26th Wisconsin Correspondence, 3/16/1865

                                                                                                    List of Casualities in the
                                                                                                    26th Redg. Wis. Vol. Inftry.
                                                                                                    March 16th, 1865

Commis. Officers: Killed

Co. E.: 1st Lieut Fred Rud. Klirn and Capt. Chas. Schmidt "B"

Enlisted men: Killed
Co. A: Priv. Jacob Gilgen
Co. B: Priv. Chas. Bufso
Co. E: Priv. John Groglke (died March 7) Corpl. Herman Kindemuth
Co. F: Corpl. Chas. Oestreich (died March 7) Priv. John Schmidt
Co. H: Priv. George Strutz.

Co. A: Privs.Michael Moldenhauer and Peter Pfeifer, and Fred R. Mueller
Co. C: Priv. Herman Bigalko
Co. E: Corp. William Wittle
Co. F: Sgt. August Olm
Co. G: Priv. George Schmal
Co. I: Priv. Peter Dworschalk

Co. F: Mathias Reisenbuegler

Co. C: Sgts. Henry Erdmann and Martin Cahn
Co. A: Priv. Charles Thieme
Co. D: Priv. Charles Kouner

Taken prisoners while out foraging March 5/65
Capts. August Bartsh "G"
Sgt. Ludwig Hill and Fred Engelking "H"
Corpl. Wm Muehlheisen and William Harks "D"
Privts. Charles Boescher "C" and Fred Pfiefer "H" and Eugen Hook "G"
Jacob Gall "I" , Chris Cafflisch "K", and George Dascher "K"

Wisconsin Historical Society, 1200 Series, Box 128, Correspondence 1865