Diary of 
Lieutenant Levi M. Bresee, Company I.

Lieutenant enlisted in to the 12th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers, Company I, as the Commissary Sergeant due to his clerical background. He was 25 years of age, brown hair, gray eyes at 5 ft. 7 in. tall. He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on July 1st, 1862 while in the hospital. Levi was later promoted to Adjutant of the Regiment on July 30th, 1863, then to A. A. A. G - 17th Army Corps on July 1st, 1865.

SaturdaySaturday Jan 11th 1862
Struck tents at five o'clock, rather cold and commenced snowing at 7o'clock, from in line and marched to the cars. Bade my folk's goodbye and got on the freight train and left Madison at 9 o'clock, on the M & P DC & NW R. R. Arrived at Hanard at 2 o'clock, had a good dinner and coffee and left for Chicago at 2 3/4 o'clock P.M. Arrived in Chicago at 11 marched through the streets to the Great Central depot. Boys got coffee. Went to the Trenont House and had a splendid supper wit the officers and band. Went to the depot and left for Quincy on the CB &LB R. R. at 10 o'clock P. M. Got into the cars with the band and slept all night.

Sunday Jan 12th
Very cold. Arrived at Galesbury at one o'clock. Gave the boys coffee on the ferry back, cot across the river, landed in Secesh at 4 1/2 P.M. Got fright on cars at 8 1/2. Went to Plansers, got supper and went to bed at 9 1/2 P. M. with Henry for my bed fellow.

Wednesday, Jan. 15 1862
Cloudy and cold. Got up at 4 A. M., went to depot at 5 1/2 AM. First train leaving 7 A.M., 2nd train leaving 8 A. M., 3rd train leaving - count on 2nd train. First train passed us at Palmgra. Arrived a Magan City at 2 P. M., got off to see the rations and got left with Capt. Palmer and two Privates. Came across an old friend. Capt. Rice of the Mo. 22nd, who took us to his quarters and took the best of care of us. Got dinner, went to the depot and waited for freight train until 8 P. M., then went with Capt. Rice to Head Quarters and then went to bed at 10 P. M.

Thursday, Jan 16 / 62
Rather cloudy and not very cold. Got up at 8 A. M., went to the depot to see about train. Came back and got breakfast, offered to pay. Sandlord Union would not take a cent. 1800 men here, Infty. and Cavalry. Went to the dept. Cars came, found Capt. Nostus, Lieuts., Bennett and Pinken with about 30 men which were left behind. Got on car and left for St. Jo. at 11 1/2 A. M. Came to Brookfield. Found Capt. Sylvester and some men at Chilcolte. Saw a Secesh flag at Chilcolte which was found by the 23rd. Found the 23 Ills. Regt. at Stewartsville, found the 52nd Ills. On the way to Cairo. Arrived at St. Jo. at 9 P. M., peek up at the Pacific with the Officers. The men sleeping in the depot, retired at 11 o'clock.

Friday Jan 17th 1862
Clear, cold. Got up at 8 o'clock, got breakfast. Bill 12, left St. Jo. At 11 o'clock A. M. for Weston. Arrived at Weston, found the 2 Mo. and went to work. Saw the Col. and Staff returning from the Fort. Went to the Com. Quarters and got our rations and took them to our quarters along the Colonels. Got supper for the boys and went to bed at 10 'clock. Raining and howling. Found the 18th Mo. Regt here rather hard looking.

Saturday, Jan 18 /62
Cloudy and mild. Got breakfast, went to the Com. Store House and took an (asse ?) of rations. Got dinner 3 P. M., took Dr. Carez's horse and went Fort Leavenworth. Crossed the Ml. Into Kansas at 3 1/4 P. M., arrive at the fort at 3 3/4 P. M. Saw the A. C. S. and returned to Weston at 5 0. M. Got supper and played euchre until 9 1/2 P. M., then retired.

Sunday, Jan 19 / 62
Cloudy and mild. Arose at 8 A. M., got breakfast, 10 A. M. Gave rations for 2 days to 842 men, took me the Q. M. Q. M.\S. & Q. M. clerk 2 horses to serve rations. 3 P. M., had dinner of beef steak, turkey, rice, coffee and bread. 6 P. M., went to work with Q. M. making returns for rations. 8 P. M. alarm in camp, long roll beat, the report that the pickets had been fired on. Called out the 18th Mo. Our boys were ordered to load and be on hand. 9 P. M. all quick in camp, retired at 10 P. M.

Monday Jan 20th 1862
Cloudy and mild, predictions of snow. 10 A. M., dress parade, went to the Q. M. store house and worked until 1 P. M. At 2 P. M., got a horse or livery stable and rode over to the Fort. Got there about 10 minuets behind Q. M. Sergt., who left before me. Went to the A. C. S. and done my business, got back to Weston at 4 1/2 P M. Let the fort at 3 3/4 P. M. The boys or the 18th Mo. brought 9 Secesh in this afternoon, one of them came on the train with us from Chicago. They are horse thieves. Retired to bed after having eaten a good supper. Got for us by Charley Strait and seeing a [Black Slang] dance in the kitchen.

Tuesday Jan 21 / 61
Cloudy and mild. 9 A. M. went to quarters and found the 13th Wis. Had arrived in town. They are a good looking set of men. They leave for Leavenworth City tomorrow about 7 miles from home. Went at 11 A. M. to serve rations. Myself and the Q. M. gave out rations for two days to 864 men. Go up to dinner at 2 P. M. The 18th brought 4 contrabands and two horses to town this P. M. 7 P. M., writing letters home and to Jn. Spencer. 8 P. M., played Bluff until 10 P. M., then retired.

Wednesday Jan. 22nd 1862
Cloudy and mild. Q. M. went to the Fort in the P. M. Removed Q. M. stores to new store house. Played bluff, came out and retired at 11 P. M. The 13th left for Leavenworth City today at 10 A. M.

Thursday, Jan. 23rd 1862
Clear and mild. Went to store at 9 A. M. Issued rations for 2 days to 848 men. Received 10 days ration from the Fort. Made out provisions returns in the evening. Played bluff. 11 P. M. retired, 68 in hospital.
Friday, Jan 24th 1862
Cloudy and rather cool with signs of rain. Got some of my returns sighed and went to the Sutler's and rode over to the Fort with dispatches from our Q. M. left them at the commissary's and went to the city. There being the driver Charles. Straits, Jillian and myself. Saw camp of cavalry on the wagon. Got to the city a 12 M., went around some. Played billiards and started for Weston at 3 1/2 P. M. Arrived a the Fort at 4 P. M. Got answer from Capt. Rag to Q. M. Dispatch and reached our quarters at 5 P. M. Saw train of 100 teams from Salt lake at the Fort. Broke double to see coming home. Retired at 10.

