Letter of 
Private John McCallum, Company A.

                                                                                                                            Camp Near Little River
                                                                                                                            Alabama Oct 27th 1864

Dear Uncle

    I now improve this opportunity to write to you. We have had a hard march this time and on short rations. We get once pound of bread for four days that is only one hard tack a day. We get corn and wheat and everything we can eat I have raw corn in my HaverSack all the time. We have been here five days now. We expect to go soon. I don't know where we will go. It is rumored that we are going to Memphis Tennessee. I hope it is true for I feel at home on the Mississippi River.
    We don't know where the Rebel army is now but I suppose we will find out soon. They did not hurt us any with their raid. This army will never fight us again. They dare not throw themselves where we are they will run over the country and bother us all. They can and if we stay in this Department we will have to run after them. The Department of the Cumberland and Ohio are now laying still. While we are tramping around after the enemy, we are used so because we are not in our own Department.
    I received a letter from you containing on dollar in stamps. They came in time as I was and there is no show for pay now. There soon will be a year's pay due us. Our nonveterans had gone home and with them went Colonel Bryant our best friend but I am in hopes we can all go home soon if you fellows does the voting right. We can do the fighting. I received a letter from Malcom Black in which he asked me if I was not going to vote for McClelen and get home soon He said Mc. was his man. I suppose he would like peace so as not to be taxed so heavy, but we don't want any such peace. We want them to acknowledge it. I think the people ought to be satisfied as long as we are. We have endured all kinds of hardship this summer, yet there is no solider that will vote for McCellen. We are living on corn and fresh beef now we have no salt. I never enjoyed better health. Write sa and don't neglect to write even if you didn't hear form me for I am not have a chance to write again this winter as we will soon be away from all communication. I have not time to write any more now. Give my love to all the family. Tell mother to write too.

    We are now about 40 miles form Rome Ga.

    Goodbye. I remain yours truly

John McCallum
Co. A 12th Wis.

From the Wisconsin Historical Society
AUTHOR   McCallum, John.
TITLE   Letter, 1864.
: MAD 4 /14/File 1864 October 27
CALL NO.   File 1864 October 27