Colonel Franz Mahler

        Mahler, Franz. Colonel of the 75th Pennsylvania Regiment, which was founded by General Bohlen in Philadelphia and consisted exclusively of German-Americans. He was air officer in Baden and participated in the revolution of 1848 to 1849. Mahler was an excellent military trainer, and the regiment largely owes its thorough training to him. He belonged to the German Division Blenker, participated on the horror march through the Virginia mountains and stood out in his brilliant conduct in the Battle of Cross Keys as well as the Second Battle of Bull Run. At Chancellorsville he was in the Division Schurz next to the 26th Wisconsin Regiment where he conducted himself well. On the first day of Gettysburg [July 1, 1863] he was shot off his horse as he led the regiment against the enemy, but he paid no attention to the wound and remained with his men. Shortly thereafter he was fatally wounded by a second bullet. He died on July 5. Thus the first two leaders of the 75th Regiment, Bohlen and Mahler, died fighting. The regiment was later well-led by Major Ledig and fought until the end of the war.

History of the 75th Regiment Pa. Vols. by Herrmann Nachtigall 7/1886 C. B. Kretschman (Translated by North Riverside, Ill. 1987)