Saturday, Jan. 25 / 62
Clear and mild. Issued rations 2 day to 41. 68 in hospital. Got all rations signed. George helped issue today. He being detailed for that business. Played bluff, came out 23rd. Retired at 10 P. M. Ohio Cavalry came today.

Sunday Jan. 26 /62
Cloudy and cold. Breakfast at 9 A. M. Henry gone to the Fort. Frank writing letters. Geo. Lane is in town. Came last evening. Our regt. had Battalion drill yesterday for the first time. The Ohio cavalry left for Platte City. The Wis. 9th arrived this morning and are n town. At 12 M. Wrote to Isaac , James McGinsley, Frank Scollan and K. Tunney. 2 P. M., with to the depot with Q. M. to look after the 9th. The Q. M. being sick. Saw Hannah's brother. Got quarters for the 9th, then issued 851 rations of coffee, sugar, candles and soap to them. 7 P. M., retired.

Monday Jan 27th 1862
Clouds and drizzly. 9 A. M., went to store and issued 974 rations of pork, vinegar, cables, honey and salt. 1073 hard bread, 900 soap, and 1020 coffee. 10 A. M., issued rations to 849 men for 2 days, part beef and all flour. 71 to hospital for 2 day. Our Q. M. received a notice from the H. Q.?) at the fort appointing him depot Commissary for the 9th, 12th and 2nd Ohio Cavalry, who are at Platte City. We are having a nasty day. It is raining most all the time. No dress parade today. The Q. M. is receiving bids for substance this afternoon. Got my returns signed by the Co. this P. M. 7 P. M. posting up our day business expecting to have plenty to do for some times. Retired at 9 1/2 P. M. Getting cold and hailing. Gave Frank returns to copy.

Tuesday Jan 28th, 1862
Cloudy and snowing. Got up at revile and got breakfast, then went to the store and received 70 sacks of flour. Gave rations to the 9th consisting of 100 lbs. Coffee, 26 soap, 11 candles, 130 beans. 60 vinegar with the Q. M. and George to 874 men. 12 N., went to dinner 2 P. M. went to the U. S. Warehouse with Q. M. and George and issued to 2nd Ohio Cavalry to go to Platte City. 84 vinegar, 1067 lbs. beans, 80 lbs. candles, 30 soap, 3000 flour, 987 sugar, 280 salt, 700 coffee. Gave them the flour from our store, then come to quarters fixed up papers. 3 P. M. Henry came for the fort 3 1/2, went to store, issued 81 R. pork, hard bread, coffee (honny ?), sugar, soap, candles, vinegar, 27 men of 2nd Ohio Cavalry who one left in the towns, gave Q. M. 9th 1 lb. (canstes ?). Went to St. George Hospital, while there saw 365 2nd Ohio Cavalry pass by on the way to Platte City. They have 1200 men. Read General Hunter's order (no. 2) in relation to the great Southern expedition in which we are to go. Retired to bed very early, being very much fatigued.

Wednesday, Jan 29th 1862
Cloudy and very cold. Went to store and issued 12 lbs. soap, 40 candles, 27 salt, 100 coffee, 204 beans, 253 sugar, 110 g beef, 123 bacon, 1060 hard bread, to the 9th. They left at 10 1/2 for Leavenworth City. Issued rations to 871 men for 2 days, beans in place of (hoing ?). All fresh beef, also sent 2nd Ohio 5664 flour, 20 so. Pork, pretty good days work having pain in my side all day. Played Chips till 11 P. M., then retired.

Thursday, Jan. 30th 1862
Clear and most deridingly cold. About 19 below zero. Our Q. M. rather sick. Went to store and gave beef 114 lbs. To Co. D, F, and G, also to Band. Gave stores to Col. Got supper, went to get blankets. Charley Straght on and tight going to leave. Got returns sighted by Col. Read all the evening. Retired at 9 P. M. Weather getting warmer.

Friday Jan. 31st 1862
Clear and cold. Issued rations to 864 men, except G. G., E, and Band, who drew no meat. Received Store from the fort of sugar, salt and coffee. Also, from Warehouse 1 Bbl beans and 5 Bbls vinegar. 1 Bbl sugar from Q. M. 18th Mo., 130 sacks of flour from mill. Received beef. Ohio Calvary 200 in number, 130 of our men came on from Madison. Retired at 10 P. M.

Saturday, Feb 1st 1862
Clear and cool. Went to store, received 82 1bs beef, gave R of beef to Co. E., G. and Band. Got potatoes and got dinner of roast beef, potatoes, coffee, bread and butter, also got breakfast after dinner. Went down town and saw a furs between one of our men and Col. Morgan of the 18th about a [Black Slang]. Our men pulled the Col. out of his sleigh twice. The Col. tried to have him arrested, but he got away, but was finally caught by our men and put in the guard house. Went to the Chaplains to get letters. Got none. Retired at 11 P. M.

Sunday Feb. 2nd 1862
Cloudy and cold. Gave rations to 881 men, all beef. Rather dull this P. M. Snowing all the afternoon. Wrote to my wife and Jimmy Ruchford. Retired early.

Monday Feb. 3rd 1862
Pleasant but cool. 10 1/2 A. M. took Q. M. home and went to the fort. Charley got horse from the livery stable and went with me. Lost shoe off of my horse near the fort. Left notes from Q. M. at the Com'y. and Q. M. (dept ?). Went to the City. Got house shoed. Went to Platte and got dinner. Saw Hannah's brothers. Got on some gloves and George Overalls. Returned to fort. Got answers to notes and returned to Weston at 5 P. M. Retired at 10 1/2 P. M. Played Chief.

Tuesday Feb 4th 1862
Cloudy and cool. Henry sick and gone to hospital. Q. M. going to the fort. George and me and rations to 894 men, 2 days. Charley assisted us in issuing. Got my own dinner 4 P. M. Got a letter from my wife. Folks all well. Tismey got money for her. He has a lame foot, pass at Risberys by Klansbury clerk. Got no money from Dutchene, Abigail and Lincoln's were to our house. Sent respects to George. 5 1/2 P. M. got tea, rice and beef for hospital by orders of Q. M. who has just returned for the fort in company with the Col. and Lt. Col. who went to see the Kansas 1st, the 9th, 13th, are under marching orders to Fort Scott. Played Chief. Retired at 11 P. M.

Wednesday Feb 5th 1862
Cloudy and beginning to thaw. Went to store and gave hospital rations of beef, rice and tea. Took into store 2875 lbs. potatoes. In the evening went to hospital to see Henry. He is getting better. Played Chip. 10 1/2 P. M. retired. Raining and hailing.

