Letter from Charles Karsten to Carl Wilket #2

                                                                                                    Camp near Rappahannock Station Va.
                                                                                                    White Sides Station, Tenn., March 24, 1864

Dear Friend Carl!

        With pleasure I take the pen and write you these lines. I hope this finds you as healthy and alert as this leaves me.
        As you might know already I did not go immediately go to the regiment after I had left West Bend because I stayed for 14 days in Madison (evidently Camp Randall) and stayed there until the 16th of March on which day I left Madison to reach my regiment which I then happily reached. I cannot write you much news because I am not there long. Yesterday we had here the first snow storm (March 23rd) whereby the snowfall amounted to about two feet which was for everybody something extraordinary because no one has seen snow during this winter. I gave the letter to Chas. Hafeman. We have here a very nice camping place and very good tents and I think I will stay here for several more months during which we have to guard a large railroad bridge and perhaps write me also when that perhaps John has to go away. Give me his address. With this I am going to close greeting you many times and remain until soon awaiting for your answer.

Your faithful friend

                                                                                                    Charles W. Karsten

Please greet John Biederbeck, Heinrich Winter, your sister Jayne as well as your brothers.

My address is!

                                                                                                    Charles W. Karsten
                                                                                                    Orderly of Co. "G" 26th Rgt. Wis. U.S.

                                                                                                    Nashville, Tenn.

Wisconsin Historical Society, WisMss 224S MAD 4/16/C6