Daily Diary of Charles (Karl) Karsten 1864

Terribly cold. B. Goetter's house burnt down.

Nothing new happened. Cold weather.

1/3 Sunday
Went to Schuh's wedding. Very cold.

Gottlieb Metzner was here for a visit.

Received instructions from Madison.

Wrote a letter to John Remmel.

Drove to Newborough. Mild.

Nothing new. Nice weather.

Went to Peter Water and Gottlieb Metzner's. Weather was cold.

1/10 Sunday
Made out trimonthly report. Evening, a ball at Lemke's.

Got a letter and check from Colonel Jacobs.

Wrote a letter to Charles Herman. Snowy weather.

Drove to Milwaukee because of instructions. Cold.

Back from Milwaukee. Mild.

At Martin Hen's in Barton.

Evening we had a great time in West Bend. Weather cold.

1/17 Sunday
Evening, had a party at Harsen's. Nice weather.

Received a letter from John Remmel. Cold

Nothing new. Snowstorm.

Made out trimonthly reports. Received government panes.

Went around in West Bend.

Received a letter from Charles Hermann.

At Joe Goetz in Barton.

Evening, had ball at Lemke's.

Wrote a letter to John Remmel.

Nothing new. Cold.

Had picture taken at Reipisin in Barter. Weather warm.

Snow weather.

Nothing new. Snow.

Went rabbit hunting. Cold weather.

Made out trimonthly report.

Nothing new. Snow.

Received instruction from Madison.

Had nice time in West Bend.

Had ball at Lemke's.

Nothing new. Cold weather.

Rabbit hunting. Mild.

2/7 Sunday
Cold weather.

Received a letter from John Remmel.

Parade with masks in Barton. Masked ball at Vieth. Great time. Cold weather.

Monthly report.

Nothing new happened. Cold.

Snow weather.

Great evening in West Bend.

Went for a ride. Cold.

Went to George Emmett.

Spent and evening with George Emmett. Cold. 2/17
Drove around with George Emmett.

Drove around. Evening, in the spelling school.

Met with George Emmett to West Bend and back.

Went with George Emmet to Newbourgh where there was a party in the evening and picked up my brother. Cold evening.

2/21 Sunday
Talked with Major Winkler.

2/22 Washington's Birthday.
Celebration. Sleigh ride with music in Newbourgh.

Went around West Bend.

Nothing new. Cold weather.

Great time in West Bend.

Recalled to duty.

Nothing new. Mild weather.

2/28 Sunday
Drank to my leaving.

Left for Milwaukee in the morning.

Milwaukee. Cold weather.

Sending my picture to my mother. Made out boarding bill.

Drove to Madison. Went to Camp Randal. Cold.

Collected my boarding bill. Afternoon, Milwaukee.

Milwaukee. Went around with acquaintances.

Went to theater. Mild.

Stayed in Milwaukee.

Drove to Madison. Cold weather.

On guard in the bull pen. Nice weather, but lots of dirt.

Forenoon guard. Afternoon went with Tiess to Milwaukee.

In Milwaukee.

Drove to West Bend.

3/13 Sunday
Evening, celebrated my leaving. Mild.

Went to Milwaukee. Warm.

Madison. Mild.

Quite cold. Some snow. Left Madison. Evening, in Chicago.

Left Chicago in the morning. Quite cool. Snow all day. Afternoon, Indianapolis, left at 8:00.

Morning, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Strong wind. Afternoon, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Left Louisville in morning. Quite cold. Afternoon, Nashville.

3/20 Sunday
Cool weather. Nashville, Tennessee.

Afternoon, left Nashville. Cool day. Evening, in Mumfriesboro, Tennessee.

Left Mumfriesboro. Strong snow storm. Afternoon, reached regiment.

Took over my job again. Quite cool. Sent letter to parents and Martin Arno.

Wrote letter to Carl Wilket and Jacob Heipp.

Rain weather. Made out acquisition of clothing. Wrote letter to John Meier.

Wrote letter to C. W.

3/27 Easter Sunday
Inspection. Letter to G. Forberg. Warm weather.

Nice weather. Sent to home a letter and newspaper with W. W. and Hostman. Made out monthly return at regiment. Strong rain storm.

Nice weather.

Letter to Weinand and Carl Schmidt. Cool weather.

