26th Wisconsin Correspondence, 5/1/1864

                                                                                                    Head Qrs. 26th Regt. Wis. Volt.
                                                                                                    Lookout Valley, Tenn. May 1st, 1864

Mil. Trang, Madison, Wis.

        Sir: I should be glad to get for my regiment a flag from the State, our old one being litterally in tatters. I believe there were provisions made, but but I have not the law and don't know the exact mode of appling for it. If you would send me the flag, I will send all the requisitions, resceipts, that may be requred. Of coarse of battles should be installed, "Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wauhatachie, and Mission Ridge". Besides that , I should like to have the State Colors. Our old one was lost at Gettysburg, where every one of the Color Guards were killed or wounded. I would be greatfully obliged if you would get me these as soon as possible.

Very Truly Yours
                                                                                                    Fred C. Winkler,
                                                                                                        Mgr. Cmding, 26th Wis. Vol.

Wisconsin Historical Society, 1200 Series, Box 128, Correspondence 1864