Letter of 
Corporal Ben Powers, Company C.

                                                                                                                    Humboldt Tennessee
                                                                                                                    Aug 16th, 62

Dear Brother

        I once more resume my pen to answer yours of July 14th and I need not tell you how glad I was to hear that you was all well but sorry to hear about the failure of the crops this season. I am afraid the ties will be rather hard there this season but George you must keep good spirits and I guess you will come out all right in the spring. You said you wished you had insisted with me and I wish so too for I begin to think you will have to come before long at least I fear so and I know it will almost kill my dear sister to have you enlist but George if you have to come, don't wait to be drafted. Show yourself patriot amiff to enlist without been drafted. I would much rather see you stay at home but I would much rather see you enlist than be drafted and I know that Roz would too, for a volunteer has a much better chance that a drafted man and George if you should, have to come, come to this regt to Co. C for they are counted the best Co. in the 12th at least the Colonel says so. We have the biggest Co. in the reg. and we have only lost two men since we left home. The boys are all well now, except on. I want you to tell Hillie Williams that he is to come here to our regt if he thinks about serving his country. He will find our boys the finest lot of boys he ever fell in with. Tell Hillie that his old frind would hate very much to see him drafted and I hope he will enlist and come here I know he will like soldering well when he would get use to it, at least I do. The boys needn't think they are going to be killed right off. I will be in the service a year the 7th of next month and I haven't seen a battle yet so I begin to think I am as set to be a soldier as anything else and I think I can save as much money in a year as I could when I was at home. I will send 20 dollars to Father in this letter. I wrote to him yesterday and sent 20 inst. I was afraid to send it all in one letter. George I have no news to write this time. Jacob sent you a paper and I sent Father one so you will see all the news I received. The paper you sent me tell Father to send me some stamps when he writes again and how as the darkey is calling for me to come to supper. I will close for this time. Please excuse bad writing and spelling and about all the letter fore I have written it in such a hurry. I scarcely know what I have written. ?Give my love to Rosz and my little nieces to Father s folks to Becca and Ji to Tead and Martha and except the same your from your friend and brother.

Ben Powers

From the Wisconsin Historical Society
AUTHOR   Powers, Ben.
TITLE   Civil Ware Letter, 1862.
: MAD 4 /14/SC 2684
CALL NO.   SC 2684