Made out quarterly return of deceased soldiers. Nice weather.

Rainy, cool weather.

Made monthly return of clothing and camp and garrison equipage.

4/3 Sunday
Inspection and parade. Sent newspaper to my parents. Sunshine, nice day.

Letter to Schneider. Rain.

Nice day.

Made out a list of condemned stores.

Made out quarterly return of ordinance store. Ordinance store was condemned. Nice weather.

Wrote to S. H. Got clothing. Rain weather.

Sent a letter and newspaper to parents and got letter from parents. One brigade calvary and two batteries marched by.

Cavalry and infantry regiment marched by. Nice weather.

Warm weather. Camp was cleaned. Planted green trees.

Made out inventory and final statement. Raining.

Wrote a letter to the publisher of the Weltboten (a German newspaper). Warm weather.

Made out monthly inspection return. Nice weather.

Afternoon, general inspection. Nice cool weather.

Sent newspaper to parents. Cool wind the whole day.

4/17 Sunday
Quite cool. Inspection. W. W. back again. Rainy in the evening.

Six regiments of infantry marched by. Made out inspection report. Rainy day.

Several infantry regiments marched by. Inspected by Colonel Woods, commander of our new brigade. Third brigade, third division, 20th A.C. Received letter from parents and John Meier and answered them.

Made out list of absentees and descriptive list of deserters. Sunshine.

Received letter from Martin Arns and answered. Cool weather. Rainy.

Marching orders and serenade from the 82nd Illinois band. Nice warm weather.

In morning at six left with music from the 82nd Illinois band. Nice sunshine. Afternoon at 4:00 arrived at Lookout Valley and one mile at Brown Ferry and erected our tents.

4/24 Sunday
Rainy, continued making the camp. Dress parade. Built nice comfortable tents. Nice weather.

Finished tents. Made list of all equipment that the company had. Nice weather. Winds strong.

Drill. Cleaned camp. Warm weather.

Received a letter from parents, C. W., and Weinand. Forenoon, battalion drill. Afternoon, brigade drill. Also received flag for regiment. Made out monthly return and received muster payrolls. Nice weather.

Warm weather. Worked on muster and payroll. Drill. Wrote letter to C. W. Afternoon between 2:00 to 4:00 maneuvers where everyone fired 30 rounds. Made out absentees, detached men and equipment for our company.

Finished muster and payrolls. Report of absentees. Letter from George Schneider. Sent letter to parents, Theodore Weinand, and George Schneider. Also sent newspaper to parents.

Rainy. Mustering and inspection. Sent newspaper to parents. Enter clothing into the books.

Brigade inspection. Monthly return of clothing. Camp in garrison equipage as well as descriptive list. Received marching orders and clothing in the evening. Weather warm.

Morning at 6:00, left for Gordons Mill, Georgia - twenty miles. I had new shoes that I had to cut in order to be able to walk in them. We went over Lookout Mountain and all battle fields from Chickamonga and Missionary Ridge. Weather warm.

Made out new camp and made up nice tents. Evening, received marching orders and bullets. Close to Chickamonga Creek.

Morning at 4:00 got up. Left at 6:00 and marched the whole day without rest to Taylor's Mountain - sixteen miles and camped close to Edward's Saw and Flour mill which was not used.

Nice weather all day. Cleaned street, built tents and dress parade.

Morning at 6:00 left for Lee's Farm - ten miles. Quite warm. Built tents. Dress parade. Received letter from Carl Schmidt.

5/7 (March to Atlanta Begins)
Got up at 2:30. Marched off at 5:00 over Taylor Ridge to Wood's Valley - twenty miles. Very hot. Evening, whole regiment did guard duty.

5/8 Sunday
Noon, again we went five miles and was positioned in the battle line on a small hill. Skirmishers were sent out and the shooting started at 3:00. At 5:00 orderly Stillerberg and (? unreadable text) were wounded. Strong heat all day. Evening, everything was quiet.

5/9 (Battle at Buzzard Roost)
Morning at 7:00 we went out (? unreadable text) and the right and left wing we had a strong exchange of words. We were in the center. At 10:00 we advanced and pushed back the rebels advance guard. We went across the creek and landed at Buzzard Roost with charged bayonets. We laid close to the rebels and their batteries, so close that we could hear every command and we knew them. Noon, we were relieved by Company C. Lost one man. We stayed until 3:00 in skirmish reserve. Then we were ordered back to the regiment which was laying close to a church. Stayed there until 7:00. Then went back to our division where we slept well through the night. Evening, received a letter from parents and Jacob Heipp. We camped in Wood's Valley.

