Private Robert Jackson, Company C.

Company Muster Roll
136th NY

Robert Jackson, Private, Company C, 136 RegÆt NY Infantry
Age 32 years
Appears on Company Muster-in Roll
Of the organization named above. Roll dated Portage, NY, Sept. 25, 1862
Muster in date Sep 25, 1862

Joined for duty Aug. 24, 1862
Where Groveland
Period 3 years.

Company Muster Roll Sept 25-Oct 31, 1862

Company Muster Roll Nov & Dec 1862
Present or absent not stated

Company Muster Roll Jan and Feb 1862
Remarks: Absent sick since Nov. 7, 1862

Hospital Muster Roll
USA General Hospital
DavidÆs Island, New York Harbor
For Nov and Dec 1862
Attached to hospital: Dec 21, 1862
How employed: Patient

Hospital Muster Roll
USA General Hospital
DavidÆs Island, New York Harbor
Special Muster Roll for Jan and Feb 1863
Remarks: Discharged Feb. 10, 1863 and Final statements furnished

Appears on returns as follows:
Nov and Dec 1862 - Absent Sick at Fairfax since Nov 2, 1862
Jan to May 1863 - Absent sick at Fairfax C. H. since November 7, 1863
June 1863 - Absent sick Nov, 4, 1862
July 1863 - Loss discharged

Descriptive List of Deserters
for the month dated Aug 11, 1863
When: July 22, 1863
Where: Gen Hospital Washington

Co. Muster-out Roll
dated near Washington, D.C. June 13, 1865
Last paid to: has not been paid
Remarks: Deserted from hospital, Washington, D.C. July 22, 1863

Company Descriptive Book
Age: 32, height 5 feet 8 @ inches
Complexion: Sandy, Eyes: Light, Hair: Sandy
Where born: Groveland, NY
Occupation: Farmer
When: Aug 29, 1862
Where: Geneseo
By whom: A.A. Hoyt; term 3 years
Remarks: Absent sick in hospital since October 9, 1862. Reported a deserter and dropped from rolls July 22, 1863 by order of Col. Jas. Wood, Jr. Comandg Regt.

War Department
Washington, March 10, 1879
Company descriptive book reports him absent sick in hospital since October 9, 1862, nature of sickness not stated. He was discharged February 10, 1863, on certificate of disability. The charge of desertion is removed.

written by Robert Jackson to Pension Office (typed as written, one long run on sentence with spelling errors)

                                                                                    Jasper, Steuben Co. NY
                                                                                    April the 25, 1879

We landid on arlington hights october the 4, 1862 and staid thare two or three weeks as near as i can recolect then we started on the march for fairfax that night we campt it raind hard all night we all got very wet we landid at fairfax the next day in a few days I was taken sick they took me to the camp hospital I was thare to or three weeks as I can recolec then they took me to alexander I was thare for or five days then they took me to washington to the carver hospital about november the 13, 1862 as near as I can remember I was thare about seven or eight weeks then they sent me to davids island to the hospital below new york on the east river I was thare seven or eigh weeks as my as I can remember.

                                                                                    robart jackson

Certificate of Disability for Discharge

Private Robert Jackson of Captain A. A. HoytÆs Company C of the one hundred and thirty sixth Regiment Infantry New York Vols was enlisted by Capt. A. A. Hoyt of the one hundred and thirty sixth Regiment of New York Vols at Genesse on the twenty fifth day of September 1862, to serve three years; he was born in Groveland in the State of New York is thirty two years of age, five feet eight @ inches high, Sandy complexion, Light eyes, Red hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Farmer. During the last two months said solder has been unfit for duty 60 days. Station: General Hospital, DavidÆs Island, NY Date: February 2, 1863 .

[Cannot read signature, but says it was a Surgeon.]

He was found incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of incipient Phthisis (in case you don't know this is an old term for pulmonary tuberculosis)

Information by Kelly Taft Krause