Letters of 
Private Caleb B. Clark, Company K.

Junction City, Kansas, May the 9th 1862

Dear Bother James:

I take my pen in had to write a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope these few lines will find you the same and expecting that you would be glad to hear form me. We are now on the Plains of Kansas. We have been to several places since we left Madison. We were stationed at Weston Mo. One month moved for there to Fort Leavenworth. Was there nearly three weeks and were ordered to Fort. Scott, to reinforce Curtis or Sigel just before the Battle of Pea Ridge. When we got there we heard that Rice had been whipped so we were met needed we staid. There nearly three weeks and were ordered to Lawrence, Kansas. We arrived there on the 2nd of April and on the 20th we started for Fort Riley, arrived there at the post on the 25th, distance 100 miles and on the first of this month our Company were ordered to this place to guard it. We are 5 miles from the Fort. The rest of the Regt. is at the Fort. Our Company has the best name in the Regt for good behavior and as being the best drilled. Thus is a fine and as nice a country as I ever saw, mostly [?]. there is a moderate supply of timeless ?] here and a pretty good supply of stone coal and the most beautiful building that I have seen for some time. There is plenty of game here, such as buffalo, antelope, both of which we have had game to eat. Walker turkeys and so froth and there is plenty of fish in the streams. We have caught as much as 2 barrel of fish. Since we have been here, our Regt. belongs to the New Mexican expedition. I suppose without doubt that we will get there. I am in good Spirits. I got a letter from Will the other day. He had the headache for 2 weeks and was so nervous he could hardly write. They were at Warrenton Station, Va. And are probably at Fredericksburg, Va. by this time. We have traveled over 400 miles on foot since we left Weston, M. I got a letter from Maurath. The other day she was well and the rest of the folks. I thought that I would write a few lines to you and let you know how I was and where I was and hope that you will answer it. I will try and send you a paper printed in this place. I gives a description of this country. I shall have to bring this to a close. This from your brother.

C. B. Clark jr.
Direct to C. B. Clark jr. Co. K, 12th Regt., Wis. Vol.
Fort Riley, Kansas.

Sept 19th 1862
Camp Randall

Father it is with great pleasure that I take my pen in hand to let you know where I am and that I am well and I hope that these few lines will find you enjoying good health. Enclosed I send $20.00. I received $29 in all. The reason that I do not send any more at present is because when I get to the Regiment which is then one months pay in advance and as it is, it will only cost 3 cts. to send it by mail. I am in a hurry as I have to leave to night for Washington. No more at present.

From [Your] Affectionate Son

J. S. Clark
C. B. Clark

[There are more letters in this set, but all are written, but in Virginia. The 12th Wisconsin was never in Virginia during the battle years (only during the march to Washington). Caleb Clark was attached to the 12th Wisconsin from his enlistment of Nov. 15 '61 to his death in action at Atlanta, July 22 '64]

Pvt. Caleb Clark's Photo
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From the Wisconsin Historical Society, Call numbers: WIS MSS 240S