We moved the camp to a nice area with lawn where we could build good tents and we received the news that Grant beat Lee back ten miles and left their dead and wounded in our hands. (Karl is referring to Grant's victory at Spotsylvania, near Chancellorsville) Wrote letter to parents. Rainy evening. High strong thunderstorm.

Morning at 1:30 we were to get ready. Left at 5:00 for twelve miles, where we arrived at 1:00 p.m. Cool whole day. Afternoon, strong cannon to the left and General Hooker rode by us as we greeted him with hurrahs.

We had cool weather the whole day. Forenoon, marched after we cleared the way - 3 miles. Received letter from John Bedlebeck. Had dress parade without music. Strong cannon thunder to the left.

5/13 (Battle at Tilton or Dalton)
Morning, advanced two miles and we were arranged in a battle line and we were used to protect a battery. Noon, again five miles on. Afternoon, the "dance" (battle) started which lasted until the evening at 8:00. First we laid on the outskirts of the woods but had to leave fairly soon to make the 14th Corps stronger (enhance) their artillery. After that, we had to go through very heavy underbrush in skirmish and battle. General Kilpatrick was wounded. Warm weather.

Morning, daybreak shooting started. Company B had to go out as skirmishers where they had a quite a battle. Company B had one dead and three wounded. Company K at two wounded. Company B must have been shot through the clothing, from 10:00 to 12:00. Quite strong cannon thunder on the left as well as the whole afternoon. The rebels were pushed. Cool weather. Evening, started building rifle pits because we expected a strong push, but we were relieved at 12:00 midnight because we were always in the front of the battle.

5/15 Pentecost Sunday (Battle at Resaca)
Morning at 6:00, went to the left wing where we arrived at 12:00. We were ordered out to storm forward. At 3:00 we took a gap and two hills by storm at Reseca and went on and took a fort with four cannons. But could not hold it because the back line of our people fired on us. Because of that we had to fall back. Our regiment lost 58 men. Our company had two wounded, Peter Stoffel in the foot and Albert Wolf in the foot and forearm. Both died from their wounds. We stormed three times and fell back and kept our wounded and the gap. At 6:00 we were relieved and ordered in the back line. Evening, back in reserve. Cool weather. Midnight, the rebels attacked, but were thrown back, which our four cannons helped. The rebels had to retreat so fast they left everything that could hurt them in the retreat.

5/16 Pentecost Monday
The rebels were routed by foot. Forenoon, at 9:00 we also left and we met on our way a lot of wounded. At noon, our cars were brought up for our wounded. We marched to Fields Mill where we arrived at 11:30 - fifteen miles. Where we were brought over on a small ferry, on the Coocavihatchie River where we stayed the rest of the night. Also, on the way we saw lots of munitions which the rebels could no take with them and could not destroy.

We had to stay there till 2:00 pm. because the whole train had to be taken by ferry. It was raining. Left at 2:00 until 10:00 in the evening, approximately fifteen miles. Somewhat cool.

Morning at 6:30, we had to get up. Left at 5:00, we were the right flank and had to protect the wagon train - twenty miles. Rested one hour at noon. Afternoon at 5:00, skirmish fire in the front and pushed the enemy back till evening at 9:00 without loosing a man. It was quite hot the whole day. Some had to stay back because of the exhaustion. We built rifle pits for us.

Morning at 6:00 we went on and we started right away to skirmish. Received orders to go to the right because we had no contact with other troops. Noon, our brigade had been cut off from the rest and we came upon a strong Rebel Corps, so that we had to fall back to a farm house on a hill where our battery took up position and started firing right away. We built a breastwork from some negro housing that we tore down, but the enemy did not attack us. Noon, we received reenforcement and advanced front-wards at 2:30 and pushed back the enemy. Our company were skirmishers and had to ford a creek and follow them to Caprille until the evening at 9:00 when we were put in reserve because we were very tired because we marched twenty-two miles, in which eight miles were in line. Very hot the whole day.

