Sheboygan Journal,

Articles Concerning the
26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment


Article #1__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        6/23/64 pg. 2, col. 6


        Marietta, June 10 - There was but little skirmishing tree miles form here by the enemy, yesterday. Sharpshooters were going all day.
        Maj. Massey of the 20th Miss. Was killed at 5 o'clock yesterday.
        Gen. Hookers corps made a charge on Cleburne's division, three lines deep, and was repulsed with great slaughter. A few prisoners were taken who confirm the above.
        Cleburnes' division fired 315 times with shot shell and canister.
        The Richmond Examiner says that a gentleman who left Lynchburg on Thursday, says a Yankee force 15,000 strong under Gens. Hunter, Crook and Averill, were at Forrest depot, on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad, some eight or ten miles form Lynchburg. They have done a good deal of damage to the railroad, as was to have been expected, but we did not learn the particulars of their vandalism. A train of car arrived form Danville last evening. The Yankee feat has not been accomplished.
        Atlanta, Ga. Jun 16. - A telegram form Gen. Forrest to Capt. Adair dated Tupelo, June 16, says there are no Georgians hurt.
        The victory was complete. The killed, wounded and captured of the enemy exceeds the total of my troops engaged. I have sent forward 1,300 prisoners and there were more yet behind.

Article #2__________________________________________________________________________


        By a letter to this paper dated near Kenesaw Mountain on the 3rd instant and received last evening, we learn that four Wisconsin regiments - the 12th, 14th, 16th, and 17th, - were engaged in the disastrous battle of the 27th ultimo. The loss of the 17th regiment was on killed and twelve wounded. In a postscript were are in formed that Sherman has gave up the railroad and that the army had a hard time falling back form the Kenesaw mountain the night previous. The movement is regarded as a desperate one, and it is supposed with result in a total change of base. The present position of the enemy is regarded as impregnable.
        Another letterform the same army, written by a member of the 26th regiment of the 22d ult., states that the 26th had just been under sever fire, and had lost in that action 7 killed and 31 wounded. The writer adds: - "This is a large proportion for 500 men. I cannot see that anything of importance has been gained. Our army must have lost more that 18,000 men in this campaign - the rebels a little more then half. This is slow work." -Milwaukee News.

Article #3__________________________________________________________________________


Lee Surrendered!

PHILADELHIA, April 7 - 1 p. m. Jay Cook has just received a dispatch from D. B. Cook at Washington stating that Lee was cornered and had surrendered!

Article #4__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        6/1/65 pg.1, col. 2

        VETERANS COMING. - The 21st, 22d, 25th, 26th and 32d, 4 companies 38th, and 7 companies 5th, Wisconsin regiments, are expected at Madison in a few days, to be mustered out. There are Sheboygan county boys in most all of these regiments.

Article #5__________________________________________________________________________


        DIDN'T COME. - Two of our fine companies together with quite a number of our citizens, went down to the pier on Saturday last to receive the returning veterans of the 26th Regiment, who were expected to arrive on the steamer Sea Bird, but the boat came, and with it disappointment, for the 'boys' were not on board.
        The 26th 'boys' are at Milwaukee yet, awaiting the slow but sure movements of army red-tape.

Article #6__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        7/13/65 pg. 4, col. 2

        The Armies of the Potomac and of the Tennessee are to be at once disbanded. The only army corps that retain their organizations are the 4th, 13th, 16th, 23d, 25th and 26th.