Soldiers of the Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry

This is a compiled soldier's history list presented by history books and descendant's biographies and is not a full list of the entire regiment. To find an entire list of the regiment, click HERE.

Commanding Officers

Col. George E. Bryant
Lt. Col. James Proudfit
Lt. Col. William E. Strong
Capt. Henry Vilas
1st. Lt. Levi M. Bresee
Surg. Luther Cary
1st. Asst. Surg. Amzi Cary

Company A.

Lt. William C. Stevens
Pvt. Andrew Beardsley
Pvt. Elijah Blaisdell
Pvt. John Carruthers
Pvt. Edmund Cleveland
Pvt. George Hope
Pvt. Harvey Law
Pvt. Dugold McIntyre
Pvt. Robert Triggs
Pvt. Frank Weston
Pvt. Clark M. Williams
Pvt. L. A. Williams
Musician Charles Young

Company B.

Pvt. Lucius Carr
Pvt. Edward Davis
Pvt. Jehu E. Wickersham

Company C.

Capt. Edward Whiney
Tintype Collection of Co. C.
Pvt. Ole Grimstvedt

Company D.

2nd. Lt. George T. Wecott
2nd. Lt. Harlow Waller
Sgt. Mjr. Norman S. Gilson
Sgt. Henry Clay
Cpl. John Singer
Pvt. Alexander E. Fryer

Company E.

Capt. John Gillespie
Capt. Abraham Vanderpool
2nd. Lt. Michael Griffen
Pvt. Edward Bennette
Pvt. Charles Coleman
Pvt. Ithamer Knapp
Pvt. James McVay
Reunion of Co. E. 1899

Company F.

Lt. Levi Turner
Pvt. Antone Bruette
Pvt. George Corbin
Pvt. Joseph T. Drees
Pvt. John Dyer
Pvt. John H. Goddard
Pvt. Christian Heidenwerth
Pvt. David Heidenwerth
Pvt. Joseph Lawe
Pvt. William Luck
Pvt. Dennis Meidam
Pvt. Frank Olive
Pvt. Ezekiel Pulford
Pvt. Henry Scheffen
Pvt. William H. Thayer

Company G.

Cpl. Marcus Pratt
Pvt. John Jones
Pvt. George Locke
Musician John Ensign

Company H.

Cpl. William R. Enderby
Cpl. Van Burren Bromley
Pvt. Edward Arnt
Pvt. William Mitchell
Pvt. Thomas Smith

Company I.

Sgt. Eli McVey
Pvt. James Adams
Pvt. James Churchill
Pvt. Cassius Dean
Pvt. Thomas L. Dobson
Pvt. Allen McVey
Pvt. George Wagner

Company K.

Sgt. John T. Ferrell
Sgt. Adelbert V Stevens
Pvt. Edmund P. Fisher
Sgt. George Robb
Pvt. Caleb J. Pinkham
Pvt. George Tuffey
Pvt. Thomas Tuffey