Thursday Feb 6th 1862
Clear and cold. The streets are one piece of ice. Gave out rations to 985 men 2 days and potatoes for a week. Gave hospital 67 rations. Saw the new Col. of the 18th who takes Col. Mogan's place. Heard the order read. Good looking man. 4 P. M. got a letter from J. P. Spencer, very glad to hear from him. Got a good supper of steak, potatoes, berries and coffee. Worked on rations till 9 1/2 P. M. then retired.

Friday Feb 7th 1862
Clear and awful cold. About 15 below. Whiskey and good at that. Not much doing today. Went to the Post Office and got a letter from Jimmy McGinly, also papers from Joseph Spencer and Frank Scollan. Went to see dress parade of 18th Mo. Saw the new Col. Wm. Miller, heard the orders read concerning men under arrest and went to quarters and got supper of steak, potatoes, sauce and tea. Wrote to Joseph Spencer. Charley wrote to him also. 8 P. M. Sexton making out his returns to head quarters. The 13th left today for the South from the city of Leavenworth. Retired at 10 P. M.

Saturday Feb 8th 1862
Cloudy and cold. Gave rations for 3 days, all pork instead of beef. Frank gone to the fort, gave stores to hospital. No mail. Played chip. Retired at 12 P. M.

Sunday Feb. 9th 1862
Clear and mild. Nothing to do today. Read papers, smoked and talked all the A. M. In the afternoon wrote letters to Wm. Buckley. In the evening, wrote some on returns and retired at 9 P. M. Mike here to dinner. Henry came from the hospital.

Monday Feb 10th 1862
Cloudy and warm. Got pass for George to go to the Fort. Wrote to y wife, put letters in the office. Raining down hard all day. Orders came to go to the city, forthwith, do not like it. Got papers from Jo and Frank.

Tuesday Feb. 11th 1862
Clear and warm. Getting muddy. Q. M. and Sergt. Maj. Gone to the fort to get trains ?) and rooms for the Regt. Went to store and got 100 sacks flour. 3 P. M. gave 2 days rations to the men, the color guard included. 5 P. M. went to quarters and got a letter from Of Spencer and you may bet your life it was welcome for it contained the welcome news that my wife had got a son for me. Bully for her says I. The Q. M. returned from the fort. We are not going to the city right away. Chip till 12 Midnight, then retired.

Wednesday Feb 12th 1862
Clear and warm. 9 A. M. wrote letters to Kate and Jo Spencer. Put letters in the office. Saw holes in the windows of St. George Hotel where the boys had thrown bullets. Got dinner then wrote to Bill Sower, Jimmy McGinly and Tanissa. Had a letter that George just got from Tanissa. Got a letter from Isaac just as I got my letter to Tanissa. Acknowledged the receipt of the same. 4 P. M. going to the P. O. Sexton. Rather dull today. Having got back from a visit to the fort at 2 A. M. Chiped till 10 1/2 P. M. then retired.

Thursday Feb 13th 1862
Cloudy and cold, the wind is blowing very hard from the North. Went to store and gave rations to the regt. for 4 days. Got 1603 lbs. pork from Railey and issued tow days rations of pork to get two days rations of beef tomorrow. Received 26 Bbl of hard bread from Q. M. 18th Mo. amt. 2195 lbs. Went to the quarters and got a letter from Frank, also papers from Isaac consisting of the journal and ledger. Posted returns, received the papers. The Q. M. and S. Major fighting about McLellan. Retired 10 P. M.

Friday 14th 1862
Cloudy and cold. Went to the store and gave the companies 2 days rations of beef except Co. B who had pork order. Came to pack up, going to the city tomorrow. Packed all the A. M. In the afternoon saw the dress parade. Went and settled with the baker. Went to Railey and got tea and gave the hospital their rations. Got all our things packed. Retired at 9 P. M.

Saturday Feb 15 / 62
Clear and warm. Got up at 6 1/2 o'clock. Got breakfast and packed up all the (tross?) and they went to the store and when the wagons came at 9 A. M. Got everything aboard. Then got pay for sacks 3450. Sold (Tallera ?) to butcher, 180. Got pies for the baker for one dinner. After the Regt. left which was at 9 1/2 A. M., left Weston for the City at 11 1/2 A. M. In company with George and Frank. Heard the music of the band. Went 1 mile from the fort. Caught the Rgt. when they were coming in to the city. Walked all the way (?). Went to the Q. M. and got orders to unload the stores. Mine are at the corner of Main and Cherokee Streets. The Q. M. stores is at the same (?). Got no place to stay and work to the planters when the Col. and Staff are. Retired at 10 P. M.

Sunday Feb. 16 / 62
Clear and windy. Got breakfast and went to the store and got things in proper shape. George helped me to do the same. Then got my coat on and went to the Planters. Got shaved and hair cut and shampooed. The got dinner 2 P. M. Went with the Q. M. and Lt. Cantwell to see John Williams. He was not at home. Came back and net him on the street. Went to Hotel and took a drink. Went and got quarters for the Lt. Col. and Lt. Cantwell. Got supper and then went to bed at 8 P. M. Our house is on Delaware St. (?) Main and 2nd Streets. Over the saloon, kept by J. C. Grund. We paid 8.00 for room. $1.00 and our rations for board.

Monday, Feb 17 / 62
Windy and cold. Report to the store and gave the company orders on the butcher for 3 days rations of beef. Gave them 3 days rations of groceries. 1 days rations hard bread, then went to our boarding House and got dinner. Heard the news from Tennessee Fort Donaldson, 15,000 prisoners and 3 Gens. Receive tomorrow at 11 A. M. Clear and cold tonight. Going to bed early.

Tuesday, Feb. 17/62
Windy and cold. Went to store. Gave the Co.'s hard bread for one day. Then helped clean out the Q. M. store. Lost my dinner by the operations. 2 1/2 P. M. saw 800 2nd Ohio Calvary cross the river and got to the fort. Heard from Weston by Jn. Curtis. The 18th Mo. left there today for St Louis. Our Sick there are in danger. The Secesh are glad they are gone. Go to bed. After beating Henry and Frank play billiards.

Wednesday Feb 19 / 62
Cloudy, windy and cold. Looks like snow. Your humble servant is 25 years old today. I would like to be at home today. Went to store. Gave the Co.'s flour for 1 day, then went with the Q. M. and wet my birthday. Got dinner, then took the Q. M. horse and went to the fort to see about scales, flour and C. Got back to the city at dark, in the evening made out orders for the Meat Market. Retired at 9 1/2 P. M.

