Civil War Veterans in
Butternut and Park Falls, Wisconsin.

Though many Civil War veterans came to settle in the Butternut, Park Falls area, none has become more recognizable as 'Old Abe', the Eighth Wisconsin Infantry mascot. Old Abe was citizen of the area and served with honor.

Old Abe was picked out of his nest by a Lac du Flambeau Chippewa named Chief Sky in 1861. He traded the eagle to a locale settler for a bushel of corn. When war broke out, Captain John E. Perkins purchased the bird and brought him to Camp Randall, near Madison. A training group, called the Eau Claire Eagles, became Company C. of the Eight Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers. Old Abe engaged with the gallant soldiers in many battles (including Gettysburg), flapping his wings and screeching as each battle rage on. These screeches gave way to cheering from the Union soldiers on to victory.

Upon the end of the war, Old Abe was turned over to the state of Wisconsin and was officially dubbed 'War Relic No. 1'. He became a Madison resident and fed upon the Capital's rodents and handouts. Retirement was not in mind for Old Abe since he spent the rest of his days participating in fundraisers, parades, and autograph photos by the peck of his beak. P. T. Barnum was so impress he offered $20,000 to purchase the famous bird, but no politician would give in if he chose to keep his job. In February 1881, Old Abe died of smoke inhalation by a storeroom fire where he was caged. The skin was saved in remembrance of Park Fall's most famous Civil War veteran. But in 1904 a fire broke out in the Capital building where Old Abe rested, was destroyed forever. His lasting image is solidified in his statue in City Hall Park in Park Falls. His head is lowered in remembrance of all soldiers who have fallen.

Union Cemetery, Butternut, Wisconsin

Jno. (John) Ledger   7 Wis. L. A.
Jno. (John) Duesler   Co. G, 47th Ohio Inf.
Sgt. F. A. Richter   Co. A, INJ. L. A.
Jas. (James) H. Smart   Co. C, 4th Wis.Inf.
Jacob Elmer   Co. F, 9th Wis. Inf.
Sgt. Adam Schnur   Co. E, 24th Wis. Inf.
Sgt. Fred'k Miladofski   Co. C, 38th N.Y. Inf.
Sgt. Sylvester Hayden   Co. I, 1st. Wis. Inf.
Jno. (John) Meyers   Co. I, 26th Wis. Inf.
Wm. (William) J. Baatz   Co. I, 26th Wis. Inf.
And'w Zinzli   Co. B, 45th Wis. Inf.
Capt. J. J. Matzger   Co. C, 76th Ohio Inf.
Lt. Jasper Johnson   Co. D, 31 Ill.Inf.
Justin Miller   Co. F, 44th Wis. Inf.

Nola Cemetery, Park Falls, Wisconsin

William F. Turner   1843 - 1921
Jerome W. Naylor   Co. I, 3rd Wis. Cav.
Judson Noble   Co. I, 60th N. Y. Inf. 1843 - 1915
Wm. (William) H. Richards   Co. H, 90th V.C 1846 - 1916
Sgt. Henry Gropp   Co. H, 26th Wis. Inf.
Nelson Meyers   Co. D, 86th N. Y. Inf.
J. W. Davis   20th N. Y. 8/4/1845 - 1/22/1906
Charles Wells   Co. E, 7th Rgt., N.Y. Artillery
Albanus K. Heath   Co. E, 185th Ohio (Spanish Am War)