26th Wisconsin Correspondence, 12/4/1862

                                                                                                    Head Quarters 26th. Regt. Wis. Vol. Inf.
                                                                                                    Camp at Centerville, December 4th, 1862

To His Excellency Governor
Edward Salomon, Madison, Wis.


        I have the honor of acknowledging receipt of commissions for Wm. Vette as Chaplain & Hermann Furstenberg as 2d Lieut. with Letter of 20th of November from Adj. General Gaylord and by this presents have to inform Your Excellency of the Resignation of Capt. Franz Landa of Comp. I, Christian Sarnow, 1st Lieut of Comp. A, & 1st. Lieut. Jacob Heipp of Comp. G, which all have been accepted by Major General F. Sigel according with General Orders No. 184 dated November 14th. I also therefor request Your Excellency to send Commissions for William Smith as present 1st Lieutenant in Comp. I as Captain to said Company in place of Franz Landa resigned, for August F. Muller now 2d Lieut. of Comp. A as 1st Lieut. in said Company in place of Chr. Sarnow resigned. Bernhard Domschke now 2d Lieut. in Comp. C in place of William Smith promoted to Captain and finally Robert Muller now first Sergeant of Company C in place of Bernhard Domschke promoted to First Lieutenant said Robert Muller as Second Lieutenant.
        I also have to inform Your Excellency that 1st. Lieut William E. Huttmann of Comp. B has tendered his Resignation on account of being incapable to perform the duties as such officer which will be accepted undoubtfully by Major General Franz Sigel.
        Expecting Your Excellency's kind answer,
        I remain Your most obedient

                                                                                                    W. H. Jacobs, Col.
                                                                                                            Commanding 26 Reg. Wis. Vol.

Wisconsin Historical Society, 1200 Series, Box 128, Correspondence 1862-1863