26th Wisconsin Infantry Reenactment in Drill

Reenactors from the 3rd, 33rd, Iowa, and Illinois gather Saturday morning in preparation on the weekends reenactment of the 26th Wisconsin's Enlistment. Sergeant Heinrich Rothy (Nels Monson) gathers the troops as Captain Wilhelm Georg (Jeff Diehl) looks on.

The 26th Wisconsin's Infantry Volunteers Company A 'Ah' ready themselves to march.

The soldiers march to an open field. Lieutenant August F. Mueller (John Wedeward) marched along side with his bayonet drawn.

From an at ease position, the Captain will start the soldiers in their drills.

After the drill, Captain Wilhelm Georg opened the ranks in preparation of musket inspection. The muskets must be clean in order to work properly. One soldier will fail this inspection and will receive a cursing (auf Deuch ) from the Captain. Translation will not be possible due to the young viewers in the crowd.

The 26th Wisconsin soldiers fire their muskets for the crowds to observe. First Lieutenant Christian Sarnow (Bob Braun) explained to the crowd (in English) the different methods of regimental musket firing.

On Sunday morning, the 26th Wisconsin soldiers prepare for their weekly knapsack inspection. Scott Meeker gave a talk on the procedure of the inspection. Here, the captain gave Scott the permission to allow the crowd to walk through and inspect the knapsacks themselves. Many interesting Civil War items were available.
Colonel Wilhelm Jacobs (Bob Braun), on the far right, talks to one of the spectators.