Diary of 
Private Miles L Hawley, Company A.

Many words were misspelled and corrected during the process of building this page. Such words as 'Picquitte' (Picket), 'Agreable' (Agreeable), 'Wer' (were), and 'Canonading.' (Cannonading) were changed for the sake of easier reading.

May 9th 1864
Went on board the steamer Mary E. Forsyth.

May 10th 1864
Started up the Ohio river arrived at Paduca at seven a. m. and waited for the rest of the fleet.

May 11th 1864
Still on the M. E. Forsyth.

May 12th 1864
Genl. Blair arrives with the rest of the fleet and about 12 o'clock we started up the Tennessee river.

May 13th 1864
Passed Fort Henry the scenery is fine and the day is pleasant.

May 14th 1864
Arrived at Clifton about (?) o'clock a. m. 27 miles below Pitsburg Landing.

May 15th 1864
Laid in camp all day and got some cloths washed.

May 16th 1864
Started on the march at 8 a. m. Marched 18 miles and camped at Wainsboro the country is hilly the water good and plenty.

May 17th 1864
Left the Macodanined road about noon at the furnace about 30 miles from Clifton Camped before dark rained marched 17 miles.

May 18th 1864
Marched 19 miles passed through Waynsboro a true union town here they raised some 1600 union troops.

May 19th 1864
Marched 15 miles to Pulaski where we arrived about 11 o'clock and camped.

May 20th 1864
Laid in camp all day and in the evening took a good wash.

May 21st 1864
Started on the march at 7 o'clock marched through Elkton and forded the Elk river it was some 4 feet deer marched 17 miles and camped.

May 22, 1864
Started at 6:30 a. m. marched 10 miles and camped the country is good.

May 23rd 1864
Took up our line of march 8 a. m. arrived at Huntsville at 1 p. m. marched 11 miles. This is a very pleasant place is watered by a large spring the water is taken to all parts of the city by pipes.

May 24th 1864
Laid over one day and rested.

May 25th 1864
Started on the road in good season marched 17 miles and camped.

May 25th 1864
Marched 12 miles to Decatur and camped on the Tennessee river.

May 27th 1864
Started 1 p. m. marched 6 miles in 12 hours and camped the roads bad.

May 28th 1864
Started on the march before sunrise before we had time to get breakfast and no supper and heavy knapsacks and on short rations the day very warn forded Flint river and camped at Summerville marched 15 miles.

May 29th 1864
Started at 2 P. M. and till 3 A. M. the roads bad and the train scattered for 10 miles marched 18 miles.

May 30th 1864
Started at 7 A. M. with a long train of wagons ahead of us cross rock .... and camped in the valley and town of Warenton after dark marched 19 miles.

May 31st 1864
Started at sunrise marches 17 miles and camped at 4 o'clock near short creek.

June 1st 1864
Started at 7 am and marched 15 miles camped at four p. m. at the foot of the mountains.

June 2nd 1864
Today we rested and I went on picket had a fine rain which makes it cool and pleasant.

June 3rd 1864
Broke camp at sunrise the roads muddy got to the Chattanooga river after dark and camped marched 18 miles.

June 4th 1864
Today we marched to Rome and camped marched 17 miles the roads wet and muddy On the road early forded the Chattanooga river marched 15 miles and camped.

June 5th 1864
Today we marched into Rome the roads are wet and muddy marched 17 miles and camped.

June 6th 1864
Marched 16 miles to Kingston and camped.

June 7th 1864
Marched through Canville and Cartsville marched 14 miles and camped on the Etowak.

June 8th 1864
Today we crossed the Attoomac mountains passed through Acworth marched 10 miles and camped.

June 9th 1864
Rested here and Genl. McPherrson came and gave us a call.

June 10th 1864
Moved forward to Big Shanty some skirmishing formed line of battle had a heavy rain distance 7 miles.

June 11th 1864
Advanced one mile in line of battle drove the rebs from their works Co. A & B were skirmishers was relieved after dark and then we had to build breast works the rest part of the night.

June 12th 1864
Finished our breast works skirmishing on our right and left some artillery firing enemy in plain view at the foot of Kenesaw Mountain.

June 13th 1864
On picket considerable firing on both sides brisk cannonading.

June 14th 1864
Cool and pleasant considerable artillery firing but it is like a jug handle all on one side. The Rebel Genl Polk is killed advanced and threw up breast works.

June 15th 1864
Tried to advance the lines nearer the mountain had a skirmish with the rebs had 25 men killed wounded and missing in the regt one wounded in our Company.

June 16th 1864
Considerable firing all along the line.

June 17th 1864
Artillery firing on both sides a good deal of musketry F. Garth wounded slightly Sham, charge in the afternoon to draw the rebs attention hard fighting on the right.

June 18th 1864
Rainy and disagreeable weather for the boys in the rifle pits no artillery firing from the rebs today.

June 19th 1864
Started the line forward at 7 a. m. the rebs having fallen back & advanced two miles rained like the devil, got very near Kennesaw Mountain.

June 20th 1864
Rebel battery on the mountain shelled us our stop it heavy battle on our right orders to push the enemy at all points. Our batteries open strongly at 5 P. M.

June 21st 1864
Advanced our skirmish line, they are now close under the foot of the mountain some heavy firing on our right.

June 22nd 1864
The rebs throw shell into our camp killed one horse and a mule they have a good position may give us some trouble.

June 23rd 1864
Built new works very few shells from the enemy up to 4 P. M. Orders for two days rations in haversacks and to be ready to march at a moments notice.

June 24th 1864
The siege of Kennesaw has begun in good earnest our pickets close to the foot of the mountain.

June 25th 1864
Heavy artillery firing during the day and share firing between the pickets.

June 26th 1864
Very quiet little firing today so it appears like Sunday moved 1/2 mile to the right dug rifle pits in front of our works something to be done Hooker takes that lines of the rebs works and holds them.

June 27th 1864
Opened along the line at 8 A.M. our brigade advanced their picket line and were repulsed and lost a good many men belonging to the fifty third Ind. Co. A. relieved them after dark we are close to the foot of the mountain and the rebels sharp shooters right above us.

June 28th 1864
The right tried to advance and were drove back the mountain was too steep.

June 29th 1864
Pretty quiet along our front today some cannonading it is reported that the enemy are amassing their forces in our front can see them at work on their breastworks.

