26th Wisconsin Veterans Listed on

Wolcott Post Memorial Plaque

Name                Died        Born  Birthplace
Winkelman, John     1924        1847
Mentz, Lewis        1924        1835  Germany
Guttel, Albert      1924        1844  Germany
Fink, Henry         1924        1849  Bavaria
Trapschuh, Charles  4/7/1923    1845  Austria
Rintelmann, GW      12/10/1921  1839  Germany
Winkler, Frederick  3/22/1921   1838  Germany
Prengel, Theo.      9/23/20
Weidner, Adolph     7/11/01     1848  Germany
Doerflinger         11/9/11     1843  Germany
Wallber, Albert     12/17/11    1842  Germany
Ewens, Anton        5/17/16     1842  Germany
Upman, Fred         8/4/1918    1844  Germany

The Wolcott Post Memorial Plaque was viewed by Fred Turk on 6 July, 2001 at the Milwaukee County Historical Society Civil War exhibit. These names were picked off of it. The plaque took up a good portion of a wall. A couple of 26th names may have been missed because chairs were set in front of the plaque.

Also viewed at the exhibit was a painting of Camp Sigel done in 1861 by an American Indian artist. The horse-drawn streetcar tracks were not in place at that time. The irregular shape of the camp is shown. There were a lot of tents.