26th Wisconsin Correspondence, 9/2/62

                                                                                                    His Excellency
                                                                                                    Governor Edw. Salomon
                                                                                                    Madison, Wis.

Your Excellency:

        In conformity with your order to Col. W. H. Jacobs that those recruiting officers of the 26th Rgt. who have been before in the U.S. Army and recently resigned their commissions should make application through you to the secretary of war for permission to recruit the service, I beg leave to make here by such application.
        I resigned at Kitsville, Arkansas in conscience of serious ill health, caused by a poison I unhappily and accidently imbibed at Merdtown, Arkansas.
        My application for furlough to recruit my health could not be completed with, therefore I was compelled to render my resignation.
        Being entirely recovered I wish to reenter the service again and hope that my application will find a favorable reception by Your Excellency.
        Most Respectfully Your Obedient Servant

                                                                                                    Louis Pelose
                                                                                                            Recruiting Officer 26th Reg. W.V.
                                                                                                                    Milwaukee, Wis, Sept. 2nd, 1862

Wisconsin Historical Society, 1200 Series, Box 128, Correspondence 1862-1863