Letter from parents and G. Vorberg. Rested and built tents and cleaned. Warm weather.

Wrote to parents and G. Vorberg, Carl Schmidt, and Jacob Heipp. Drilled. Dress parade. Hot weather.

5/22 Sunday
Hot weather. Change camp. Built tents. Wrote to John Bedlebeck. Received marching orders. Inspection and dress parade.

Morning at 2:00, got up. Left at 5:00 - eighteen miles where we went over the Woosahachie River on linen pontoons, because the rebels burnt the bridge the night before. Very warm. The evening, our whole regiment went on forward guard where we "transported into the other world" chickens (eat).

5/24 (Battle at Burnt Hickory)
Morning at 7:00, went to Burnt Hickory - twenty miles. Evening, we built fortifications. Hot. Cannon fire to the right.

5/25/1864 (Battle at New Hope Church, Ga.)
Morning at 8:00, we left and went until 10:00. Then we found out we went the wrong way. We turned around. It took us till 1:30. We marched until 5:00 then we got into battle until 2:00 am when we were relieved. After we already made rifle pits with old wood and without tools. Then were relieved and put back in reserve. Our company of 22 men, lost five wounded two dead, and one missing. Dead are Corporal Robert Templeton and Private Emettson Smith Wounded are Corporal John Gunther, Private George Dellenbach, who died from his wounds, Cyrus Shafer, Charles Hafemann, and William Geri. Missing is Private Fritz Distler. It was quit warm all day. I commanded the camp because the Leuitenant was sick. Weather was quite warm the whole day. Evening, Strong rain.

Didn't do anything but rested. All the fighting people were pulled together to rest. Got rations. Nice weather. I slept almost the whole day because I was tired. Made out the list of dead and wounded and received bullets.

5/27 (Battle at Dallas, Ga.)
Morning, very strong cannon thunder along the whole line. Forenoon, very quite. Received pieces of clothing. At 12:00, left for the right wing. Between 3:00 and 5:00, strong cannon fire and musket fire to the left. Night, it was fairly quiet. Weather was warm.

Forenoon, we were bombarded, but without doing any damage, except for two guns. At 10:00 we went into the rifle pits to finish it. The rest of the day we did not do much except front guard. Musket fire in the front. Strong cannon fire to the right. Weather warm.

5/29 Sunday
We kept quiet in the rifle pits. Hot weather. Evening at 10:00 the rebels made several attacks, every time it was repelled which lasted the whole right.

Morning at 3:00, I had to go on picket as officer for which I was received at 10:00 pm. We had to be very careful because of the snipers. Hot weather.

Hot weather. No movement. Wrote letters to parents. Everything was quiet. Only a house was bombarded where the snipers were hid. There were also some cannon shots.

Forenoon, we were quiet. I received a letter form C. W. and John Meier. At noon we were relieved by the 16th Corps which came from the right. We marched to the left wing which took till the evening at 7:00 where we camped on a mountain. Hot weather.

Forenoon, we were quiet. Received my commission of Second Lieutenant of Company F. It rained the whole day, quite strongly. Afternoon, we marched on to the left. Also, several bombs were thrown towards us. Two dropped on our regiment without damage.

First we were quite until the afternoon at 3:00, at which time we marched to flank the enemy. We made approximately six miles at 6:00 in the evening. We met with the enemy. We were positioned in a line, but everything remained quiet. It rained quite strongly. We were positioned on a wheat field.

Laid there. It rained the whole day. Cannon thunder to the right of us. The enemy pulled back.

6/5 Sunday
Remained quiet. Rainy. Everything was quite on the front.

The enemy has pulled back. We marched in the morning at 6:00 I had to go with Company G, and a part of Company H, and had to go out as flankers for some miles. Then we were positioned in the line of battle, then maneuvered from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm. At which time we took position in the woods and built rifle pits. We had to protect the left flank. Warm weather.

Nothing happened. Received a letter form parents, Germany, and John Young. Wrote a letter to C. W. General Inspection. Weather warm with rain. All was quiet in the front.

Warm weather. Wrote letter to parents and John Meier. Mustered in as Lieutenant.

Didn't move. Hot weather. Wrote a letter to Henry Lembke and John Young. I also have been transferred to Company F and I went together with Steinmeyer in the mess. All was quiet on the front.

