Battle Reenactment at Greenbush, Wisconsin 1998 (Saturday)

Battle at McPherson's Woods, Gettysburg, Pa.

Union soldiers at rest before the big battle. Here, the 33rd Wisconsin portrayed the 150th Pennsylvanian Infantry (Buck Tails).

Union Lieutenant (John Wedeward) talks with a local farmer (Scott Meeker).

"I am a good Pennsylvania Dutch farmer who had been forced off his land by the invading Confederates. They gave Mama and I only 5 minutes to gather what we could carry and leave. They wouldn't even allow me to take one of my own horses and a wagon. They've no doubt cleaned out all our food and livestock. Mama saw some of them pocketing her grandmother's good silver, and later saw one of them riding her best mare. I am in camp appealing for food and protection from the fine, stalwart Pennsylvanians in the 150th."

Confederate General J. Johnston Pettigrew (Terry C. Lipchow) took time out to pose with his aid Captain William B. Shepard (William Titley) before his troops hit McPherson's woods near Gettysburg.

Terry's web page on General Pettigrew.
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Union artillery start the battle and fire on the Rebel Army.

Soon, the Union soldiers push the rebel army back as the battery squad watches from their vantage point.

The crowd receives a first hand view on how the dead soldiers are prepared for burial.

Though very rare, this rebel gets a casket for his final rest.

Here are some images from the Souvenir Book.
(Wade House; Box 34; Greenbush, WI 53026)

The 2nd Wisconsin Infantry battle out the rebels at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

President Abraham Lincoln (Fritz Klein) was on hand to give the Gettysburg Address, as well as autographs to the crowd.

The Regimental Volunteer Band of Wisconsin was also present to entertain the spectators.