Wisconsin Newspapers on the 25th Anniversary of Gettysburg

Article #1__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        14 May 1887

State Register, Portage, WI. P4, Col 1, Shafts to Heroes.

        A personal account by George Traeumer of the excursion to Gettysburg to locate the monuments.
        In part, "The Twenty-sixth regiment was placed in the line of battle in a large corn field belonging to the poor farm [I suspect he's referring to the Alms House], which has not yet been purchased by the Memorial Association. The party was moving so fast that the line could not be established, but Gen. Winkler, Capt. Steinmeyer and Maj. Traeumer were determined to find the spot and therefore made arrangements to tramp over the field alone, until they found the line where the regiment did its hard fighting, and then locate (sic) the monument under a large Pinook oak. At the time of the battle the tree was very small but now it is large enough to shelter the monument."

Article #2__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        24 Jun 1888

Sunday Telegraph, Milwaukee. P 5, col. 2, Society Matters.

        Indicates General Fred Winkler will not be able to attend the dedication ceremonies due to poor health.

Article #3__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        28 Jun 1888

Daily Review, Milwaukee. P 1, col 2., Off for Gettysburg.

        Indicates about 75 survivors of the 26th Wisconsin marched to the Lake Shore depot at 10:00 AM accompanied by Commander Weissert to board the excursion train. "One lot which was placed in the end of the baggage car nearest the coaches, so as to be handy, was comprised of forty cases of beer and twenty-four cases of private stock".

Article #4__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        28 Jun 1888

Milwaukee Daily Journal. P. 1, col. 3, Veterans' Gala Day.

        Forty survivors of the 26th Wisconsin departed at 11:00 AM on the Northwestern Railway. They assembled at 8:30 AM on the corner of Third St. and marched to Robert Chivas Post Hall following presentation of colors. The article goes on to list the excursionists.

Article #5__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        28 Jun 1888

Sunday Telegraph, Milwaukee. P 1, col. 5 Off For Gettysburg.

        A short notice that about 50 survivors of the 26th Wisconsin departed for Gettysburg. The regimental flag was carried "crowned with a wreath of green".
        The monument was constructed by the Ryegate Granite Works of South Ryegate, Vermont. It includes some Wuapaca granite (the pink stone) as all of the monuments had to contain some Wisconsin granite. The company also constructed the Civil War statue in Racine, Wisconsin.

Research by Bill Carr