26th Wisconsin Correspondence, 7/23/1864

                                                                                                    Hd. Qurs. 26th Wis. Vol. Inf.
                                                                                                    Near Atlanta, Ga. July 23, 1864

His Excellency J.F. Lewis
Governor of Wisconsin


        In the fiercest battle of the campaign, crowned by the most decisive victory, which was fought within four miles of Atlanta the 20th rist., the 26th Wisconsin bore its part. Wholly unsupported on the left we got to the foot of a hill just as the enemy reached its brow which we coveted. They came down to within about 10 faces of us in front and also came around our left giving us an enfilading fire. It was the 33rd Miss. of Featherstone's Brig. Lonning's Div. Stuart's (labe Polk's) Corps. We drove them back, pursued them on their very heels and gained and held the top of the hill, leaving thirty four of the enemy's dead among them Col. Drake 33 Miss. and perhaps double that number of severely wounded who could not get away, behind us, and cutting off some forty officers and men who were afterwards taken prisoner. We took the flag and six officer's swords of the 33 Miss., have been obliged to send them to headquarters but I have made application to get them back and if I succeed will sent them to the state.
        Capt.'s Robert Miller Co. C and J.P. Seeman Co. I both comdg. Co. B were killed. Capt. Shemmeger Comdg. Co. F highly wounded and St. Wollman seriously. Seven enlisted men were killed and thirty four wounded.
        This army is invincible, holds Atlanta in its gripe, the capture of which is reduced to a question of days. As soon as we get it I will send a full account of the part taken by this regt. in the campaign.
        Henry Rauth Co. C. is senior 1st Lieut. in the regiment and I recommend him for the captaincy of Co. C. made vacant by the death of Capt. Miller. 1st Lieut. Joseph Maschauer, Co. H, who is next in seniority I recommend for the vacancy in Co. I caused by the death of Capt. Seeman. He has commanded that company ever since his promotion in November last. The captaincy of Co. F is also vacant by the promotion of Major Sackner. According to seniority promotion is due to Lieuts. Juenger Co. A., Koener Co. K and Wollner Co. G in the order prescribed but as they are all absent wounded I recommend that this vacancy be left open for the present. 2nd Lieut. Charles Karsten Co. F, who was once promoted on my recommendation, did his full duty on this occasion and I recommend him for 1st Lieut. of Co. H. For the 1st Lieutenancy of Co. C. I recommend Sergeant Major Rudolph Klien.
        I should be glad to recommend upon the principle of company formation, as it is preferred by you, but I cannot possibly make it harmonize with the good of the regiment. An exception is made in the case of 1st St. Adolph Hensel Co.B. who is now in fact the oldest 1st St. He was promoted from quartermaster sergt. for the sole purpose of acting as 2. Lieu. of the regt. and has only acted as such and never served as a soldier in line and would not accept a captaincy in the line.
        I have the honor to be

Very Respectfully
Your Obt. Servt.

                                                                                                    Fred C. Winkler
                                                                                                            Lt. Col. 26th Wis. Vol.
                                                                                                                    Comdg. Regt.

Wisconsin Historical Society, 1200 Series, Box 128, Correspondence 1864