Shotgun Wedding in Greenbush

The Master Sergeant was brought before his commanding officer to answer to charges of inappropriate actions to a young lady during last nights dance. She has approached his commanding officer that the sergeant had made commitments and propositions towards her during the dance. He also had three dances with her and he had 'touched her skin', both very inappropriate during this era and considered as marriage proposals. The soldier denies all accusations.

The Master Sergeant is brought before the chaplain who believes the young lady and has full intentions to immediately conduct the wedding service.

The young lady is consulted by the chaplain and ensures if a wedding is what she really wants.

With her consent, the wedding service begins under protest of the Master Sergeant.

When the Master Sergeant refuses to say 'I Do', the chaplain displays a bayonet and motions that he has full intentions to us it if the reluctant groom does not comply. The sergeant protests and asks for assistance from his friends. Not is given.

Upon the completion of the service, the Master Sergeant is ordered into the tent with his newly wed bride to consummate the vows. This would squelch and chances of any annulment the unwilling husband will have later. A guard stands by to insure they are not disturbed. Later, he will march on with the rest of the regiment, while his wife stays behind and collect half of his monthly salary.