Thursday Feb. 20th 1862
Cloudy and mild. Gave rations for 4 days and flour and all beef. The Q. M. gone to the fort to get flour and Scabs. 2 P. M. went to store and took in some flour and scabs from the pork. George got the Mumps in the evening. Went to the concert given by the Ladies Kansas Aid Society for Soldiers. Very good thing. Awful crowd. Our band gave good music. Retired at 11 P. M.

Friday Feb. 21st 1862
Cloudy and mild. Went to the store and got some flour from the Fort. Got letter from Jo. Spencer and Turney. Sold sacks. Retired early.

Saturday Feb 22nd, 1862
Cloudy and wet all day. Went to the store and gave out stores to some of the men and officers. Then went to see the review in honor of the birthday of the Father of our Country. The reviewing officer was Acting Brig. Gen. Doubleday of the 2nd Ohio Cavalry. The brigade is composed of the 9th and 12th Wis., 2nd Ohio Cavalry and Hollisten's Battery. The 9th has the Right of the line. The Batteries were not there. Went to the store and found duty from the fort, sent to Plasslene and all around and got (?) pretty tight. Played billiard with Henry. Both got tight. Retired at 9 P. M.

Sunday Feb 23rd, 1862
Cloudy and cool. Not feeling very well today. Had my breakfast brought to me. Got up for dinner but could not eat any. The boys are all off and I am here alone fixing my accounts till 2 P. M. Fell like going home. Retired to bed early.

Monday Feb, 24th 1862
Clear and cool. Went to store and gave tow days rations to the Rgt. George being rather sick with the mumps. In the store all day giving rations and shoes. George helping me, gave the sutler some flour. In the evening wrote to Jo. Spencer. Got paper from Johnny Ford. Retired early. Sent washing.

Tuesday Feb. 25th 1862
Clear and pleasant. Went to store and sent 200 flour, 25 sugar, 10 coffee, 15 rice, 6 soap, 7 salt, 6 candles to the sick at Weston Mo. Orders came to give Co.'s B. and F. rations and pants 3 days. They are to go to Kansas City with 3 Co.'s of the 9th under command of our Major. Put letter in office for my wife and Jo. Spencer, also papers for Jn. and Frank. Got dinner 4 P. M. Stores of H Bread, flour and pork gave to Co.'s B. and F. H Bread and gave Co. F pork. Went to quarters and found a letter from my dear sister Louisa who is taking care of my family in Madison. Betsy Ann sick. Posted returns.

Wednesday Feb 26th 1862
Clear and warmer. Went to store and gave to 8 companies. The other 2, Co.'s B. and F. left for Kansas City at 9 1/2 A. M. Went to the quarters, got dinner, then posted returns. Went and got Co. to sign returns for the Co.s while their Q. M. had a man put in the guard house for throwing (? Parrots) at him. Went to quarters, got supper. Got papers from Jo. and Jim Spencer, Tierney, and Frank. Sold my shoes for 122 1/2 a pair. Forgot to put letters in the office. After hear, gone out with Q. M. Wrote Isaac, my wife, Frank and Tierny, then retired at 10 P. M.

Thursday Feb 27th, 1862
Clear and warm. Went to store and worked. Put letters in the office for Isaac, Kate, Frank and Tierny. Got letters from Jn. Grinnery and my wife. Also bottle of whiskey from Jimmy Rockford. By Lt. Walker. (?) leary came last night to concert given by the Band in Stockton Hall. Aller paid for tickets for Q. M. and myself. Retired at 11 P. M.

Friday Feb 28th, 1862
Clear and warm. Went to the store and gave stores to the hospital at Weston. Went by Brewer 3 P. M. Orders came to march to Fort Scott in the Morning. Packing our stores until 2 in the morning. Sold boxes and sacks. Wrote letters to my wife, Isaac and Jo. Spencer. Retired at 2 1/2 in the morning.

Saturday March 1st, 1862
Cloudy and signs of rain. Got up at 4 A. M. The Col. called us. Got teams and Regt off at 10 A. M. we have 8 Companies and Q. M. and 6 teams, 1 hospital and 1 band team. Settled with our landlord. Got dinner. Took Q. M. (sovia ?) and caught Regt. about 8 miles from the city. Left the city at 2 P. M. The Q. M. not coming till Thursday in the stage. Camped at Johnny Cake, 15 miles from the city. Slept in room with Col. and 30 others.. retied at 8 P. M. after getting the teams all night. Put letters in the office for my wife, Isaac and Jo. Spencer, also a paper raping and sleck.

Sunday March 2nd, 1862
Cloudy and cold. Got up at 4 with the Col. and got the Regt. off at 6 A. M. Followed after the Rgt. at 9 A. M. Stopped and got diner. Passed through Wyandatte, 3 P. M. Camped at the bridge on the Cove or Kansas River at 4, 3 miles from Wyandatte. Came 15 miles today. Crossed the bridge and lodged in a house with the Col. and Band, retired at 9 P. M.

Monday March 3rd, 1862
Cloudy, windy, and awful cold. Got up at 3 A. M. with the Col. and got Rgt. off at 6 1/2 A. M. Got my breakfast and came in with the Col. Caught up 4 miles from the bridge. Found the Col. team turned over. Got all right and from Co. A. with tongue broken. Came to the Shawneetown and from Krauss there. Stayed there 2 hours. The 9th Regt. got off of our road and gone another way. Went on after seeing Henry and caught Regt. at Sathee. Gave the companies 2 hams a piece. Got dinner after the Rgt. left. Got a spar. Caught the Rgt. 8 miles and went on with the Col. and found a place to camp at a farm house [Black Slang], village called Spring Hill. Gave the companies 5 hams apiece. Slept on the floor in the house with the Col. and Band. Retired at 7 1/2 P. M. pretty girls in the bed above us. 30 miles today.

Tuesday March 4th 1862
Clear, cold and windy. Got up with the Col. at 3 A. M. gave the companies coffee and sugar. Rgt. off at 6 A. M. Got breakfast with Col. and started at 7 1/2 A. M. Got to Paulia at 12 A. M. Crossed Bull Creek about 1 mile from the village. Got to the Osage at 3 P. M. Took in a hard ferry to the village of Ossawattomic and camped on the bank of the river. Stayed at the Osage Valley House with the Col. and Band. Gave the companies hams and hard bread. Retired at 8 P. M. 25 miles today.
Clear and warm. Got up at 4 with the Col. and got the Regt. off at 7 A. M. got my breakfast. Left with the Col. Passed the Kansas 1st at 1 P. M. on the little Sugar. Went on to the big Sugar 3 miles beyond and camped. The Adjutant and Charley gone on. Slept on the ground with the Col. and boys. Gave the camps coffee, sugar, hams and flower. Retired at 7 1/2 P. M. 23 miles today.
Clear, windy and cold. Got up at 5 A. M. with Col. Got off at 7 1/2 A. M. Came to a village called Mapleton and got dinner. Rgt. crossed the river called Mill Creek and Big Sugar. Camped in the timber. 3 miles from the village. 21 miles today. Gave rations of ham and flour. Slept on ground. To bed 7 P. M. The team of Co. A crossed us at the Osage.

