	Walter Gustav August born 6-Jan-1902.
	12.	iv	Arnold Bernhard born 6-Jan-1904.

6.	Emma Johanna Danckwardt born 21-Nov-1882, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin,  24-Apr-1883, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	married 12-Nov-1898, in Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Oliver
	Louis Achille Bert, born 22-May-1874, St. Anicet, Huntingdon,
	Quebec, Canada, (son of Thomas Bert and Mary Louise Bonneville)
	occupation Carpenter, died 14-Sep-1956, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin.  Emma died 23-Jun-1963, Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin.

	13.	i	Edward Joseph born 20-Sep-1899.
	14.	ii	Lucille Mary born 26-Sep-1901.
	15.	iii	Elmer born 17-Nov-1903.
	16.	iv	Elsie Katherine Frances born 3-Feb-1906.
	17.	v	George C. born 7-Apr-1909.
	18.	vi	Evelen Edna G. born 3-Apr-1913.
	19.	vii	Adiline Anne born 7-Aug-1915.

7.	George Reinhardt Johann Danckwardt born 7-Nov-1888,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  18-Nov-1888, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, occupation Farmer, married 11-Oct-1917, in Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, Amanda Tank, born 1894, Germany, (daughter
	of Fredrick Tank and Emilia Schultz) died 1959, buried: Union
	Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  George died 22-May-1953,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union Cemetery,
	Butternut, Wisconsin.

		i	Meta Danckwardt born 16-Nov-1918, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin.
		ii	John Fredrick Danckwardt died 25-May-1917, Butternut,
			Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: 27-May-1917, Union Cemetery,
			Butternut, Wisconsin.
		iii	Milton George Danckwardt born 11-Jul-1922, Park Falls,
			Price, Wisconsin,  14-Sep-1922, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
			married Dorothy Weld, born Ontonagon, Michigan.  Milton died
			15-Jun-1985, Michigan.

8.	Wilhelm Herman Gustav Danckwardt born 31-May-1893,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  9-Aug-1893, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, married Anna Sternberg, born 1897, died 1979, buried:
	Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin.  Wilhelm died 25-Jan-1974,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, buried: Union Cemetery,
	Butternut, Wisconsin.

		i	Clarence George Erust Danckwardt born 24-Aug-1923,
			Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,  7-Oct-1923, Butternut, Ashland,
			Wisconsin, died 12-Sep-1995, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
			buried: 18-Sep-1995, Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin. 
			Clarence never married. It would seem that it was against his
			mother's will. Clarence assumed the house after his parents
			died, the house on the hill off of Highway 13 northwest of town.

9.	Augueta Schroeder married Ernst Klienhaus.

	20.	i	Herman.

{Fifth Generation}

10.	Herman Emil Johann Zoesch born 19-Mar-1898, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin,  1-May-1898, Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin,
	occupation Cival Servic Engineer, married 5-Jun-1923, in
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Mary Ellen Walsh, born
	5-Apr-1902, Faribault, Rice, Minnesota, (daughter of Thomas S.
	Walsh and Mary A. Thonet) occupation House wife, died
	6-Mar-1986, Woodbury, Minnesota, buried: 9-Mar-1986, Calvery
	Cemetary- Faribault, Minnesota.  Herman died 2-Jul-1984,
	Woodbury, Minnesota, buried: 5-Jul-1984, Calvery Cemetary-
	Faribault, Minnesota.

		i	Yvonne born 3-Nov-1924.
		ii	Lorraine Mildred born 29-Sep-1925.
		iii	Leota Marlene Anna born 19-Mar-1933.

11.	Walter Gustav August Zoesch born 6-Jan-1902,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, married (1) 22-Apr-1926, in
	International Falls, Minnesota, Beulah Benson, born 15-Nov-1908,
	Crookston, Minnesota, died 31-Jul-1945, Spokane, Washington,
	buried: International Falls, Minnesota, married (2) 1947, Carrie
	Durffee, born 22-Dec-1919, Acron Co.  Walter died 7-Mar-1957,
	Spokane, Washington, buried: Spokane Memorial Garden, Spokane,
	Wa.  Beulah: Beulah died of toxemia after the birth.