June 30th 1864
On picket, some cannonading to sharp firing on the skirmish line.

July 1st 1864
All quiet until 6 P. M. when a flag of truce came out to bury the dead of the 27th affair at 6 P. M. their was sharp firing between the pickets and heavy shelling on our side for two hours.

July 2nd 1864
Skirmishing commenced at daylight when the hill was again shelled for some time. Left the Kennesaw Mountain 8:30 P. M. marched 5 miles dark muddy and disagreeable marching.

July 3rd 1864
Marched 10 miles and formed in line of battle some skirmishing in front.

July 4th 1864
Lay in camp all day till 5 P. M. then marched two miles and threw breastworks rather dry for the fourth.

July 5th 1864
Advanced early in line of battle came to a line of rebs works charged and drove the Johnies pel mell [sic] then forward again to another lines of works close to the Chattahochee and across the Nickajack creek here the rebs shield us having our celebration but it is to much in earnest. Went on picket and dug rifle pits.

July 6th 1864
All quiet along the lines today.

July 7th 1864
Heavy cannonading on both sides the rebs opened briskly at sunset but was soon silenced by our batteries.

July 8th 1864
Some firing between the picket The rebs sharpshooters try to pick of our connoneers [sic] but they soon get sick of that for the gunners shell their skirmish lines and make it to hot for them.

July 9th 1864
Co. A. in picket we are so close that one has to keep a close watch or they will put a hole in your heads.

July 10th 1864
(Missing) old works have some warm skirmishing P. Crippin wounded.

July 11th 1864
We lay in the rear lines all day.

July 12th 1864
Today we were transferred from the 4th Division to the 3d Division and move about two miles to the right.

July 13th 1864
Moved about two miles to the right.

July 14th 1864
Co. A. on picket picked blackberries all day and in the evening it rained.

July 15th 1864
Relieved from picket at night.

July 16th 1864
Started on the march and marched 17 miles and camped near Marietta.

July 17th 1864
Broke camp and marched through Marietta and Rossville and crossed the Chattahoochee river marched 20 miles and camped.

July 18th 1864
Marched six miles and camped.

July 19th 1864
Marched 6 miles and camped.

July 20th 1864
Marched through Decatur then marched in line of battle marched 5 miles and halted for the night Co A. & B. in front for skirmishers.

July 21st 1864
At 8 o'clock a. m., we started to advance the rebs threw a shower of shot into us so that it became necessary for us to quicken our pace to make short work of it and the order was given to charge and we took one line of work and went to the second but the right failed to come up so we had to fall back its the first line then the rebs tried to retake them but we said nix here we lost 90 men in killed sounded and missing this is the charge of bald hill.

July 22nd 1864
This was the blueis [sic] day that we ever saw for the rebs massed their whole force on the army of the Tennessee and charge after charge was made but they could not get us to fall back the rebs were in the front and rear of us but our boy would light on one side and then jump over the works and fight on the other. On this day we lost Major Genl McPherson killed and Brig Genl Force wounded This is the battle of black lack hills we lost 7 wounded 27 captured.

July 23rd 1864
Today I rested till 2 a. m. then was detailed to go out under a flag of truce to exchange the dead. Had quite a talk with the rebs, glad to see each other they gave me a plug of tobacco which was thankfully received.

July 24th 1864
Laid in camp all day and talked of what had passed.

July 25th 1864
Went on picket.

July 26th 1864
Started at night on the march to the right, marched 5 miles and camped.

July 27th 1864
Marched 10 miles and then Co. A. was thrown out on skirmishes advanced 1 1/2 miles then halted for the night.

July 28th 1864
Advanced in line of battle, the 12th in reserve for the first time halted about 9 a. m. and commenced to fortify but, the rebs thought it to good a chance to give us a cleaning put so they attached the 15th corps on our right and got the worst end of a bad bargain. But at 12 o'clock the orders came for the 12th to go to the right for the rebs were to heavy for them and we started double quick for 1 1/2 miles very hot like to give out but got there in time to save the day and drive the rebs of the field this day Co. A. had four wounded in the regt 37 wounded and two killed.

July 29th 1864
This morning we returned to our shot positions in the rear but was not allowed to stay long for we was ordered to move to the front so we moved about 3/4 of a mile to the right and front and now we are in our old position and right glad we are for we are sick of the rear.

July 30th 1864
Cleaned camp and fixed alp bunks so as to be comfortable.

July 31st 1864
Laid in camp & worked on the fortifications.

August 1st 1864
On alarm guard at night.

August 2nd 1864
Nothing of importance still in camp.

August 3d 1864
Cleaned camp and strengthened our works.

August 4th 1864
Today our skirmishers advanced and we lay with our traps on waiting for any thing that might turn up.

August 5th 1864
Went out to the old skirmish line and built fortification.

August 6th 1864
Advanced into the new works heavy skirmishing in the front right fell back but I was left to reinforce the skirmishers.

August 7th 1864
Took another start to the new line of works and farther to the right fixed up in good style rut on head logs and built a shade had to get up at midnight.

August 8th 1864
Went on picket on the skirmish line.

August 9th 1864
Advanced the skirmish line with 80 rods of the rebs works without firing a gun and dug, rifle filter a good deal of cannonading, on the side of the gun but the rebs sent in a few when at four P. M. the rebs came out and we exchanged shots with them.

August 10th 1864
A regular artillery duel took place the rebs opined briskly but ended by the yanks firing the last shot at the rebs commenced again in the evening and kept it up all night is wet and disagreeable.

August 11th 1864
Sharp cannonading on both sides and B. I. Humphery was killed by a shell advanced 1 1/2 mile to the front and left.

August 12th 1864
On alarm guard and slight rain.

August l3th 1864
Moved a little to the right and fixed up our breast works and camp.

August 14th 1864
Staid in camp and worked on the fortifications.

August 15th 1864
In camp and nothing to do.

August 16th 1864
At work on pointed sticks.

August 17th 1864
Still in camp and duty light.

August 18 1864
On picket.

August 19th 1864
Heavy thunder storm and got wet as a rat.

August 20th 1864
Still rainy and disagreeable.

August 21st 1864
On picket.

August 22nd 1864
Came on picket.

