The making of the second
26th Wisconsin Regimental Flag

The instructions I worked with came from the exact measurements from the original flag. This flag was 74" x 71.5". I also used a snap shot of the original flag for comparison.

This flag was originally made of silk. Since silk is an expensive material, I chose a silky substitute instead. Though the stripes were 5.5", I added 1.25" for 5/8" seam width. The 'French' fell seam with white thread was used.

I created the lettering pattern cutout from thick card stock (much like the back of tablets). Ariel font was used since it matched letter on the original flag almost perfectly. Only the 'g' had to be scanned from the picture of the original flag and a pattern cut.

After the gold letters were painted on the red stripes, a black paint was used for the shadow below and to the right of the character.

A large sheet of paper was used for the star field pattern for the blue panel. The paper was cut to exact dimensions (25" x 38.5") of the blue panel, plus 5/8" for the top, bottom, and right seam. For the flagpole, 5.5" inches was needed. After I made holes in the pattern for the stars, I lined it up with the blue panel and held them together with pins. I used the gold paint, for the stars, as markers where the star should line up on the blue panel. After the paint marks dried, I lifted the pattern and painted the stars over the spots with the use of a star pattern cutout of 2.5".

After the paint dried, I sewed the blue panel with the stripe panels. Then the 18' of 2" gold frill was sewn around the top, right, and bottom part of the flag. The flag was finished with flagpole end 2.25" in to create room for a 5" diameter flagpole.