Friday March 7 /62
Cloudy, windy and cool. Got up at 3 A. M. got off at 6 1/2 A. M. Reached Fort Scott at 1 P. M. Passed a train at the river. It is called Marmaton. Found the Q. M. S. M. and Adjutant here. Q. M. got her last night. The Kansas 1st got here 1 hour before us. There are the 13th, 2nd Ohio and some more here. Got our tents up. Got dinner with Q. M. Got teams all right and gave Co.'s rations. Came 18 miles today. Retired at 8 P. M. B. and F. came on from Kansas City tonight.

Saturday March 8/ 62
Clear and windy. Got up at 7 a. M. Got teams up to our tent and get them unloaded and got our tens up. Gave the Co.s rations for 2 days. The 9th got alone this forenoon. Also some of the Ohio Cavalry. Retired at 7 P. M. Looks like rain.

Sunday March 9th /62
Rainy all night. Go up at 8 a. M. not much to do today. We have got a cook. Fixed my diary. Changed my clothes. Retied at 8 1/2 P. M. The Q. M. hired a darkey for us today who came from Arkansas.

Monday March 10 / 62
Clear and cool. After the rains. Got up at 6 1/2 o'clock. Went to my regular tent and arranged my store. After dinner received 29 Bbls hard bread. 2 Bbls beans, 2 Bbls sugar. 1 Bbl vinegar. 2 boxes soap. 1 box candles, 2 sacks of coffee 1 Bbs salt. Gave rations to the Rgt for 3 days. 1 day pork, beans. The regt. raised there national flag at 3 P. M. in front of Col. quarters. The band played the Star Spangled Banner. And Yankee Doodle. Gave officers some ratios. Q. M. of the 9th is Brigade Commissioner. The Q. M. going to call on Gen. Dilzger. It is very fine today. Posted my returns to officers and retired at 9 P. M.

Tuesday March 11 / 62
Clear and warm. Went to my tent and worked a while. Gave officers stores. Went to the fort and got beef for the companies for 2 days. Saw a woman at dress parade. Gen. Doubleday and Staff were here at dress parade. Wrote to my wife. Retired at 7 1/2 P. M.

Wednesday Mar. 12 1862
Clear, windy and warm. Worked on my returns and got them sighted by the captains. Wrote to Joseph Spencer and Isaac. Retired at 8 1/2 P. M.

Thursday march 13th 1862
Clear and warm. Gave the Companies 2 days rations of Groceries and 1 days ration of flour and beef. Received rations of groceries for 4 days. The Rgt. had a drill today. Retied at 7 1/2 P. M.
Raining, thundering and lighting. Put letters in office for Jo. and Isaac.

Friday March 14th 1862
Rain and cold. Got up at 8 o'clock. Got letters from Joseph Spencer and James McGinly. Also six papers from Jo. and his bother Hugh. Reading all the forenoon. In the afternoon went to the Fort and got 3 days rations of beef for the Regt. muddy and cold. Retired at 8 P. M.

Saturday March 15th 1862
Cloudy and cool. Gave the Rgt. 2 days rations groceries and one day hard bread. Went to the Fort and got the hard bread. Retired at 10 o'clock

Sunday March 16th 1862
Cloudy and cool. Got up at 8 o'clock. Went to the bakery and got 850 rations of bread and gave the Rgt. their rations of the same. Then was 425 loaves in the afternoon. Gave the Divisions rations for two days. Had bread for dinner. Heard that our Division was transferred to Gen. Halleck's Command. Gen. Hunter going to the Potomac. Retired at 8 o'clock.

Monday March 17th 1862
Clear and warm. Went to the Fort and drew 4 sacks coffee, 1 box candles, 2 boxes soap, 1 Bbl vinegar, 1 B. salt, 2 Bbls sugar, 2 B beans and 10 Bbls hard bread. Also two days rations beef from the butcher. George got the beef. Came to camp and gave the companies 2 days of groceries and meat and one of hard bread. In the afternoon gave the Divisions rations for 5 days. Gave the hospital rations for 11 men 2 days. Gave them an order for bread and beef. In the evening read the Madison papers that arrived in the mail this morning. Got 2 papers from Jo. Spencer this morning butt did not have time to read them until now. Retired at 9 P. M. The prairie on fire.

Thursday March 20th 1863
Rainy, windy and cold. It snowed during the night. The Col. called us this morning. Went after bred and could not get it until this afternoon. Went and got the bread 450 loaves and gave out to the Regt. Gave the hospital 6 loaves bread. Got returns signed by the Capts. Going to have a mule tomorrow. Rainy and snowing all the afternoon and evening. Retired at 8 P. M.

Friday March 21st, 1862
Cloudy and cold. Went to the Fort and got 3 days rations and gave the same to the Regt. also 3 days beef. Awful, nasty and muddy. Got my mule. Retired at 7 1/2 P. M.

Saturday March 22nd, 1862
Cloudy, windy and cold. Got up with an awful cold. Went to the Fort and got 2 quarters of beef. Gave the teamsters rations for 5 days. Busy all day. Retired at 7 P. M. Not feeling very well. Expect to be promoted to Co. I

Sunday March 23rd, 1862
Cloudy and cold. Went to the Fort and got 900 rations of bread and gave the Regt their 1 day rations. Gave the hospital rations in the afternoon. Got a paper from Jo. Spencer. Retired early, not feeling well. Capt. Tumer came last night from Leavenworth.

Monday March 24th, 1862
Cloudy and cool. Went to the Fort and got 3 days rations and gave them to the Regt. Sent George to get 3 day rations of beef. Got orders to march to Sawynee on Thursday. The 13th leave on Wednesday, also the Kansas First. Made my returns and got them signed. J. Sexton was promoted to fifth corporal of Co. C. vice Bladult reduced. Capts McLeod and Tumer. Also Lieut. Tinker left for home this morning with Thomas the Sutler who has gone to Leavenworth to get stores. Retired at 8 P. M. Throat very sore tonight.

Tuesday March 25th / 62
Clear and cool. Got bread for 1 day. Gave hospital 2 days rations. Getting ready to leave. Retired at 8 P. M.

