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58th New York Volunteers
68th New York Volunteers
136th New York Volunteers
119th New York Volunteers
75th Pennsylvania Volunteers
82nd Ohio Volunteers
55th Ohio Volunteers
55th Ohio Infantry Reenactor's Page
73rd Ohio Volunteers
33rd Massachusetts Volunteers
82nd Illinois Infantry
102nd Illinois Infantry
105nd Illinois Infantry
129nd Illinois Infantry
134th New York Infantry
144th New York Infantry
157th New York Infantry
1st New York Light Battery
1st Ohio Light Artillery Co.I
1st Ohio Light Artillery Co.K

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20th Connecticut Volunteers
78th New York Infantry Volunteers
102 New York Infantry Volunteers "Van Buren Light Infantry"

Union Regiments that fought with the 26th Wisconsin.

14th New York (Chancellorsville, Gettysburg)
114th Pennsylvania (Chancellorsville, Gettysburg)
148th Pennsylvania (Chancellorsville, Gettysburg)
21st Wisconsin (Mission Ridge, Atlanta Cmp, Averysboro, Bentonville)

Confederate Regiments that fought against the 26th Wisconsin

19th Alabama(Chickamauga, Sherman's March to Atlanta, and to the Sea).
4th Mississippi (Atlanta Cmp, Kenn Mt. Peach Tree)
17th Mississippi (Chancellorsville, Chickamauga)
10th South Carolina.(Chickamauga, March to Atlanta, and to the Sea).
7th Tennessee (Chancellorsville, Gettysburg)
8th Tennessee (Chickamauga, Atlanta Cmp, March to the Sea)
33rd Virginia (Chancellorsville, Gettysburg)
48th Virginia (Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain)

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52nd Regiment Infantry “German Rangers”, ”Sigel Rifles”

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1st Virginia Infantry Co. H.
The Virtual Palmyra Post, 14th Tennessee, Co. B.

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U.W. Civil War Collection
WHS Archives Division
WHS Arcat
The Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Carrol College, Institute for Civil War Studies
Links to Wisconsin Heritage
Son's of Union Veterans, Wisconsin Dept.

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2nd Wisconsin Infantry
3rd Wisconsin Infantry
4th Wisconsin Infantry
5th Wisconsin Infantry
7th Wisconsin Infantry
7th Wisconsin Infantry Reenactment
8th Wisconsin Infantry
12th Wisconsin Infantry
15th Wisconsin Infantry
21st Wisconsin Infantry
23rd Wisconsin Infantry
28th Wisconsin Infantry
33rd Wisconsin Infantry
45th Wisconsin Infantry

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