Private Ernst Damkoehler, Company I.

        Ernst Damkoehler, according to the National Archives muster roll, was 38 year old when he joined the 26th Wisconsin Infantry on August 19th, 1862. His features were recorded as health complextion with blue eyes and brown hair, and height of 5 foot, 6 inches tall.
        Ernst's place of birth was from the town of Haffensteff in the province of Braunschweig of Germany. He moved to U.S. and ended up as a farmer in Brown County, Wisconsin prior to the war.
        Private Damkoehler became a wounded prisoner at the battle of Reseca on May 15th, 1864, and died of disease on June 26th in Andersonville, Ga. that same year. He is buried in Grave 2522 in the Wisconsin Section of the National Cemetery near Americus, Georgia.
        His memory continues with the aid of his grandson, W. L. Damkoehler, who received and translated Ernst Damkoeler's letters. These are reports of history that have enlightened the lives of this remarkable regiment.