Wednesday March 26th, 1862
Clear and cool. Gave the Rgt. 1 day hard bread. Got one day soft bread. Q. M. got 5 days rations of groceries and 2 days port. Got all loaded for the companies at dark. Very tired. Got saddle from Sutler. Retired at 10 o'clock. Ma's Birthday.

Thursday Mar 27th, 1862
Clear and warm. Got up at 3 1/2 A. M. Got teams off with the Regt. at 7 A. M. The Sutler not ready to got at noon. Waiting for him to take sacks. Got sacks on. Went and got dinner with the Q. M. At the house where Lts. Smith and Cantwell are left. They are to come next week. Went on with Q. M. and Q. M. Sergt. left my haversack and cup at the bakery. Caught the Regt. at or near Fort Lincoln. Crossed the River, Sugar River, and camped in the timber just beyond the Fort. Some of Jim Lanes work. Got meat from the butcher for 2 days. Gave the Regt. 2 days of groceries. Retired at 8 P. M.

Friday March 28th, 1862
Clear and warm. Got up at 4 1/2 A. M. The Regt. got off at 6 1/2 A. M. Came to Mound City at 11 A. M. Got some Johnny Cake and milk. Camped on the bank of Sugar Creek 34 miles from Fort Seatt. Had a good wash. Went to bed early. Not feeling well.

Saturday March 29 / 62
Clear and hot. Off at 6 1/4 A. M. came to Middle Creek. Crossed after tipping one of the wagons over and camped at 11 1/2 A. M. only came 12 miles today. The roads being rather bad. Gave the Regt. 2 days groceries, no beef. Had a good swim. The 13th heard we were on them and they pulled up their tents and went 10 miles farther. Went out after supper and got milk and Johnny Cake. Had a good dinner of bread, butter, milk and coffee. Retired at 7 1/2 P. M.

Sunday March 30th, 1862
Clear and cool. The drummer beat reveille at 1 A. M. The Regt. all up and off by 4 1/2 A. M. Crossed the Pottawattamic Rivers at 9 A. M. Crossed Mosquito River at 10 1/2 A. M. and got to North Mill Creek. At 12 o'clock having came 18 miles, camped on the bank. The 13th just gone. Got beef on the road here. Gave to the Regt. Man in Co. C. got shot in the hand. Retired at 9 P. M.

Monday March 31st, 1862
Cloudy and cold. Got off at 6 1/2 A. M. Crossed at 7 1/2. The Masy Deqien River on a good bridge for this country. Came by the city of Peoria. Settled for toll. Went on with the Q. M., Col. and Lt. Col. Commencing to rain. Crossed a small creek and camped in a town called Prairie City. The citizens giving the Regt. houses and wood. Rainy all the time. Got into a house. Got a good dinner. Gave the Regt 2 days groceries. Came 16 miles. Gave 1 day beef. Got my work done at 8 P. M. All wet. Retired in a loft on the floor.

Tuesday April 1st 1862
Cloudy and awful muddy . Got off from Prairie city at 9 A. M. The Q. M. paying my own and George and Bill. Roads awful, getting stuck al the time. Came to the old Santific road and came to a village called Brooklyn. Got dinner. Came on a high ridge for 4 miles. Beautiful country. Saw a steamer on the Kansas River and the town of Franklin to our right, also the city of Lawrence ahead. Came to the Waudasusha River. Crossed on the bridge and camped for the night. Gave the Regt. 1 days beef. Retired at 8 P. M.

Wednesday April 2nd, 1862
Awoke in the morning at 3:00 and heard a hurricane coming. Blew one end of our tent down. Got up and held the tent until the boys got the pins down. Then got our clothes on being all wet. Great many tents blew down. No more sleep. Got up at 9 A. M. The Regt. going across the bottoms and the teams going around. Went with the Col. and the teams for some time, then came into Lawrence with the Regt. The band playing at 12 M. Marched to our camping ground on the bank of the Kansas River above the Kansas 1st. The 13th are above us, this is quite a town. Got my dinner at the Johnson House, then came to camp, pitched my tent and got my stores in. gave the Regt. 2 days rations of groceries, beef, and hard bread. Got letters from my wife and Frank, also papers from Frank. My dear wife sent me her likeness with our children. Going to bed soon at 8 P. M.

Thursday April 3rd 1862
Clear and cool. Got up at 6 and after getting breakfast gave the Regt 1 days ration of bread. The Regt. cutting back ?) and moving tents all day. Got my tent moved and went to bed not feeling well. Rather worm in the middle of the day.

Friday April 4th, 1862
Cloudy and cool with spring rain. Got 1200 lbs. of beef. The regiment are getting this money up to the 1st of March. They fell good over it and well they may. Gave 3 days rations of groceries, one of flour and tow H Brad, also one of bacon. Got my money in the afternoon. Retired early not feeling well.

Saturday April 5th, 1862
Cloudy and cool. Sick all day. Gave E., F. and H. one days ration of beef. Got 500 lbs. beef. Had dress parade in the afternoon. Strict orders given about leave of absence. Retired early.

Sunday April 6th, 1862
Cloudy and cool. Not well by a good deal. One of Co. G.'s men died last night, only sick two days. Retired early. Lay in my tent for 8 days. Living on tea and (Crastiors ?). Getting worse all the time. Sexton and George gave out rations.

Monday April 14th, 1862
Went to the hospital and stayed until the 19th. If I had staied there much longer I would have been a goner. It rained most all the time I was there.

Saturday April 19th 1862
Cloudy and raining. The Regiment are going to Fort Riley 100 miles from here. So they carried the sick all up town into a large Hall owned by a man by the name of Miller. He is P. M. and County Judge. There is 43 of us in this hall. The Col. came to bid us good-bye and he told me he had a commission for me in one of the Co.'s.

The Regt. left. I was crazy from this time until the morning of the 14th of May when I came to myself and did not know where I was. Mike Cantwell came to see me but Dr. Sound took care of me for a while. I was crazy to notice him much. I was very sick. 3 doctors gave me up for 4 or 5 days but I got over it, or at least am gaining. Dr. Prentes took care of me in my worst times.

Thursday May 15th 1862
Got a letter from my wife and Jo. They were 17 days coming. Got Mr. Taylor to write to my wife and to the Col. very glad to hear from home. Am beginning to gain. My back is very sore. I am very weak. Can not stand hardly, but we have got some of the best of (music ?) and the ladies come in and give me fruit ant lots of nice things. They are very kind.