Rainy weather. Fairly quiet on the front. Some cannon shots fell. Several troops marched by us to the left wing.

Much rain with strong thunder showers. Some Cannons shots fell.

6/12 Sunday
Several shots fell. Rain.

Rainy and cool. Received a letter from parents and Carl Wilket. The evening was quiet. Strong artillery fire.

Cool weather. Inspection. Wrote a letter parents, Carl Wilket, and Abram Baer. Strong artillery fire. Received a letter from parents.

Receive a letter from John Bedlebeck. Afternoon at 2:00, we went forward and between 6:00 and 8:00 the rebels bombarded us without much damage. Two men from our regiment was wounded. We pushed the enemy back and maneuver till morning at 3:00 am. Fairly warm weather.

Forenoon, Built rifle pits. But in the afternoon we were put into the second battle line. Afternoon at 6:00, we were bombarded. In the evening, we went farther to the right into the rifle pits. There is where the rebel sharpshooters were and quite active. Continued to make our fortifications better. Warm weather. One from my company was tied to a tree because of courage.

Morning, rebels pushed back out of their strong fortification. Forenoon at 10:00, we followed them, which it was quite lively. We also captured a rebel flag. It rained.

We remained quiet. Strong artillery fire. Very strong rain intermitently.

6/19 Sunday
Forenoon at 10 we went forward. At noon I had to skirmish with a half of Company F until morning at 3:00. The whole time I had to maneuver back and forth. Strong rain weather. Our losses in the regiment: 1 dead, 5 wounded. I received a glancing shot on the foot.

Morning at 3:00, I was back with the regiment. Got a letter from George Schneider and wrote to parents. Evening, was supposed to attack, but was called back. Rain weather.

Morning at 3:00, I had to go to picket at 10:00 a.m. Our sharp shooters went forward. In the evening, took at mountain. In the evening at 8:00 I was relieved. Rainy.

Forenoon at 9:00, we pushed forward. At noon we stormed over an open field and took a hill whereby our regiment suffered 5 dead, 30 wounded. Built rifle pits right away. Was relieved by the 14th Corps. Evening, marched to the right wing. Weather was warm.

Marched further to the right. Received letter from Martin Arns and Jacob Heipp. Built rifle pit in the second battle line. Hot weather.

Remained quiet. Hot weather.

Wrote letter to George Schneider and John Biedlebach. Hot weather.

6/26 Sunday
Wrote to Jacob Heipp and Martin Arns. Hot weather.

6/27 (Battle at Kennesaw Mountian)
Morning at 2:00 went back into third battle line. Letter from parents and answered. Hot weather.

Some cannon fire to the left. Hot weather.

Evening in the first battle line. Night we had a little battle to the left. Hot weather.

We were quiet, with hot weather and rain. Received my discharge and mustering papers also a musket ball wen through our tent 1 1/2 feet from the bottom. We were lying down at the time.

One from Company H was wounded. Hot.

I got a letter from Gottlieb Metzner and from my parents. Wrote letter to parents. One from Company K was wounded. Hot weather.

7/3 Sunday
Morning, the enemy left his fortification. Until 6:00 maneuvered the whole day until evening at 7:00. Made a lot of prisoners without great losses. Marched 15 miles but it was if it were 3 miles straight. Our division made 500 prisoners. Very hot weather. Recieved letter from Abram Baer.

Our regiment and the 73rd regiment at to go on reconnoisence, but didn't find any rebels. Afternoon, we went to the right and built fortifications because our division general expected an attack, but it was our own people which I was afraid of.

Forenoon at 9:30, we marched until evening 9:00, 12 miles though. Hot weather.

Left at 2:00 in the afternoon until the evening at 7:00. Some light cannon fire. We could see the tower of Atlanta.

Remained quiet. Hot weather. Letter from Gottleib Metzner and Abram Baer.

Remained quiet. Hot weather. Wrote letter to (?) Vorberg. Our major was commissioned as colonel and Captain Lockner got commissioned as major.

Remained quiet. I made out muster and payrolls. Hot weather.

7/10 Sunday
Remained quiet. Received a letter from parents and answered. Visited the regiment. Hot weather.

Received letter from Peter Immell and answered. Hot weather.

Hot weather. Repositioned the camp. Afternoon at 5:00 got put on picket near Chacke River. We shot (?)

