26th Wisconsin Infantry Reunion at Gettysburg, 1888

In 1888, some veterans return to the scene of the great battle of Gettysburg to the dedication of the 26th Wisconsin Monument. It was the 25th anniversary of the first day of battle this regiment took part. They are facing north, towards the direction of battle, with the town of Gettysburg behind them. Wisconsin newspapers wrote about their journey. A local German newspaper printed the names of those present. The third man on the left is Henry van Eweyk. The order of the others are not sure, but those who attended are: Ferdinand Huebner, Ferdinand Krueger, Henry Banewenf, Julius Meiswinfel, Charles Meners, Frederick Giebold, Sigmund Juenger, William Franfe, Julius Ernst Lasche, Phil. Jacob Schloffer, Nicolaus Friedrich, Franz U. Ruechenmeister, John Chas. Trapschuh, Wolph Ruhlig, Charles B. Thieme, Willam Jos. Scholz, Paul Ban De Blasche, Louis Huesselmann, Georpge Dittmar, Ferdinand Scholz, Friedrich Janzen, Daniel Steuerwald, John F. Luscher, Franz M. Ficse, Henry Klinker, Sebastian Guesenberger.