Letters and Diaries of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry

Letters and diaries from the men of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry

left lasting messages of their lives during the American Civil War. Though the battle scenes were the most graphic and moving portions of their testimonies, the moments away from the battles told of their duties, as well as their leisure times, of that era. Some entries of interests, apart from the war, put an extra touch to the history they have created. Entries such as: Lieutenant Arnold's terrible days in a Confederate Prison Camp, Private Frank Schmeck's time spent in the Corp's Hospital, and Orderly Karl Karsten's train trip home from the war. 

These diaries and letters give a full understanding of the war through the eyes of the Wisconsin German Immigrants who were there. These, and the newspaper entries of these soldiers, are all put together in a day to day history of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry. This could be found in the 'History' of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry main site. 

Also a diary from Elon Francis Brown of the 2nd Wisconsin with his insights on the 26th Wisconsin Infanry at the battle of Chancellorsville, and ...

An Artillerymanís Diary, by Jenkin Lloyd Jones and his insights of the 11th Corps at Mission Ridge, Wednesday, Nov. 25 - 27, 1863