(?) Hot weather.

Hot weather. Evening (?)

Hot weather. Letter from C.W. and answered. Received marching orders. Went (?)

Inspection. Warm weather.

7/17 Sunday
Inspection. Received letter from parents and Jacob Heipp. Afternoon at 4:00 marched until evening 7:00. Evening we went over the Charic (?) with pontoons. We made several miles. Hot weather.

Morning at 10:00 left maneuver until evening at 6:00 through dense bushes, 10 miles. We were in the first battle line, saw no enemy.

- Battle of Peach Tree Creek temporarly missing.

- Battle of Atlanta Begins

Our regiment had to build fortification. Hot weather, cold night.

7/24 Sunday
Wrote a letter to G. Vorberg. Hot weather. Evening at 7:00 I had to go on picket and immediately on outpost where the right of the rebels greeted us with artillery fire. From our side we pretended to make an attack but there was no shots fired.

Morning at 6:00 in reserve. There was an artillery duel the whole day. Evening at 8:00 relieved. One wounded. Hot weather.

Received letter from my parents and answered. Hot weather. Evening (?)

Rainy weather. Evening, one 20 pound bomb went into our fortification. Wounded "? 31"

Hot weather. Got a letter from Abram Baer, John Bedelbech and George Schneider. Afternoon, advanced "2 lines unreadable"

Forenoon, at 10:00 marched 2_ "4 lines unreadable", approximately 9 miles. I commanded Company H.

Afternoon at 3:00 advanced to the right. We were there to protect the right flank. Evening, built fortifications. Answered letter to John Bedelbech, George Schneider, and Abram Baer. Hot weather.

7/31 Sunday
Reconnaissance, hot rainy weather.

Hot, rainy weather. Newspaper sent to my parents.

Evening at 6:00 we marched back to (?) 6 miles. Hot, rainy weather.

Monday at 5:00 left (? unreadable)

(? unreadable)

(? 2 lines unreadable). The sharp shooter tried to route us, without success. We were relieved at 9:00. Wrote letter to Henry Lembky. Our position in the fortification was a bit better. Hot weather.

Warm, rainy weather. Wrote letter to parents. The rebels again tried to route our forward post, without success.

8/7 Sunday
Inspection, rain weather.

Rain weather. Wrote letter to Gottlieb Metzner. Our skirmish line went back where one from Company A was killed (Reinhlod Nemitz). Got a letter from parents.

Rainy weather. One Company E was heavily wounded. Afternoon, our batteries were shooting constantly.

Morning at 1:00 on (?) Vertiage. Relieved at 8:00. Wrote letter to parents. Rainy weather. Evening, again went to our new fortification.

Hot weather. Strong artillery fire on both sides.

Warm weather. Forenoon, on Vertiage with 24 men. Evening at 9:00 (?) received letter from G. Vorberg.

Noon, advanced into the fortification. Afternoon, we made them better. Hot weather. Got (?) from my parents. (?) with company.

Wrote letter to G. Vorberg. One from Company I was wounded.

General inspection. Letter from Peter Immel. Hot weather.

Wrote letter to Peter Immel. Very hot weather. One ball went through my tent.

Letter to parents. Hot weather. Fairly quiet.

Hot weather. Cannon fire in the morning, then everything was quiet.

Hot weather. Strong musket fire to the right. Rebels wanted to attack but they had thought better of it. Evening at 6:00 we went back.

Rainy weather. Got a letter from parents. Relieved in the evening. (?)

(? 2 lines unreadable)

Forenoon, (? 2 words unreadable) Got letter from Jacob Heipp, Peter Phillips. Wrote Jacob Heipp. Weather (?)

Warm weather. Letter to Peter Phillips. Everything was quiet.

Letter to parents. Our adjutant came back with several things from Bridgeport.

Hot weather. Evening at 8:00, marched. Left our fortification. Had to go to the Chatthochie River and had to protect the ferry.

Morning at 4:00 we arrived at Turner's Ferry. Built fortification on our right wing. Our regiment went back and forth on the river. Then we built tents. Received letter from parents and Martin Arno. Hot weather. Nights (?)

Our brigade took a position to the front, 2 miles by both wings on the river. Afternoon, rebels pushed our forward guard of the right wing (? 2 words unreadable) with several bombs. (? 3 lines unreadable)

8/28 Sunday
Inspection. (? 2 words unreadable). Forward guard.

