Captain Jacob Mann, Company G.

       Jacob Mann, the first Captain of Company G of the 26th Wis and former editor of the West Bend News, applied for an invalid pension on Dec 14, 1881 in Schoharie, NY., claiming that he permanently hurt his back in 1862. “...while marching on foot sprang over a ditch or mud hole in the route of march and fell striking upon a stone or other hard substance with his back and wrenched the same and causing an injury to his spine from which he has never recovered and which has resulted in a permanent injury to the same.” He was 5’4” tall, age 47, auburn or brown hair, light complexion, blue eyes. A letter from the War Department’s Adjutant General’s Office in Washington states dated Dec 15, 1882 states that Mann was mustered into the 26th on Sept 17, 1862 and was in until October 3, 1862. “He was honorably discharged Dec 8, 1862 having tendered his resignation on account of incompetency. Regimental Company records furnish no incidence of alleged disability.”
       He resided in Schoharie prior to 1881. From his marriage certificate he was also born in Schoharie. His father’s name was Peter G. Mann and his mother’s was Nancy. His wife’s maiden name was Carrie Waldo. Her parents’ names were Royal and Almina. They were married May 1, 1861 in West Bend, Wi at the house of J. F. Farmer in West Bend. Witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mann. Carrie Mann lived until Sept. 12, 1926, at which time she was receiving a pension of $25 per month. Her address was 2 Whittemore St., Arlington, Mass.
       Jacob died sometime between 4 Sept 1885 and 26 Apr 1886 according to a message from pension agent T. L. Poole to the Syracuse, NY US Pension Agency. At the time of his death they were receiving $50 per month. In 1885 Mrs. Mann applied for a widow’s pension in Fulton County, NY. In the application it is stated that Jacob died of “paralysis, result of injury to spine received while in service.” They had one child, Merrill J. Mann, who was born Oct 29, 1869. Carrie was 41 at the time of the application, so she must have been about 17 and he about 26 when they were married. Her post office number in 1885 was Gloversville, Fulton Co, NY.

Source: National Archives