August 23rd 1864
[No Entry]

August 24th 1864
Laid in camp.

August 25th 1864
Laid in camp till night then-moved to the rear.

August 26th 1864
Started at night on a march for the right marched 10 miles and halted for breakfast.

August 27th 1864
Marched four miles and camped.

August 28th 1864
Marched 8 miles went on the skirmish line on the Montgomery Rail Road the rebs shell us like thunder.

August 29th 1864
The troops are engaged in tarring up the railroad and Co. A. on the skirmish line.

August 30th 1864

August 31st 1864
Marched 4 miles crossed flint river formed in line of battle thrown up breastworks rebs charged on the 15th Corps and the right of us so we had a little more fun they were repulsed with heavy loss had one man scratched and a [Black slang] hit in the arm.

September 1st 1864
The 14 Corps charged down the Macon R. R. to our left when we started for the right marched 5 miles threw up a rail barricade and camped.

Set. 2nd 1864
Found the rebs works front but the rebs had skedaddled so we started to find them after marching 7 miles we formed a line of battle in front on the skirmish line all night.

Sept. 3rd 1864
Moved a little to the left Went a half mile to the front of the skirmish line to pet some apples.

Sept. 4th 1864
Considerable picket firing and cannonading on our side the rebs keep very still.

Sept. 5th 1864
George Miles and A. Beardsly were wounded at 8 P. M. we started on the backward march marched 3 miles and halted from 11 P. M. until 3 A. M. the roads are very muddy.

Sept. 6th 1864
Started and marched 17 miles and camped we are a fallen buck very slow so as to give the Johnies a chance to see what we are a doing.

Sept. 7th 1864
Marched 7 miles and camped still on the retreat.

Sept. 8th 1864
Marched 5 miles and camped near East Point.

Sept. 9th 1864
Moved the camp about three miles nearer Stanton and commenced to fortify was on fatigue duty.

Sent. 10th 1864
To work on breast works.

Sept. 11th 1864
The Co. is on picket and I was out on guard at the house of a citizen had a good bed to sleep in.

Sept. 12th 1864
Relieved at nine A. M. and had to go to work on the breastworks they progress slowly.

Sept. 13th 1864
Commenced to enjoy the pleasure of a rest by getting on some clean cloths the first for sometime.

Sept. 14th 1864
The most of our time is spent in cleaning our guns.

Sept 15th 1864
Had dress parade for the first time since we left Cairo.

Sent. 16th 1864
Resting the biggest time for we don't think it will be very long.

Sept. 17th 1864
Nothing to do and plenty to eat of hard tack and sow belly.

Sept. 18th 1864
Laying in camp the weather is pleasant.

Sept. 19th 1864
Resting and killing gray backs.

Sept. 20th 1864
On guard at the house.

Sept. 21st 1864
Relieved at nine A. M. and the Capt. 0 T Maxson started for home sent a letter to Father.

Sept. 22nd 1864
In camp the weather is fine.

Sept 23rd 1864
Nothing to do.

Sept. 24th 1864
In camp and I am as tough as a bear, Nothing unusual from regular camp life only I have a gol [sic] fierce sore toe.

Oct. 4th 1864
Nothing has transpired only once then I wet Atlanta and got a good ducking for it rained like thunder till today When we was ordered get ready for march when we started at day light for the Chattahochee river bridge marched 20 miles and camped.

Oct. 5th 1864
Broke camp at 6 A. M. marched 6 miles and camped in the rebs old works.

Oct. 6th 1864
Laid over today is rainy.

Oct. 7th 1864
Laid over and under orders to march at a moments warning.

Oct. 8th 1864
Cold windy and nothing to do.

Oct. 9th 1864
Started on the march early marched through Marietta, passed the foot of Kennesaw Mountain marched 10 miles to Big Shanty and camped.

Oct. 10th 1864
The Co. went to work on the railroad but I laid in camp and marched all night.

Oct. 11th 1864
Halted at Acworth at 4 A. M. for breakfast started at 8 a. m. and marched through Altoona pass crossed the Etwah river and marched through Cartersville marched 15 miles and camped.

Oct. 12th 1864
Started at daylight marched through Cassville Kingston marched 17 miles and camped in 8 miles of Rome heard cannonading all day.

Oct. 13th 1864
Started at 8 P. M. marched slow roads poor.

Oct 14th 1864
Halted at 7 a. m. for breakfast and started at 11 a. m. Camping at Adairsville at 2 P. M. after marching 17 miles since we started last night.

Oct. 15th 1864
On the road in good season marched through Calhous where we halted from 10 R. m till 8 P.M. marched 6 miles to Resaca and camped at 11 P. M.

Oct. 16th 1864
Started early and marched through Snaker gap marched 16 miles and cam-ped at 1 A. M. the next morn the scenery is beautiful as the moon reflects down in the valley as she climbs the mountain.

Oct. 17th 1864
Marched two miles and took a position in the brigade having been headquartered for several days then we at 8 P. M. marched through Devil's gap 2 miles and camped.

Oct. 18th 1864
Passed the town of Fayette marched 18 miles through the mountainous country but the valleys are the richest of land we camped on the Chattanooga river.

Oct. 19th 1864
Marched 18 miles through Summersville and camped at Palpine.

 Oct. 20th 1864
Marched 12 miles and camped at Caylsville. The Country is rough but Productive we are, a regaling our self on seed potatoes but their is no rest for the wicked for it is march with knapsack and gun.

Oct. 21st 1864
Marched 4 miles and camped on the Chattooga river.

Oct. 22nd 1864
Stay over and the new Vets started for the states and I sent a letter to T. Cliff and to father.

Oct. 25th 1864
Commenced and copied this diary and sent to the 15th Ohio battery to see Lote Montgomery then went to the department of the army of Tennessee to see T. Carr part of them transpired on the 24th so that day is not here by regular order.

Oct. 25th 1864
In camp drew rations three days have at last six the weather is fine.

Oct. 26th 1864
Today is very lonesome went to Corps headquarters and saw dad then cooked beans got a letter from Will and one from tar and wina the day is cloudy and looks like rail still in came on the Chattooga and, our foragers ran into a squad of rebs five men missing on guard at Regt Headquarters from two a. m. till six a. m. rained most all the time.