(? words unreadable) Hot weather. Evening, relieved. Nothing new.

Wrote letter to parents. (2 words unreadable) All three men were taken prisoners by the rebels. Very hot weather.

General inspection and mustering. Reconnaissance party went out which immediately met with the enemy and back. Losses (?) Warm weather.

Hot weather. Everything fairly quiet. Evening a pastor of a Christian commission gave us a talk.

9/2 (Union Army Enters Atlanta)
Forenoon, our reconnaissance party of our division took Atlanta. Afternoon, more troops were sent in. Evening, several batteries went in. Got letter from Albert Wolfe. Wrote to parents. Weather warm.

Rainy weather. The rebels had a locomotion and 40 cars and ammunitions (? unreadable). Atlanta (?) and by much tobacco.

Forenoon, marched to Atlanta. In the whole town houses were destroyed or damaged. Afternoon, went to the right. Evening, went into the rebels fortification. I had to go on forward guard. The line (?) had no communications with the right. Hot weather.

Morning, took up that connection "communication on both wings." Forward guard was advanced. Two women were sent to the provost marshall to be watched. I was relieved in the evening at 6:00. Rainy weather. Letter from John Beddlebech.

Rainy weather and cleaned the camp.

Rainy weather. Letter from John Beddlebech.

General order from General Sherman was read that our campaign to Atlanta (?) Gave his thanks. We were supposed to get a month rest before we start our winter campaign. (?) weather. (?) dropped back.

All unreadable except something about General Hooker.

(? unreadable)... his thanks for our (?)

Received tobacco. Got letter from (?) Again relieved from forward guard.

(?) inhabitants. Wrote to Peter Phillip.

Warm weather. Wrote to parents. Evening forward guard.

Forward guard. Letter to parents and Will Frisbie. Evening was relieved. Warm weather.

Wrote to George Schneider and Will Frisbie. Forenoon, Company (? unreadable)

(?) inspection. Discipline list. Hot weather.

Wrote letter to Wilkie. Drilled. Warm weather. Letter from parents.

Mustering, rainy weather. Letter to parents. Inspection.

Rainy weather. Letter to (?) Signed payroll. (?) Got letter to Krueger.

Forenoon. Battalion drill. Rainy weather. Visit from Karl Meinhert (?) company.

Rainy weather. I looked at Atlanta. Tent camp (?) inhabitants of Atlanta in the southern line (?)

Rainy weather. Letter to Vorberg.

Rainy night and day.

Made application to pass to Nashville. Cool weather. Night very cold.

9/25 Sunday
Inspection. Wrote to parents. Cool weather.

Afternoon, division review by General Slocum. Warm weather.

Battalion drill. Cool weather.

Battalion drill. Hot weather. Received command from Company K.

Battalion drill. Dreary weather.

Battalion drill. Evening, on forward guard. Night rain.

Evening on forward guard. Rain during the day (?) relieved.

10/2 Sunday
Cool weather. Letter to parents.

Cool, rainy weather. Went to Atlanta. Bought things, back (?)

Afternoon, I was officer of the day. Cool.

Forenoon, I was officer of the day. Afternoon, the paymaster started to pay out at our regiment. Also, I received furlough for 10 days to Nashville. Warm weather.

Warm weather and was paid out.

On (?) verting with 135 men. Worked on the fort. Warm weather. Received marching orders. Night strong wind storm.

Morning at 6:00. We marched to the Hottahochie River where we took position to protect the railroads on the southern side of the river on a hill next to a battery. Cool and strong rain. Stormed the whole day.

10/9 Sunday
Camp cleaning. Cold weather.

Because of high orders we have to do (?) in the morning (2 lines unreadable)

(?) Company K orderly (?) Atlanta, as to (?)

Horses from Atlanta marched by here.

Cool weather. Nothing new happened.

Cool weather. A number of oxen came by her towards Atlanta. Evening, we got mail. Got a letter and things from my parents. Got a letter from C.W., John Beddelbech and Peter Phillipson.

Two corps were (?) because of (?). A regular infantry came from Atlanta (?). Wrote letter to parents. Warm weather.

10/16 Sunday
Orders. General inspection. Was ordered but not held. Letter to John Beddlebech.

