The 26th Wisconsin Regimental Flags

First 26th Wisconsin Regimental National Flags (Recreated )

S. T. Hooker, President of the Chamber of Commerce, handed the colorful new flag to the new regiment , saying: "Officers and men of the 26th Regiment, Wisconsin volunteers. In behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, I present you with this banner. May the all Mighty God preserve and protect you, and all who fight under its folds and lead you on to victory, granting that we may be here to welcome you on your return, with your banner filled with the records of your victories."

Milwaukee Sentinel, October 4, 1862, pg. 1
(Also from Jim Pula's 'The Sigel Regiment')

Second 26th Wisconsin Regimental National Flag (Recreated )

Head Qrs. 26th Regt. Wis. Volt.
Lookout Valley, Tenn. May 1st, 1864

The second National flag was presented before and first used in the battle at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia June, 1864

                                                                                        Mil. Trang, Madison, Wis.


        I should be glad to get for my regiment a flag from the State, our old one being litterally in tatters. I believe there were provisions made, but but I have not the law and don't know the exact mode of appling for it. If you would send me the flag, I will send all the requisitions, resceipts, that may be requred. Of coarse of battles should be installed, "Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wauhatachie, and Mission Ridge". Besides that , I should like to have the State Colors. Our old one was lost at Gettysburg, where every one of the Color Guards were killed or wounded. I would be greatfully obliged if you would get me these as soon as possible.
        Very Truly Yours

                                                                                        Fred C. Winkler,
                                                                                            Mgr. Cmding, 26th Wis. Vol.

First 26th Wisconsin Regimental Flags

These enhanced images are believed what the 26th Wisconsin Regimental flag would have looked like. The original flag was lost at the battle of Gettysburg and to history.

(Original images belong to the 29th Wisconsin Infantry, change by Fred Truk.) 

The 33rd Mississippi Regimental National Flag Captured by the 26th Wisconsin Infantry

"In front of them, the Mississippi Infantry, some 400 strong, swept down the opposite ridge intent upon destroying Winkler's small band, now less than 260 and 68 muskets. On they came, closer and closer until they were only 10 paces away. At that moment Winkler shouted in order, the regiment sprang up with the alacrity and precision of the veterans they were, and loosened a deadly volly that staggered the Mississippians" (33rd Mississippi).
From Jim Pula's 'The Sigel Regiment' pg 257.

The colors of the 26th Wisconsin in storage. There were four, but when unwrapped, on flag was the colors of another regiment, thus only three pictured here are of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry.

Eleventh Corps 'Major General O. O. Howard' Banner.