Friday May 23rd 1862
Warm and pleasant. Have been gaining ever since the 14th. Taylor wrote a letter to Sexton for me to Fort Riley, also one to Leavenworth. The boys are all going away this morning to Leavenworth to join the Regt. who are on their way from Fort Riley to Leavenworth and from there they are going to Corinth Miss. They only leave 11 of us here. Got a letter from Isaac. Wrote a letter to the Col. wrote one to Sexton. Better today. They moved the 13th boys into our hall. They have got 5 left, 2 of them are crazy. I wish I was away.

Saturday May 24th 1862
Warm and pleasant. The boys are all getting along well. In the afternoon they moved us into the hall on the opposite side of the building which has been used by the 13th. We are together. The Regt. passed for Leavenworth today, they had fun with the 13th. Lt. Blackman was here this evening to see us. Also Lts. Simell and Walker came here last Monday. Simell is gone, Walker goes tomorrow. He buried his cousin today. They report the Regt. in the best of health. The boys have given me a good bed by the window. They are very kind to me.

Sunday May 25th 1862
Warm and pleasant. Red and passed the day as best I could. The Ladies called to see us.

Monday May 26th 1862
Warm and pleasant. Feeling good. Got up on the side of the bed for the first time. Sat up several times during the day. Got a letter from sister Eliza who is at my house visiting. They are very anxious about me. Got me some paper and envelopes and bitters as I am not taking medication now. Wrote a letter to Isaac and went to bed.

Tuesday May 27th 1862
Warm and pleasant. Rained and blowed [sic] in the night. Got up on the bed and washed myself. Getting along fine. Wrote a long letter to Joseph Spencer. Giving him an account of my illness, put it in the office. Got a letter from Joseph when the mail came. Not feeling very well. Went to sleep early. Our Sr. left today. Had some strawberries the 24th.

Wednesday May 28th / 62
Cloudy and cool. Cleaned off about 10 o'clock. Our cooks did not come till 7 1/2 o'clock. Breakfast late. Feeling well today. Got a new Dr. this day. He seems to be a fine fellow from the Ka. 1st. Waited anxiously for the mail from Leavenworth. Did not get a letter. Something is wrong. Went to sleep at 9 o'ck.

Thursday May 29th 1862
Clear and warm. Felling bad this forenoon. Got loose in the afternoon, feeling good. The Dr. putting us on half diet, good for him. Blew and rained a little. No mail today. Brewer of Co. I. came this afternoon and brought me a letter from Sexton and one from my wife dated May 6th. Feeling well tonight.

Friday may 30th 1862
Cloudy and signs of rain. The Dr. showed me a letter from the Col. asking him to give me a furlough. Of course he said, he is a fine fellow. In the afternoon tried to walk with a cane and fell but did no hurt me much. But the weather was bad I lay still. No mail. Some thing the trouble.

Saturday may 31st 1862
Clear and warm. Felling very well. The boys are all and we hope to leave here soon. Things are getting pretty fought here for our best nurse has got his discharge. No mail.

Sunday June 1st 1862
Clear and pleasant. Feeling rather good. No news of any kind. Except that I heard the church bells ring and wished I was able to go.

Monday June 2nd 1862
Cloudy and cool. Lay on the bed all day. Got a letter from George at Leavenworth, also a letter from Jo. of May the 5th. It was in the office there. Not feeling well.

Tuesday June 3rd /62
Clear and pleasant. To well. No appetite. Got me a nice rocking chair to sit in from Mrs. Sutliff, a lady who has given and done a great deal for us. Sat up some. Did not go to sleep till after 12 o'clock.

Wednesday June 4th /62
Cloudy and cool. Feeling well. About 8 clear. Got me come cups, the Dr. has sent for my furlough.

Thursday June 5th 1862
Clear and warm. Our nurses are getting to be very saucy. No mail today. What can be the trouble and do not know. Not feeling very fine. The Commissary sent me a nice dish of strawberries today. He is a fine fellow.

Friday June 6th 1862
Clear and cool in the morning. Wash myself all over for the first time got pretty tired. After we got dinner, went to sleep. When I woke up the Pay Master was here, paying off the boys. Got my pay and gave it to the Dr. After supper got up and walked around the room. Feeling well.

Saturday June 7th 1862
Clear and warm. No nurses this morning, or all day. No mail. Got around a little, alone, feeling very well today. Wrote to Owen McKennon.

Sunday June 8th 1862
Clear and warm. Felling well today. Walked around a good deal, no nurses of any kind. Wrote to Mr. Wilder.

Monday June 9th 1862
Clear and warm. Felling very well today. Got me a pair of shoes and walked a good deal. No mail.

Tuesday June 10th 1862
Clear and pleasant. Feeling well. Hope to be able to go down stairs in a short time. We have got on good nurse. She is an Irishman. Feeling well all day. No mail.

Wednesday June 11th /62
Clear and hot. Got up early and feel very well. Stayed up all day. Wrote a letter to my wife and Frank Scollan. No mail today. Went to bed early.

Thursday June 12th 1862
Clear and warm. Got up early and went to the table to eat. Wrote to Jo. Spencer. No mail, up all day.

Friday June 13th 1862
Clear and warm. Very windy all day. Not feeling very well. No mail today. I think we are not going to get any more. Went to bed early, awful hot.

Saturday June 14th 1862
Another hot day and awful dusty. Ate a good breakfast. In the afternoon went down stairs of the first time. Jim Solomon helped me. Got me a hat. Feeling well. Retired early. No mail.

Sunday June 15th 1862
Clear and warm. Went down stairs felling well. Wrote to the Col. and Kate.

Monday June 16th 1862
Clear and warm for a time then we had a shower of rain. No mail today. Had a splendid dinner of fish, baked potatoes, pickles, eggs and plenty of fixings. Feeling very well.

Tuesday June 17th 1862
Clear and warm. Went down stairs alone in the forenoon. On the afternoon, went down again. Had a good rain storm in the evening. No mail. Feeling first rate.

Wednesday June 18th 1862
Clear and cool. Felling well today. No mail.

Thursday June 19th 1862
Clear and cool. Went down on the street. Feeling well. No mail, don't look for any.

Friday June 20th 1862
Clear and cool. Went down town. Raining all the time. Got me a neck tie.

Saturday Jun 21st 1862
Clear and cool. Feeling well. Down stairs twice. Got a letter from Jo. Spencer, glad to hear from him.

Sunday June 22nd 1862
Clear and warm. Went to church, to the Methodist. Feeling well. Writing to Jo.

Monday June 23rd 1862
Clear and warm. Feeling well. No furlough yet. Got papers and a letter from Isaac. Put letters in the office for Jo. Spencer and Isaac. Retired early.