Oct. 27th 1864
This morn is rainy and I went to the 15th Ohio Battery to see Lot Montgomery This after noon drew cloths for a long march and at Dot Seely have pare of drawers made a pudding for dinner sunset clear.

Oct. 28th 1864
Got up at four o'clock and went out a foraging in the forenoon and got a mess of beans cook and eat two quarts had review drew rations day is clear.

Oct. 29th 1864
Broke camp at six and cross the Chattanooga and Coosa rivers marched 15 miles the roads are bad being through a fine forest thinly set got in camp at 10 P. M. the country is poor as any that I have seen. Camped on the Passo river.

October 30th 1864
Started this morn at 10 a. m. marched 15 miles camped at Cave Springs today the country is level soil is good got in camp at six P. M.

Oct. 31st 1864
Laid in camp all day near the town of Cane Springs recd two letters one from Och and one from home went to the fifteenth Ohio battery the day is pleasant. Major Genl. Blair returned and took command of the corps and John P, Allen came and gave us a call.

Nov. 1st 1864
Left Cave Springs and started for Cedar Town crossed Cedar Creek. Marched 14 miles and camped near Cedar Springs. Country is fine rained all night.

Nov. 2nd 1864
Still raining and muddy break camp and start for the town of Vin Wert rained all day, marched 13 miles and camped at G. T. M. Still raining.

Nov. 3rd 1864
Left the town of Tan Wert and started for Dallas 16 miles the roads are muddy and is still a raising did not get to Camp till 10 P. M. this was the hardest days march of the trip.

Nov. 4th 1864
This morning finds it still a raining and I with the rest of the Co. is detailed for picket have to go in advance of the Brigade but are on headquarters guard still raining and cold marched 10 miles and camped near Lost mountain.

Nov. 5th 1864
Started at 8 A. m. marched 12 miles and camped at 2 P. M. The day is warm and pleasant the roads 'ver good twenty miles more and then for a short rest and a vote for Old Abe.

Nov. 6th 1864
This morning the order came to fall in to go a foraging the regt. was all detailed and it went against the grain but it had to be done and at 11 o'clock we started. In the rain marched 15 miles and camped.

Nov. 7th 1864
Loaded one hundred wagons and started on the return killed a hog very warm and pleasant, marched 18 miles and got in camp at dark tired and hungry.

Nov. 8th 1864
Today is rainy and very disagreeable had election and the Co. cast 54, 3 of Mc. and 51 for Old Abe. Wrote two letters one home and one to Villa.

Nov. 9th 1864
Laid in camp wet and rainy.

Nov. 10th 1864
Got paid of act two hundred and nine dollars, the day is pleasant cold winds.

Nov. 11th 1864
Still in camp, cold and windy, paid up my dents and my part but took more in.

Nov. 12th 1864
This morn had Co. drill and then the order came to pack up went to Marietta and tore in the railroad and twisted the rail around trees got back to camp at 8 P. M.

Nov. 13th l864
Started at 9 A. M. for Atlanta marched 20 miles and camped two miles south of the city, the day is cool and pleasant, roads are in good condition arrived in camp at 7 P. M.

Nov. 14th 1864
Laid in camp all day, two miles south of the city.

Nov. 15th 1864
Started on one of the biggest campaigns of the war at 8 A. M. marched 19 miles and camped at six P. M.

Nov. 16th 1864
Camped at 10 A. M., marched 18 miles and camped at 8 P. M. the country is good and productive the best that have seen this summer.

Nov. 17th 1864
Started at 9 A. M. marched 18 miles and got in camp at 11 o'clock P. M. was train guard and that a hard job. the country is rich and the plantations are in good condition that is at the seat of war this morning passed through the town of McDonall.

Nov. 18th 1864
Started at 8 A. M. massed through the town of Jackson marched nine miles to the Ocmulgee river and halted for a few hours then crossed the river went two miles fell out of the ranks and camped for the night.

Nov. 19th 1864
Started after the regt and I came up with them after going four miles passed through the town of Montecello, marched fifteen miles and got in came at four P. M.

Nov. 20th 1864
Fell in line at 7 A. M. and it is raining marched all day and the regt all night but I with a lot of others went to some [black slang, plural] shantys and laid over.

Nov. 21st 1864
Over took the regt and started on the road in the rain marching 12 miles and halted till the train passed the roads had cleared of and was very cold.

Nov. 22nd 1864
Had a flurry of snow, very cold started at 7 A. M. marched 10 miles and camped at 5 P. M., went on picket, had charge of two posts.

Nov. 23rd 1864
Marched four miles and halted till five then marched four miles to the railroad and camped for the might after tarring up the road.

Nov. 24th 1864
This morn we strung out on the railroad tore in and burned ten miles and two stations number thirteen and fourteen the country low and swampy the day is pleasant but cool got in camp at six P. M. at Toonesboro.

Nov. 25th 1864
Started at eight A. M. for the Ocone marched seven miles and camped one half rate from the river in the bottom the rebs a disputing our crossings.

Nov. 26th 1864
Broke camp at ten and crossed the river marched two miles and halted for the night making three one half miles.

Nov. 27th 1864
Started at seven for the railroad tore up five miles and two stations marched thirteen miles and in line of battle the weather is fine the Country is composed of fine barrens and swamps.

Nov 28th 1864
Broke camp at 5 1/2 o'clock marched 25 miles and camped at 8 P. M. today the Genl tried to cut a gut for he gotten a by road and tried to run by the other division but slipped up on his calculations.

Nov. 29th 1864
Fell in line at six in the rear of our division marched 18 miles and camped the country is more low and swampy.

Nov. 30th 1864
This morning was detailed for picket went in advance of the brigade marched 12 miles crossed the Ohoapee river and camped at 5 P. M.

Dec. 1st 1864
This morn the first and fourth division started on the railroad and the 3d was train guard and marched 7 miles and camped.

Dec. 2nd 1864
Detailed to tare up the railroad started at five and one half towe [sic] up ten miles burned the station of Herndon passed the station of Chushingsville and camped at Millen marching 12 miles.

Dec. 3d 1864
Started at 9 A. M. marched eight miles and camped at three P. M. the country is beautiful in a pine forest is with a nice green turf.

Dec. 4th 1864
Hio (?) for the railroad started at six tore up 1 1/2 mile of railroad i. e. our regt marched 17 miles and camped at beaver dam the country is swampy.