				Children by Beulah Benson:
		i	Allen Walter born 28-Jan-1927.
		ii	Baby Joesph born International Falls, Minnesota.
		iii	Robert Roy born 24-May-1933.
		iv	Marian Rose Zoesch born 13-Sep-1935, International
			Falls, Minnesota, occupation Occupational Therapist.  Marian was
			born at home. She contracted polio at the age of 4.
		v	Donna Lea Zoesch born 5-Sep-1937, International Falls,
			Minnesota, occupation Medical Technologist, married Mar-1964, in
			Spokane, Washington, Clyde Fishel, born 15-Aug-1926, Bird City,
			Kansas, (son of Robert Fishel and Daisy Opal Clark) occupation
			Watch Maker.
		vi	George Bernard born 6-Feb-1943.
		vii	Ronald Richard born 29-Jul-1945.
				Children by Carrie Durffee:
		viii	Linda Marie born 22-Jan-1948.

12.	Arnold Bernhard Zoesch born 6-Jan-1904, Park Falls,
	Price, Wisconsin, married 27-Aug-1928, in Faribault, Rice,
	Minnesota, Lenora Renata Kuhlman, born 13-Mar-1907, Faribault,
	Rice, Minnesota, (daughter of Herman Kuhlmann and Caroline
	Bradermeire). Arnold died 13-Oct-1988, Faribault, Rice,

		i	Arnold Norman born 4-Jun-1930.
		ii	Richard Coleman born 27-Feb-1934.

13.	Edward Joseph Bert born 20-Sep-1899, Washburn,
	Bayfield, Wisconsin, occupation Carpenter, married 2-Jun-1920,
	in Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, Emma Koenig, born 1898,
	Hoboken, New Jersey, (daughter of John Koenig and Anna)
	occupation Dress Maker.  Edward died 12-Dec-1989, Sebastian,

		i	Marian born 10-Aug-1921.

14.	Lucille Mary Bert born 26-Sep-1901, Butternut,
	Ashland, Wisconsin, married 14-Apr-1920, in Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, George Van Aade, born 1898, Iowa, (son of Peter Van
	Aarde and Gertrude Brown) occupation Restraunt Propritor, died
	1944.  Lucille died 6-Dec-1991, Fresno, Fresno, California,
	buried: 10-Dec-1991, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California.

		i	John Van Der Aarde born 1920.
		ii	Valaree Lucile born 1929.

15.	Elmer Bert born 17-Nov-1903, Butternut, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, married (1) Mathilda Renner, born 1907, died 1969,
	married (2) Erna Wilde, born 1922.  Elmer died 1964, Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

				Children by Mathilda Renner:
		i	John Jack born 1927.
				Children by Erna Wilde:
		ii	Alan James born 1948.
		iii	Kevin Bert born 1957.

16.	Elsie Katherine Frances Bert born 3-Feb-1906,
	Butternut, Ashland, Wisconsin, married Daniel Gates, born 1901. 
	Elsie died 18-Feb-1986, Hamilton, Ravallie, Montana, buried:
	Parker, Arizona.

		i	Helen Mable born 1924.
		ii	Hazel Ione born 1929.

17.	George C. Bert born 7-Apr-1909, Agenda, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, married Helen Griffa.  George died 26-Jun-1961,
	Madison, Wisconsin, buried: 29-Jun-1961, Roselawn Cemetery,
	Madison, Wisconsin.

		i	Natalie Adell Bert born 2-Jan-1942, Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin.

18.	Evelen Edna G. Bert born 3-Apr-1913, Agenda,
	Ashland, Wisconsin.

		i	Betty born 1929.

19.	Adiline Anne Bert born 7-Aug-1915, Agenda, Ashland,
	Wisconsin, married (1) Robert Moser, married (2) Dewey
	Hendershot, born 1898, died 1987.  Adiline died 26-Aug-1995,
	Niagara Falls, New York.

				Children by Robert Moser:
		i	Beverly Jane Bert born 1929.
		ii	Walter James Bert born 1930.
		iii	Joann Marie born 1940.
		iv	Robert Carl born 1941.

20.	Herman Klienhaus.

		i	Lucile Klienhaus married Mr. Nysse.