Wrote letter to (?)

Afternoon I was officer of the day. (?) rebels (?) miles from here - (?) pontoons. Warm weather.

Morning at 7:00. Company (?) with Hooker. Took 40 wagons on foraging expedition. 30 miles (?). Evenings at 7:00. Stopped after several chicken, geese, pigs, sheep had their last hour. Cool weather.

Loaded up wagons and marched back nineteen miles. Two miles before Marrettia. The guerillas burned a rail road between Wyning Station and the river (?) The guerillas shot as us, but nothing happened. The guerillas attacked a train of oxen which was repelled with losses. Cool weather.

Morning at 6:00 we went on through Maretta. Noon, arrived back at the camp, four miles back. Cool weather.

Cool weather. Noon, (? lines unreadable). Evening, letters from parents, Vorberg, and George Schnieder.

10/23 Sunday
Inspection. Cool weather with strong wind. Wrote letter to Peter Phillipson.

Weather cool. Nothing important happened.

Morning at 8:00. Left by railroad to Nashville. Evening in Resaca, Georgia. From there I went with a dispatch train to Tilton.

Morning. I had to go on foot for five miles to Dalton because the track wasn't finished yet. Left Dalton at 9:00. Got to Chattanooga at noon. Evening, at Stevenson. Warm weather.

8:00 in the morning in Nashville. Cleaned myself. Went to visit Winkler and bought uniform and sent all my money through Adam Express. Warm weather.

Had my furlough extended. After 2:00 left for Louisville. Cool weather.

Morning at 3:00 arrived at Louisville. Stopped in the United States hotel. Forenoon at 8:00 went to Jeffersonville and stayed in the Eagle Hotel until noon. Afternoon at 2:00 left for Indianapolis and arrived there at 8:00. There I changed cars for Cocomo. Arrived there at midnight. Nice weather.

10/30 Sunday
Morning at 3:00. Left Cocomo and arrived at Valparaiso, Indiana, at 8:00. Left at 10:00, in Chicago at 2:00. Took up lodging at the German Gaushaus and stayed there the whole day. Cool weather.

Morning at 10:00. Left 3:00 in the afternoon to Milwaukee. There I took lodging at Avar. Afternoon, at General Smith and reported. Cool weather.

Made acquaintance with an engineer and picked up my pay for two months from the paymaster and took my picture.

Forenoon. Bought several things in Milwaukee. Left there at 2:00 and arrived at Cedar Creek Station at 4:00. Took the stage to West Bend, arrived at 7:30. My brother was at the stage coach station and went right away to parents. Cool weather.

At home and visited several acquaintances. Weather was warm.

Went to West Bend and met some people (doesn't say who).

Visited Mgr. Winkler. Weather: cool.

11/6 Sunday
Rainy all day. Spent all day at home.

Spent almost the whole day in West Bend.

Rainy weather. Election. People made much noise. There was general unrest because of the beer.

Strong stormy wind with rain. Slaughtered a cow.

Got a certificate of sickness from Dr. Hans (?). I got my photograph in Milwaukee. Cold in Milwaukee

Sent my paper to the regiment. Cold weather.

Sent my paper to the rest of my places. Wrote a letter to Christian (?). The evening I started to write to Mary and Gisella. Weather: cool.

11/13 Sunday
Evening, dance music. Weather (?)

I signed papers for A. Rusho. Cool weather with snow.

Before noon I drove to Milwaukee.

I bought a check at the Second Ward Bank for H. C. Winkler in Nashville. Charles Hafemann and I visited Philipson. I bought several things. Nice weather. Gave photo to Herman Zeipp and Burmeister.

Afternoon, drove to West Bend with brother, then five hours to Richfield. Weather: cold.

Did some errands. Weather, cold.

Got fire wood. Nice weather.

11/20 Sunday
Warm weather.

Cut fire wood. Snow storm.

Firewood. A bit cold.

Didn't do much. Cold weather.

Cut fire wood. Did some mason work in the evening to visit A. Ball. I took Hans home.

-- Later, Karl Karsten resigns from the Union Army and continues his life at home in West Bend. The 26th Wisconsin Infantry continue the war as they begin their march to the Atlantic Sea.

Wisconsin Historical Society, Micro 251

(Photos courtesy of the National Archives.)