26th Wisconsin Correspondence, 7/29/1865

                                                                                                    Harrisburg, PA
                                                                                                    July 29th, 1865

Adjt. Gen'l of Wisc.


        I have the honor to report men mustered out as per Gen'l Orders No. 116 War Dept. A.G.O. June 17, 1865 who were members of Wisc. Regts. prior to transfer to Co. F 16 Regts VRC.

Priv. Adam Brantigain F. Co. 26 Wis. Vol.
Priv. Lewis Hess D Co. 26 Wis. Vol.

                                                                                                    Eliott Mix
                                                                                                        2 Lt. Co. F 16 Regt. VRC.
Head Quarters, 118th Cr 2d Batt VRC
Hick's U.S. General Hospital
Baltimore, MD Sept 16th, 1865

Wisconsin Historical Society, 1200 Series, Box 128, Correspondence 1865