Private Anton Neumeister, Company I.

        Adam Heilmann, farmer, Sec.13, P.O. Sawyer. A native of Germany. Born may 26, 1832. Came to America in 1843 with his parents, and located in Washington County. Assisted his father in farming until 1865. He then bought a from of eighty acres (Government land), and has since added forty acres more, making a farm of 120 acres, mostly improved (on Sec. 13), and owns 160 acres in Sec. 23, uncultivated. He enlisted in August, 1862 in Co. I., 26th Wis. V. I., and served until the end of the war: was orderly sergeant the last two years: was wounded in the battle of Chancellorsville. Married in 1861, Miss Barbara Bellenbach. Has four sons - Adam, William, Casper and George. One son and four daughters died December, 1880 - Henry, aged nineteen years, Katie, ten, Mary eight, Lena, six, and Lizzie, four.
        Henry Heilmann, saloon and tavern, Sawyer. A native of Wisconsin, born in Washington County, March 24, 1853; came to Nasewaupee, Door County, in 1869, and followed farming until May, 1879, when he came to Sturgeion Bay and opened a meat market. In May, 1880, he removed to Bay View. Married , June 11, 1871, to Miss Lena Dellenback, of Washington County; has three children living - Katie, Jacob and William. Willie died at the age of five years, and Henry, at the age of two years.