Private Philip Mattes, Company H.

        PHILIPP MATTES, who has been a resident of Manitowoc county, Wis., for 21 years, is a citizen of Kiel, and Commander of G. A. R. Post, No. 190. He was born Jan. 1,1839; in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. He came to America from Germany in 1854, and located in the town of Rhine, Wis., where he enlisted August 20, 1862, in Company H, 26th Wisconsin Infantry for three years. He went at once to Camp Sigel, the rendezvous at Milwaukee, and proceeded thence three weeks later to Washington. A night was passed there and the regiment went the following day to Arlington Heights. The next day they went to Fairfax C. H., where they were assigned to the corps of General Sigel, and performed guard and picket duty until November, when a remove was wade to Gainesville, and they were in that vicinity until they went to Falmouth, opposite Fredericksburg The regiment went next to Stafford C. H., and remained until routed to join in the "Mud Campaign." Afterwards, the remainder of the winter was passed at Stafford C. H., and late in April, they started to take position for the battle of Chancellorsville. Mr. Mattes was engaged in the three day's fight there and fell back with the regiment to Stafford C. H. once more. In June, orders were received to take up the march Northward, the invasion of Pennsylvania being imminent, and Mr. Mattes was next in the gallantly fought battle of Gettysburg. He was wounded by a minie ball in his left heel on July 1st. He was taken prisoner and was held by the rebels four days, and was then sent to Carver hospital, Washington, D. C., where be remained four months. In November he rejoined his regiment at Knoxville, Tenn., and accompanied it on the march to Atlanta. He was in the skirmishes at Buzzard's Roost, and went by way of Snake Creek Gap to Resaca where he was in the fight. On the 15th day of May he was wounded by a minie hall, which struck him in the lower portion of the abdomen. He was placed in an ambulance, taken to the field hospital and thence to Chattanooga, and from the hospital there, he was sent to one at Nashville. He was transferred from there to St. Louis and thence to Prairie du Chien, Wis. There he was treated five months and was discharged from Swift hospital, June 30, 1865. He returned to his home in Rhine. He was elected Town Treasurer and, after serving a term. purchased a farm to which he removed. Mr. Mattes has served in several capacities as municipal officer, among which is that of Supervisor for four years and School Treasurer for eight years.
He married Julia Reichart, and their children were born as follows: Philip Feb. 21, 1868; Katie, July 28, 1870, John, April 24, 1872. The mother died in 1872 and Mr. Mattes was married in 1873 to Theresia Franz. Their children were born in the following order: Jacob, Dec. 22, 1873 Louisa, Nov. 21, 1875; George, Oct. 5, 1877; Herman, Nov. 11, 1882; Gustave, Mar, 25, 1886. Two sons and a daughter died in infancy.

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