Dec. 5th 1864
Started at ten marched eight miles and camped in the rebs sorks [sic] crossed the little Ogheechee river the Country is low and sandy.

Dec. 6th 1864
Laid in camp all day and cleaned up for the 14th corps was behind the day was pleasant.

Dec. 7th 1864
This morn is rainy but at seven we started and marched 18 miles and in between two swamps at 11 o'clock P. M.

Dec. 8th 1864
Started at eight A. M. but fell out of the ranks and went a foraging got 8 chickens molasses and sweet potatoes got in camp a four P. M.

Dec. 9th 1864
Heavy cannonading in our front but we started at 8 A. M. marched nine miles and camped the country is a complete swamp.

Dec. 10th 1864
On picket marched six miles and formed a skirmish line at two P. M. and went pell mell [sic] through a big swamp up to my crotch in water heavy cannonading all day rather cool for the weather that we have had for the last few days.

Dec. 11th 1864
Came on picket this morn and laid in camp all (day) till five P. M. when we started for the right marched four miles and camped and it was cold as the devil.

Dec. 12th 1864
Cold as Greenland packed up and started on a double quick marched fifteen miles and got two and one half from where we started from and dug trenches and go to bed at two in the morn.

Dec. 13th 1864
This morning got breakfast and pitched in and got a lot of rice for we are camped on a large rice plantation and have to demand on rice and beans for support for a short time for we have no communications yet but uncle Billy was gone to open them we have taken fort McAlester heavy cannonading on the line.

Dec. 14th 1864
Still in camp cleaned up for a long stay, sold my watch for twelve dollars and lost the money.

Dec. 15th 1864
In camp around Savannah the day is pleasant tried my hand at betting and won twenty dollars.

Dec 16th 1864
In camp and nothing to do so much of our long tramp the company went on picketing at night.

Dec. 17th 1864
Laid in Camp all day and at night was on guard at the Co.'s headquarters.

Dec. 18th 1864
Laid in camp all day and at night went with the Capt. to look for a place to assault the rebels works got to camp at 10 P. M.

Dec, 19th 1864
Went with the Capt. to take a look at the swamp in daylight and found the thing possible.

Dec. 20th 1864
In camp day and the co went on picket.

Dec. 21st 1864
Orders came for us to pack up before I got out of bed but then I threw me things in my knapsack and was in line as quick as the best of then and started and marched for the city of Savannah. The rebs having left in the night but we got five prisoners three that were left on picket are the rebs went of in to big a hurry to relieve there.

Dec. 22nd 1864
Fixed in camp very cold.

Dec. 23d 1864
Laid in camp and wrote home for the first time since last month.

Dec. 24th 1864
Went to the City of Savannah with our 1st Serg E. C. Pearch saw the monument of the Count Pulaski who fell fighting for liberty in the Revolution saw Genl. Sherman a reviewing the fifteenth Corps.

Dec. 25th 1864
Wrote a letter to Sular and Charley at Louisville Ky.

Dec. 26th 1864
Nothing of importance till night when it up and rained.

Dec. 27th 1864
Fair and pleasant.

Dec. 28th 1864
Started on review but the weather was so wet and disagreeable that it was postponed till.

Dec. 29th 1864
When I was on guard and the regt was reviewed by Genl. Sherman the day was pleasant and cold relieved from guard at five P. M.

Dec. 30th 1864
The day is warm, and pleasant and at five we had dress parade for the first time for nearly two months.

Dec. 31st 1864
Had general muster in the forenoon and a rain in the afternoon rather cool.

Jan. 1st 1865
The day is cold and as dry a new years I have not passed for sometime.

Jan 2nd 1865
Had battalion drill for the first tire since the capture of Atlanta.

Jan 3d 1865
Had company drill in the forenoon and battalion drill in the afternoon.

Jan. 4th 1865
The day is pleasant had Co. drill and dress parade by Capt Maench. Cleaned my gun and at two we broke camp and started for thunderbolt landing miles from Savanna and it is the last that I expect to see of that city.

Jan. 5th 1865
Went on board of the transport S. R. Spaulding bound for Beaufort S. C. arrived at nine P. M.

Jan. 6th 1865
Rainy and wet but then I went and got a lot of oysters in the march and had a fine mess there marched one mile and camped.

Jan. 7th 1865
On guard over a pile of wood and boards had more oysters.

Jan. 8th 1865
Went with the regt to the city to unload boats but none came in with our freight cold and disagreeable.

Jan. 9th 1865
Returned to our old camp cleared guns cold and rainy the small pox are on the raise for a [Black slang] was a laying by the side of the road with it.

Jan. 10th 1865
Cleaned and fixed up for inspection but it set in and rained so that it was postponed till tomorrow.

Jan. 11th 1865
Had inspection and the 12th beat the brigade the day is cool but pleasant.

Jan. 12th 1865
The day is warm had Co. drill for two hours and in the afternoon went to the city of Beaufort to see W. T. Dale and bought me a pen holder.

Jan. 13th 1865
Started on another campaign in the State of South Carolina we broke care at one marched six miles and camped. The 17th corps is alone.

Jan. 14th 1865
Broke Camp at sunrise and started for the rebs marched some five miles and co. It was cold in the skirmish line we drove them five miles to their works and we washed up and got in close range of tell when they opened with grape and canister and down went the boys flat and not a one was to be seen we had four wounded one severely and our picket officer.

Jan. 15th 1865
Started at seven A. M. the rebs having evacuated in the night and left the Charleston and Savannah R. R. to the army of the union and we crossed it at the station of Pocotaligo thirty miles from the next of rebellion then the 12 Wis. was sent to the river and we found them fortified marched 15 miles.

Jan. 16th 1865
Went in camp one mile from the station and built works and cleaned camp.

Jan, 17th 1865
In camp at Pocotaligo.

Jan. 18th 1865
Played a game of poker on time and had dress parade at five P. M.

Jan. 19th 1865
Had squad drill and in the afternoon it rained and kept on till.

Jan. 20th 1865
When the 12th was sent out to reconnoiter and we found the rebs in force on the south catcher river and their picket we drove to their works across the river and we have a nice little time a shooting at each other and it is a raining like torrents stayed there two hours and then started for camp as wet as could make us.

