Private Johann Daub, Company H

        Johann Daub was born at Schwetzingen, Baden in 1826. He arrived New York alone in 1851 (age 25) aboard the 127 ft 3-mast ship SCHILLER. By 1856 he had settled in the 9th ward of Milwaukee and worked as a carpenter. At the time of his enlistment (Aug 19, 1862) he was 36 and married with 4 sons under 10 years of age (John, Jacob, Frederick and Charles). His wife Juliana Hoffman is believed to have been pregnant with his daughter Julia. It is thought that John was swept up by the emotion of recruitment and enlisted without careful consideration for the future support for his growing family. John was AWOL just days after the 26th was mustered into service. He eventually resettled his family in Albany, NY where he worked as a carpenter until his death in 1884. It is unknown what became of his two youngest children Charles and Frederick after the desertion and move to Albany in 1862. John Daub is buried at Albany Rural Cemetery.

Information was provided by James T. Daub.