Tuesday June 24th 1862
Clear and warm. Feeling well. James Solomon is gone. Into the kitchen to cook. No mail.

Wednesday June 25th /62
Clear and hot. Got a sprinkle of rain. Feeling well. Got a paper from Frank Scollan. Awful hot.

Thursday June 26 / 62
Clear and hot. Feeling well. Sealey, on of the boys of the 13th is filing fast. Got a letter from Kate, Owen McKennon and James Rockford. Glad to hear from them all. Sealey died this evening at 11 o'clock.

Friday June 27th 1862
A little cloudy and hot. Feeling very well. No mail. Retired early. Wrote to Kate and James Rockford.

Saturday June 28th /62
Clear and hot. Feeling well. In the afternoon got a team and went in the county 8 miles to see an Indian horse race. Rained a good deal. There was 5 of us. Got home at 8 o'clock. Got a letter from Kate dated the 7th of June and one from Jo. Spencer of the 20th. Retired in good spirits. Moved the kitchen across the street.

Sunday June 29th 1862
Clear and hot. They have some awful hot days here. Got a team and went into the country 6 miles to the city of Franklin. A very poor place to my eyes. Saw some good farms on the bottom land. Had a good ride.

Monday June 30th /62
Cloudy and cool. Moved our beds across the street to our new rooms. Rainy all day and night. Retired early.

Tuesday July 1st 1862
Cloudy and cool in the forenoon but clear and hot in the afternoon. Am lame in my ankles today. Feeling well but not gaining much. No mail. Retired early.

Wednesday July 2nd 1862
Clear and cool. No news today. Am very lame. No mail.

Thursday July 3rd 1862
Cloudy and hot. Felling lame. No mail. No news.

Friday July 4 / 62
The day of our freedom from a King. And may we soon be free from war and all its evils. Clear and warm. A great many gone to Bloomington to a celebration 9 miles out. Nothing going. Am here in (?) except the [Black Slang] had a Pow Wow down in the woods. Feeling lame. Got a letter from Frank Scollan and wrote to him by return mail.

Saturday July 5 /62
Clear and hot. No nurses. Fell all swelled. No mail.

Sunday July 6 /62
Clear and hot. Lame still. No news.

Monday July 7 /62
Clear and hot. The hottest day we have had. Got 112 in the shade and 160 in the sun. no news and no mail.

Tuesday July 8 / 62
Clear and hot. The doctor sent for me and gave me a note to Gen. Blunt to get a furlough. Getting my thins ready to be home. Bought a watch of C. M. Ward. Giving notes on the boys. No mail.

Wednesday July 9th 1862
Got up at 4 1/2 o'clock and got ready to go in the stage for Leavenworth. Cloudy and begun to rain at 6 1/2 A. M. Bade the boys good-bye and started at 7 A. M. Got letters to carry for Squire, Ward and Bouman. Got to the city at 1 1/2 P. M. The boat just going out so I can not go today. Went to the Fort. Saw my furlough. Got caught in an awful wind. Stann going to the Fort. Stop at the Plaster, saw Maj. Col. Kins and Col. Barstow, retired at 9 1/2 P. M.

Thursday July 10th 1862
Cloudy and raining. Got up at 6 1/2 A. M. Pretty sore this morning from my exercise yesterday. Got my ticket for Chicago. Left on the W. Wind at 2 1/2 P. M. Arrived at Jatan at 5 1/2 P. M. Got the cars and arrived at St. Joseph at 7 o'clock. Left the next morning for Quincy.

Friday July 11th 1862
Clear and warm. Got up at 3 1/2 A. M. Left for Quincy at 5 A. M. Arrived at Quincy at 6 P. M. Crossed the river and left for Chicago. Got no supper.

Saturday July 12th 1862
Awoke as we were coming into Chicago. Left for Madison at 9 1/2 A. M. got home 3 P. M. Stayed with Maffett over night. Saw a good many of the Madison folks. My family are in the country.

Sunday July 13th 1862
Cloudy and warm. Went to Tisneys to dinner. Went to the Cap House to tea and let for the country with Wm. Buckley at 7 P. M. Got to my brother's at 11 P. M. Found them all well.

Monday July 14th 1862
Clear and warm. Went to Mill with Isaac and got dinner at Uncle Wrights.

Tuesday July 15th 1862
Clear and warm. Went to Sun Prairie with Peter's team. Got home at 5 P. M.

Wednesday July 16th 1862
Cloudy and cool. Feeling a good deal better. Got Peter's team and we all went to see my cousin Lucy. Got home at 7 P. M. Went to Mr. Sweets and coming home saw Peter. I am appointed Marshall of the picnic tomorrow.

Thursday July 17th 1862
Cloudy and cool. Went to the picnic and lead them to the grove. Going to rain. Had a good time. Large crowd. All in the rain. Went home in the rain and went to bed

Friday July 18th 1862
Cloudy, raining. Not feeling well. Nothing to do except going and seeing the folks.

Saturday July 19th 1862
Cloudy and very muddy. Left for Madison at 8 o'clock. My cousin Nathan and my brother Isaac going with us. Arrived at Madison at 12 M. Got dinner and went a fishing. The boys went home at 6 P. M. Got my Comm (Commission) today by mail.

Sunday July 20th 1862
Clear warm. Went to see the boys. Gaining all the time. No news?) event and see Mrs. Squire.

Monday July 21st 1862
Clear and warm. No news today. Visiting the folks.

Tuesday July 22nd 1862
Clear and hot. Now news today. Gaining fast.

Wednesday July 23rd 1862
Clear and hot. No news. Feeling well. Left for Milwaukee with my wife at 10 P. M.

Thursday July 24th 1862
Clear and cool. Arrived at Milwaukee at 5 A. M. Stopped at Franks until Sunday evening. The 27th then left for Madison. Had a good time. Got my draft cashed. Got Sevond ?) and C and saw all the boys.

Monday July 28th 1862
Clear and warm. Got home from Milwaukee at 5 A. M. No news. Gaining.

Thursday July 31st 1862
Clear and warm. Great crowd gone to the war meeting.

Friday Aug 1st 1862
Fine today. Going to the country. Arrived home at 7 P. M. No news.

Saturday Aug. 2nd 1862
Pleasant. Saw the Col.'s wife and Mrs. Evily.

Sunday Aug. 3rd / 62
Clear and hot. Went to Teirmeys to dine. Had a good time. No news.

Monday Aug 4th /62
Cloudy and signs of rain. Readied to start for the regiment at 12 1/2 P. M. but wait till evening.

*** End of Adjutant Levi Bresee's Diary. ***

From the Wisconsin Historical Society. Call number: WIS MSS 155S