Jan. 21st 1865
Laid in camp and it a raining all day.

Jan. 22nd 1865
Inspection for.....Sunday.

Jan. 23rd 1865
Started for the city of Beaufort with the ordinance train and it rained all day got to the city at seven P. M.

Jan. 24th 1865
In the city and bought a box of tobacco.

Jan. 25th 1865
Staid in the city very cold.

Jan. 26th 1865
Started for the front and got in at six cold and windy.

Jan. 27th 1865
In camp and cooked a mess of beans.

Jan. 20th l865
Laid in camp and sold tobacco sold one box add then did not have enough.

Jan. 29th 1865
Had inspection the day is cool had dress parade.

Jan. 30th 1865
Started on a train through Carolina marched five miles and camped for the night.

Jan. 31st 1865
Laid in camp all day for some recruits.

Feb. 1st 1865
On the road in good time in front of the Brigade for I was on picket marched 15 miles.

Feb. 2nd 1865
Started at daylight and was train guard marched 16 miles and got in camp at 8 P. M. some cannonading on our right.

Feb. 3rd 1865
Started at seven A. M. and it a raining marched six miles and came up with the rebs the first and forth divisions charged and drove them across the river and took their works.

Feb. 4th 1865
Laid in camp and cleaned up and worked all over.

Feb. 5th 1865
Started at eight crossed the swamp marched five miles and camped in line of battle.

Feb. 6th 1865
Started in advance of the brigade marched six miles and cised (?) another and Co. A. was thrown out as a safe guard and was relieved by the second brigade.

Feb. 7th 1865
Ordered to start it nine but we laid over and at five got orders fix up our tents. Trained all day this is where the battle of the Cowpens [sic] was fought in the Revolution

Wednesday Feb. 8th 1865
Started at 7 A. M. took our time marched eight miles and camped the day is cold and windy.

Thursday Feb. 9th 1865
Broke camp at seven A. M. crossed the Chas. Chug. R. R. at Midway station went in camp then went to the support of the First Div.'s marched nine miles.

Friday Feb 10th 1865
At one P. M. we started across the South Edisto river marched five miles and then threw up some breast works for we are in the advance here is a grist mill which is rut in opperation for our benefit.

Saturday Feb. l1th 1865
Broke camp at seven thirty A. M. marched twelve miles arrived in camp at one P. M. found the rebs in strong on than North Edisto and the first Division a trying to dislodge them.

Sunday Feb. 12th 1865
Started on the flank crossed the river on a pontoon bridge then waded a swamp body deep with water and mud formed line of battle then Co. A. and F. went on the skirmish line then started for the town of Cynpeblggs (?) the rebs left in quick time with the yanks close to their heals but I went for some grub run in a house where three young ladies with their mother and I had to stop all night the largest part of the town was burned.

Monday Feb. 13th 1865
After sailing through the town with a nice young lady as the south can boast of I bid good-bye to them and started for Louisville Marched 12 miles and camped.

Tuesday Feb. 14th 1865
Broke camp at seven A. M. Tore up Railroad till twelve A. M. then marched fourteen miles had splendid roads for the train heavy timber.

Wednesday Feb. 15th 1865
Started at eight A. M. train guard marched fourteen miles and got in camp twelve P. M. the rebs are close by.

Thursday Feb. 16th 1865
Fell in line at eight A. M. and started for the left after wading swamps we camped in sight of the city of Columbia marched eight miles the day is warm.

Friday Feb. 17th 1865
Started at twelve A. M. crossed the saluda (?) and then halted till seven P. M. crossed broad river and marched seven miles and camped then I started for the city which was on fire got a lot of stuff for the co. quite a number of our prisoners came in to our lines up all night.

Saturday Feb. 18th 1865
Feel rather hard but have to fall in and march fifteen miles tore up more R. R. and get in chain a little after sunset.

Sunday Feb. 19th 1865
Started at eight in light marching order to tear up railroad marched twelve miles in the right and got in came at seven P. M.

Monday Feb. 20th 1865
Take care at ten six miles from Columbia and marched nine miles Pot in camp at five or picket up till twelve P. M.

Tuesday Feb. 21st. 1865
Relieved from picket and went on the railroads burned the station of ridgeway.

Wednesday Feb. 22nd 1865
Started at eight A. M. marched fifteen miles passed through the town of Winsboro the town was badly destroyed by fire.

Thursday Feb. 23rd 1865
Started at nine A. M. marched six miles then halted five hours for the train to stop the Walteree River then starter at five P. M. marched one mile then halted till the train was across which took till morning and it rained a most all night.

Friday Feb. 24th 1865
Crossed the Walteree (?) marched about one mile then halted for breakfast then started was train guard passed through Liberty Hill a place of two houses a blacksmith shop and a hog pen marched fifteen miles and it rained all night.

Saturday Feb. 26th 1865
Still a raining and have to go back two miles for the pontoon train rained all day with an occasional stop for a few moments at a time the roads are almost impassable and would be for any one but Sherman marched five miles and camped four miles in the rear of the division.

Sunday Feb. the 26th 1865
Started at eight A. M. was relieved by the second brigade marched twelve miles and caught up with the division and camped on little lynch creek.

Monday Feb. 27th 1865
Marched twelve miles got in camp at four P. M. on big Lynch Creek the roads all good and it is good day for our business.

Tuesday March 26th 1865
Started at six A. M. marched eighteen miles crossed black creek and came air with the Johnies so we threw up breast works.

Wednesday March 1st 1865
In camp and had a fine rest just the thing we wanted

Thursday March 2nd 1865
Detailed on picket the day is dark and cloudy would feel lonesome but have got a good officer with us was up till twelve P. M.

Friday March 3rd 1865
Was relieved at ten and started for the town of Chesoli marched twelve miles pot in camp at four P. M. one mile from the city.

Saturday March 4th 1865
Laid in camp all day till eight P. M. then started and crossed the bridge Tedee river marched four miles and got in camp at eleven P. M. the ground is low and the last rain have made it almost impassable the roads are like a morter bed with no bottom.

Sunday March 5th 1865
Started at twelve A. M. marched five miles and camped here one of our foragers got wounded he was a substitute his note was Dusy.

Monday March 6th 1865
Broke camp marched eight miles and got in camp at one P. M. Passed through Bennettsville S. C. then went out a foraging and found a number of trunks buried which we broke open.

