The Manitowoc Semi-Weekly

Articles Concerning the
26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment


Article #1__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                    May 20th, 1863.

Death of Capt. Pizzalla

        The flags of the Village were kept as half mast yesterday (Thursday) as a mark of respect to the memory of Capt. Pizzalla of the 26th, Wis., and formerly of the 5th whose name appears in the list of killed in the late battles. Capt. P. was an officer of education, intelligence and experience; was beloved by his friends and respected by his comrades. His death is regarded as a public calamity, and the sympathies of the community are with his young wife who resides here and over whose spirits, the pall of mourning has been so suddenly thrown.
        Capt. P. was home on a furlough but a short time since, and secured the respect of all by his fine soldierly appearance, and polished manners. He was a native of Germany, but did not hesitate to shed his blood for the land of his adoption. Peace to his ashes and honor to his memory.