Men of the

136th New York Infantry

Colonel James Wood

Major Davis Hartshorn

Captian Willard Slocum Chapin

Captian Orage Sackett, Company G.

Adjutant Campbell Harris Young

Private Israel Spencer, Company A.  (Also his letters, and his memoirs)

Private Lewis Davie, Company A.

Private Charles Smith, Company B.

Private Robert Jackson, Company C.

Private Edward Dwight, Company D.

Private Benjamin Pond, Company D.

Private Hiram W. Babbitt, Company H.

Private Elliot R. Burr, Company K.

Private John Evarts, Company K.

Private Oliver Dewey

Company Poster. Company I

List of soldiers from the U. S. Army Military History Institute

My knowledge of the history of this regiment and the soldiers who fought within are limited to the information that I have received by others. If you have a biography of you ancestor and would like to have that information posted on this web site, send it to me via email typed the way you want it to be viewed. If you have a picture of the soldier, with or without uniform, scan it in and send it also. Any other trivial history concerning the soldier or the regiment is welcomed.

My interest on this regiment is also limited. I created this site as an extension to my main site, the
26th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers who served in the same Army Corps / Division / Brigade as this regiment.  If you are interested in obtaining the code and maintain this side, email me on this as well.

Find you ancestor through you local state historical society. They may contain regimental history as well as an index for those who fought with this regiment. They may also have obituaries, town histories and genealogical helps. Good luck on your search and contact me when you find a connection to this regiment. Some listings are found on this Other Civil War Web Page.