Tuesday March 7th 1865
Started on the road at might A. M. marched nine miles got in came at one P. M. then were out a foraging and raised the devil in an old woman's smoke house.

Wednesday March 8th 1865
Started at eight marched sixteen miles got in camp at four P. M. rained all day and was most disagreeable day for our business for we waded to the swamps and corduroy the roads so as to get the train along crossed Drooning Creek.

Thursday March 9th 1865
Started at eight A. M. in advance of the brigade marched twelve miles arrived. in camp at eleven P. M. it rained all day had to make roads for the train and lift the wagons out of the holes were wading of swamps for they are plenty.

Friday March 10th 1865
Started at eight in the rear of the brigade was provost guard but arrested no one more rain till noon when it cleared up got in camp at five P. M. making fifteen miles the ground has get so wet that it is dangerous for horsemen to leave the road.

Saturday March 11th 1865
Started at one P. M. crossed Rockfish creek passed through the town at Rockville this is a place of a few boarding houses for the factory girls their being a large cotton factory which our forces burned leaving the girls without work. Poor things we did pity them marched seven miles and our bummers captured a boat on Cane Fear river.

Thursday March 12th 1865
Laid in camp two miles from Fayetteville N. C. the day is pleasant and everything looks fine.

Monday, March 13th 1865
Started at twelve A, M. crossed Cane Fear river marched five miles and canned at eleven P. M.

Tuesday March 14th l865
Started at twelve A. M. marched two miles and camped the country is sand the weather warm and pleasant.

Wednesday March 15th 1865
Started at nine A. M. marched ten miles got in camp at eight rained all day and had a hard time to get the train along for the country is swampy.

Thursday March 16th 1865
The morn our regt went back two miles after the pontoons got them up to the command then halted till night when we started a marched eight miles and got in camp in time to eat breakfast rained all day.

March 17th 1865
After breakfast we started on the road marched twenty miles the rept. got in camp at ten P. M. but myself and three others stopped back three miles and came up in the morning.

Saturday March 18th 1865
Today is warm and pleasant and we marched fourteen miles got in camp for the first time for a week camp at Troublefield.

Sunday March l9th 1865
Started on the road at seven A. M. marched nine miles arrived in camp at two P. M. heavy cannonading on our left in the front of the fourteenth corps country is low and swampy.

Monday March 20th 1865
Had reveille at two A. M. for an early start but lay in camp till six then started and marched twenty miles and got in camp at six P. M. threw up works for the rebs are in fine battle have had some hard fighting by the fourteenth and twentieth corps.

Tuesday March 21st 1865
Today is rainy and disagreeable and the rebs are a trying their hand with Sherman but got of so second best. But the twelfth had to start on a quick time for the front threw up two miles of works and then did not fire a shot from them had two men wounded on the skirmish line heavy charging in the night by the rebs marched about one mile.

Wednesday March 22nd 1865
Laid in camp all day the rebs having left in the night with the fifteenth corps close to their heels the day is warm a pleasant had the spring fever in good earnest for I am too lazy to move around.

Thursday March 23rd 1865
Started at eight for Goldsboro marched fifteen miles and camped at six P. M. passed a part of the twenty fourth and fifth corps they were Potomac men and had on a camp guard the bought they had done a big thing for they had been without communications for a week the twenty fifth corps were [Black Slang] and they thought we were nearly h --- l (?).

Friday March 24th 1865
Was detailed on picket started and marched through the town of Goldsboro so that Billy Sherman could see we had some of our men come to the company that were left back marching eight miles.

Saturday March 25th 1865
Was on picket till three P. M. when we were relieved and moved one mile and cleaned camp so as to take things easy.

Sunday March 26th 1865
Laid in camp all day and drew cloths for a part of the company your humble servant not betting any he being better of than the rest.

Monday March 27th 1865
At twelve the order came to pack up and march to a new camp four miles think we will stay for a short time.

Tuesday March 28th 1865
Cleaned camp and fixed up so as to take the thing as easy as possible camped two miles from Goldsboro.

Wednesday March 29th 1865
Warm and pleasant cleaned up a little more and drew cloths and I an counted in.

Thursday March 30th 1865
Today it rained very hard so I was obliged to stay in camp and I tried to write a letter but it played out on me for it has been a long time since I undertook such a job.

Friday March 31st 1865
Today we drew more cloths and five days rations two more of the boys came to the company.

Saturday April 1st 1865
Had general inspection by Capt. Adams in heavy marching order.

Sunday April 2nd 1865
Co. A. on picket but I am rather under the weather with the neuraliga in the face.

Monday April 3rd 1865
In camp and a making the lost of a short rest that is allowed us by Genl. Sherman.

Tuesday April 4th 1865
Today I made a box to send home is warm and pleasant.

Wednesday April 5th 1865
Regular camp life nothing to do but drill enough for exercise had a skirmish drill today.

Thursday April 6th 1865
Had Co. inspection in place of drill the day is very warm.

Friday April 7th 1865
Wrote three letters the first for two months.

Saturday April 8th 1865
Had inspection and General review and then drew new Springfield guns General Lee surrendered to General Grant.

Sunday April 9th 1865
Received orders to move and Lieut. ORily (?) started for the north and I lent him eight dollars.

Monday April 10th 1865
After the rebs started at seven marched fourteen miles in the rear rained all day.

Tuesday April 11th 1865
Left camp at seven and it is a raining slightly the roads are bad crossed little river marched ten miles and got in camp at three P. M.

Wednesday April 12th 1865
On picket went to head quarters lay there till two P. M. started and made two miles the day is pleasant.

Thursday April 13th 1865
Relieved and marched fifteen miles got in camp at eight P. M. the day is rainy and disagreeable.

Friday April 14th 1865
Broke camp at seven A. M. crossed the Nure river marched through Raleigh in review at four P. M. The ladies were a promenading in the streets and (missing text) well satisfied with the exchange marched twenty two miles and got in camp at seven P. M. the country is rolling and fertile the soldiers had destroyed the confederate printing office the Progress office is running and we get the papers at home the citizens are working it.

Saturday April 15th 1865
Started at six A. M. marched one mile and it raining very hard got the report of the surrender of Johnson then went in camp

Sunday April 16th 1865
Lay in camp the day is warm the rebels are a straggling into our lines and a giving themselves up and taking the oath they say the war is played out.

