The Manitowoc Pilot

Articles Concerning the
26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment


Article #1__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Sept 11, 1862 page 2, col 1

Another Company Gone

        The Company raised by Capt. Pizzalla and Lieut. Baetz, in this County, and assigned to the Siegel Regiment, left Manitowoc on the Steamer Sunbeam, on Sunday afternoon, for Camp Siegel, Milwaukee. Capt. Morgan says they conducted themselves, while on board, in the most orderly and gentlemanly manner. When men have officers who set them good example, they are very apt to follow it.
        An immense crowd of people assembled on the pier, with their good wishes and kind words at parting.

Article #2__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Oct 9, 1862 page 2, col 1

The 26th

        The Twenty-sixth, the Sigel regiment, has left Milwaukee for Washington. The Manitowoc Company th "Lake Shore Rifles," is company F, and is officered as follows: Henry Baetz, Capt; Chas Pizzalla, First Lieut; A. Walber, Second Lieut.

Article #3__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        May 15, 1863 Page 2 Col 7

        Manitowoc Soldiers Killed and Wounded Our county met with severe losses in the recent battles near Fredericksburg, many of our brave men having been killed and wounded. We have only time to mention the names as follows:

Company A 5th Regiment.
( Six killed and 17 wounded were listed-Ed)

        The following are casualties among the Manitowoc soldiers in the 26th (German) Regiment: Killed-Capt. Chas. Pizzala, Sergeant Chris. Schmidt, Friedrich Voss. Wounded--Lieut. Adolph Dordier, Corporal Daniel Tanbe, Wm. Hoefling, Friedrich Puls, Herman Roehr, William Voight.

Article #4__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Jul 31, 1863 page 1 col 2

From the War

        Major Henry Baetz and Lieut. Otto Troemel, of the 26th Regiment, arrived home last Thursday. Both received severe wounds at the Gettysburg battle, and have come home to recruit their suffering health.....

Article #5__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Sept 2, 1864 Page 1, col 1.

Funeral of Lieut. Wollmer

        The remains of the late Lieut. Wollmer, who was wounded recently before Atlanta, and subsequently died, reached here Tuesday morning on the Comet. We have not been informed as to the particulars of his death, but learn that it was quite sudden and entirely unexpected to his family and friends. The funeral took place from the residence of the deceased at four o'clock of the same day, and was attended by an immense concourse of people. The veterans of the 5th and 9th regiments now in town, commanded by Capt. Goodwin, constituted the escort, and with their arms revered, and their slow, solemn tread, keeping time to the mournful music of the fife and drum, they gave to the departed soldier a military burial. Among the officers who attended the last rites were Gen. Salomon, Lt. Col. Olmsted, Major Baetz, Captains Rankin, and Dumke, Lieuts. Murphy, Winpf and Markham, besides nearly all of our prominent citizens. The German Singing Society was also in attendance and sung over the last resting place of their friend's remains.
        The late Mr. Wollmer was one of the earliest settlers of Manitowoc, and greatly contributed by his energy and good business qualities to the prosperity of the place. Until within the past three years he was proprietor and manager of a banking-house here; and his well known liberality and kindness to those with whom he had to deal was proverbial. Lieut Wollmer belonged to the 26th regiment Wisconsin volunteers.
        We have been requested to return thanks in the name of his wife and relatives to the veteran soldiers who took part in the quocession, to the Sangerbund, and to the many kind friends who were with them to sustain and comfort in the hour of their deep affliction.

Article #6__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Nov 11, 1864

Affecting Correspondence.

        The following correspondence will touch the hearts of the friends of the late Lieut. Nicholas Wollmer and his esteemable widow:

                                                                                                        Headq'rs 26th Regt. Wis. Vol.
                                                                                                        Chattahoechie River, Ga. Oct 12.
Mrs. Nicholas Wollmer:--Madam--

        I have the honor herewith to transmit to you the sum of $123.00 with the request that you accept the same as a gift from the few remaining officers of this regiment, to whom your deceased husband, their brother officer, Lt. Wollmer, has ever been a true friend, and a brave and respected comrade. The Regiment mourns the loss of a good man, and a gallant and efficient officer.
        Tendering to you our sincere condolence, I have the honor, Madam to be Your obedient servant.
Francis Lackner
Major 26th Regt. Wis. Vols.

Article #7__________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                        Nov. 25, 1864 page 1 col 6

Maj. Francis Lackner, 26th Regt. Wis. Vol.

        Dear Sir--I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the 12th of October, with draft for $123.00, presented by the officers of your gallant regiment. I accept the gift, not only because my deeply lamented husband, who since December 1863 did not receive any pay from the government, except a small amount which he drew, after he waswounded and a few days before his death, left me and his three little children in need and want; but I accepthed it particularly with warm and hearty comrades, who served with him for two years, who fought by his side in so many battles for our dear bleeding country; for the reason that it comes from the brave men who amid the roar of the cannon, in the throng of the battle and the groans of the wounded and dying, have yet preserved a feeling heart for a poor widow and orphans, whom they are not acquainted with, but know that they exist, and that Lt. Wollmer was their supporter and protector. Gentlemen, receive my warm thanks, and may the God of Battles preserve you, and permit you, happier than my poor husband was to come home again to your dear wives and children; permit you to be received with that love you deserve, and may you enjoy for long, long time, the blessings of liberty and peace of our beloved country, which when it calls out her heroes among the first will be the officers of the 26th Regiment.
        Tendering to you again my sincere thanks I have the honor gentlemen to be Yours respectfully,

                                                                                                        Mrs. NICHOLAS WOLLMER.