Monday April 17th 1865
Today received the sad news of the assassination and death of President Lincoln otherwise all quiet.

Tuesday April 18th 1865
Today Gen. Johnston surrendered his army to Genl. Sherman and Davis the Confederacy had a heavy thunder storm in the evening.

Wednesday April 19th 1865
At twelve moved camp about two miles and now are a waiting for the order to start for the north on a still longest and more desirable campaign.

Thursday April 20th 1865
Cleaned camp and are now waiting for the papers to return from Washington with the news of peace.

Friday April 21st 1865
The day is pleasant and in the evening had a thunderstorm.

Saturday April 22nd 1865
This morn was cool the day is pleasant still in camp.

Sunday April 23rd 1865
Had inspection at ten A. M. and at three P. M. was reviewed by Genl. Leggett.

Monday April 24th 1865
Had Genl. review Genl. Sherman, Grant, Mead and others in the city to Raleigh N. C.

Tuesday April 25th 1865
Started at seven and one half A. M. marched nine miles and camped at one P. M. the country is heavy timberd with hard wood and land is good slightly rolling.

Wednesday April 26th 1865
Laid in camp all day nothing to do but eat drink and, play cards for amusement.

Thursday April 27th 1865
Started for Raleigh got in camp at twelve P. M.

Friday April 28th 1865
Got a pass and went to the city of Raleigh and saw Genl. Sherman on the streets.

Saturday April 29th 1865
Started at eight on one of the desirable campaigns of the war for we are bound for Washington marched twelve miles got in camp at six P. M. we are not allowed to take a thing nor bu n [sic] a rail something new for this army.

Sunday April 30th 1865
Laid in camp all day for it is against orders to march on the Sabbath as long as necessity does not require it and I am well satisfied.

Monday May 1st 1865
Started at seven A. M. marched twenty miles and arrived in camp at four P. M. on Tar river passed through the town of Forrestville a very nice little station on the Gaston and Weldon R. R. the country is good slightly rolling we are fairly enroute for Richmond VA.

Tuesday May 2nd 1865
Started on the road at six A. M. marched twenty four miles and got in camp at Manson Station on the Garton and Raleigh R. R. the day is pleasant and cool the country is splendid and the soil productive.

Wednesday May 3rd 1865
Rolled out and got in line at six A. M. the twelfth in advance of the brigade marched twenty miles and got in camp at two P. M. one mile from the Moanoke river where we have to lay the pontoon.

Thursday May 4th 1865
Laid in camp all day awaiting for our turn to cross the river.

Friday May 5th 1865
Turned out at five A. M. and crossed the Roanoke at seven marched twenty six miles crossed the Mehern river and got in camp at seven P. M.

Saturday May 6th 1865
Started at five A. M. in the rear of the division marched till eleven then halted for two hours started made twenty miles got in camp at seven P. M. The day was the warmest we have had this season crossed the Nattaway river the country shows the effect of the war.

Sunday May 7th 1865
Broke camp at six A. M. for Pettersburgh marched seventeen miles and went in camp at two P. the day is more cool.

Monday May 8th 1865
Started at six and one half A. M. passed through the city of Petersburgh it is quite a large town was but little damaged by the siege and is in the height of business in the mercantile department today we marched twelve miles and camp at one P. M. the day is very hot and unpleasant.

Tuesday May 9th 1865
This morning rainy but we started at six A. M. marched fourteen miles got in camp at twelve A. M. two miles from the city the day is cool and the road is fine.

Wednesday May 10th 1865
In camp all day in the forenoon went to the city and made a purchase of some soft bread. The day is cool and cloudy. The fifteenth corps came in today the road is full of troops enroute for Washington and at night the 15th 17th and 14th corps made a raid on the settlers.

Thursday May 11th 1865
The 20th & 14th corps started for Washington the day is pleasant and I went and took a bathe in the James river too night looks like rain got a letter from villa rained very hard.

Friday May 12th 1865
Broke camp at five A. M. marched through Richmond in fine style and got in camp at six P.M. making ten miles.

Saturday May 13th 1865
Rolled out by a role of the drums Started at five A. M. marched thirteen miles and got in camp at eleven A. M. crossed the Chickahoming and several other small streams and camped on the Femunkey river passed Genl Sherman's headquarters at Hanover Court house.

Sunday May 14th 1865
Started at seven P. M. crossed the Taumunky at nine o'clock the country is very wet and sandy so that it is hard for the train marched thirteen miles and got in camp at five A. M.

Monday May 15th 1865
Started at six and to judge from the actions of the officers they had rather too much of the bottle but after a short time we got on the move and made fifteen miles and got in camp in good season the day is very warm and the country is very low that is with the rest that we have passed over

Tuesday May 16th 1865
Today in the rear of the corps passed through Fredricksburgh crossed the Rapahanoc river on the pontoon bridge the city is completely riddle with grape and canister marched seventeen miles and got in camp at six the day is very warm came very near playing out for the first time.

Wednesday May 17th 1865
Broke camp at four A. M. in advance of the division the day is hot marched twenty miles got in camp at five n. m. at Beaver dam creek quite a number of men sun stroke.

Thursday Mar 18th 1865
Fell in line at five a. m. marched sixteen miles got in camp at two P. M. forded the Occoysuan river the day was very hot and sultry and more men gave out had a heavy rain in evening.

Friday May 19th 1865
Started at four and it a raining marched 16 miles forded two creeks and got in camp at two p. m. three miles from Alexandra more rain.

Saturday May 20th 1865
Still in camp and it is raining Lieut Kiels arrived at the co. from the north.

Sunday May 21st 1865
Went to the city of Alexandria more rain got a pair of socks from home.

Monday May 22nd 1865
The day is pleasant and warm and at night drew cloths.

Tuesday May 23rd 1865
Broke camp and marched seven miles passed through Alexandria and camped on the banks of the Potomac.

Wednesday May 24th 1865
Started at 7 a. m. on grand national review marched seven miles and got in camp at two.

Thursday Mar 25th 1865
In camp the day is warm and in the afternoon the Governor made a call on our Regt and made a few remarks.

*** End of Private Miles L. Hawley's Diary. ***